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Re: Oil filler cap leak - neoprene or viton
Posted by: flat_six ()
Date: June 12, 2018 10:21AM

I use a boat plug. Saw off the T-handle to clear the cap. I don't tighten it, just push it into the tube. Goes in slightly snug until the larger diameter bottoms out. Can't fall into the engine.

Threads on the bottom are crimped so the lower hardware can't fall into the engine.


Don't quote me on the size. Can't recall what I used, but it looks like this.

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Re: Oil filler cap leak - neoprene or viton
Posted by: 66vairman ()
Date: July 24, 2018 06:21PM

I did originally "stack" gasket material for a tight fit, but it eventually leaked.

Cut the Viton material and installed in the oil cap. Couple hundred miles and dry!! Time will tell.

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Re: Oil filler cap leak - neoprene or viton
Posted by: ROD ()
Date: July 24, 2018 11:19PM

What, no one remembers the soup can / baby jar lid insert ?

Rod Tetrault
El Cajon , CA
65 Corsa Yenko Clone / 65 Corsa EO Creampuff Vert
66 Corsa "JIMISH" Mid engine Turbo LS1 currently 2nd fastest Corvair in the USA
Class 5 Corvair powered Baja
61 Vintage Rampy
Corvair powered Buggy x 3
Enough hidden parts to build a space ship

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Re: Oil filler cap leak - neoprene or viton
Posted by: vairmech ()
Date: July 27, 2018 05:33AM

There are 2 very simple fixes for this. First off why is there a leak? Probably because the cap does not fit tight. You do not need to bend anything or add extra gaskets, you are covering up the real problem.

I use the regular SINGLE gasket. What yo need to do is take the gasket out then take out the brass wavy spacer under the gasket, there is a notch so it clears the tab on the cap. With the brass spacer out you will notice it is a Belville spring, take this and lay it on a large socket or tube. Then gently tap with a ballpeen hammer on the center so the dimple goes a little deeper. Do this so you see a difference, it stretches the brass a little. Then reassemble and you will notice that you really need to crank on the cap to tighten it. Problem cured.
No extra anything just an understanding of how things work. When I see all of the above "fixes" I chuckle to myself.

If you really have a need the real fix that works is to use an old fashioned radiator cap! I use this on the race car. The race car always had a weep at the oil cap but it's a race car lots of rpm and almost always at full throttle. The radiator cap has the lower blocking seal and it also seals well to the filler neck.
No extra anything, no backyard fixes, just a radiator cap. Paint it and mark it as 710 for the blonde joke.

Ken Hand
Handy Car Care
248 613 8586

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