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"One Small Step..." Yahoo(?)eye rolling smiley
Posted by: oldqmguy ()
Date: August 08, 2018 11:57AM

I finally got a 'free day' so I gathered all my parts and pieces together and started working on my "Lighting Harness" for the '67 Monza.

Step 1, 'unwrap' the old engine compartment harness. That is so much fun! tongue sticking out smiley

Step 2, measure the length of the new CleanCut fire resistant braided sleeving for the new harness.

Step 3, make sure you have the correct wire colors. Can't find Light Green anywhere so I went with BLUE (from the original harness).

Step 4, start running wires thru the new sleeving, hoping you measured correctly.

Step 5, install the connectors for the Stop/Turn/Tail Light and Backup Light sockets (the sockets installed in the car already have matching connectors on them). All of these are crimped and soldered!

Step 6, install the pins for the Mil-Spec 6 conductor connector. Boy, I really like that DMG Crimp Tool! It provides a 'gas tight crimp' that is OK for Airplanes and NASA so I guess it is good enough for me!

Step 7, install the 'pins' into the actual connector. This is always fun(?), I am afraid I will bust an Insertion Tool before I get it done. eye popping smiley

FINISH! I now have a new Lighting Harness ready for the 'beast' IF I ever get that Heater Cable installed!

It is a 90+ degree day and I look like the 'blob' typing on this keyboard! If I ever dry off I will post a picture of the harness!

It looks like no one has any experience with LED bulb replacements for the License Plate Light so I guess I will order one from and see if it works!

Dale cool smiley

Dale E. Smiley CPBE
Life Member The Society of Broadcast Engineers
RETIRED Broadcast Engineer
CORSA/Circle City Corvairs/Corvair Performance Group
Avon, Indiana
1967 4-Door Monza PG!

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Re: "One Small Step..." Yahoo(?)eye rolling smiley
Posted by: 63turbo ()
Date: August 08, 2018 07:05PM

Dale- It would be great if you could post some pictures of your handiwork. I always admire clean wiring and pictures are helpful to help me learn to do it better.
Is the braided sleeving the type that the wires enter from one end or is it split? Also, could you show the connectors that your crimper is used on?


Kevin Nash
Friday Harbor Washington
63 Spyder, Daily driver, EFI read about my project here: []
first test start on EFI here:[]
first official EFI boost test here:[]
My new fan! []
engine less 62 Spyder
Canadian 64 Monza Parts car

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