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Re: What's the most memorable Corvair you've seen?
Posted by: dryenko ()
Date: May 12, 2018 07:05AM

My race car, of course !!

Bob C aka Dryenko
Dobson, NC 27017

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Re: What's the most memorable Corvair you've seen?
Posted by: Phil Dally ()
Date: May 12, 2018 07:16AM

What about "MY" racecar? smiling bouncing smileysmiling bouncing smileysmiling bouncing smiley

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Re: What's the most memorable Corvair you've seen?
Posted by: ROD ()
Date: May 12, 2018 11:02AM

The Canadian stinger only in pics but I've been meaning to go visit the current owner. Wowcool smiley

Rod Tetrault
El Cajon , CA
65 Corsa Yenko Clone / 65 Corsa EO Creampuff Vert
66 Corsa "JIMISH" Mid engine Turbo LS1 currently 2nd fastest Corvair in the USA
Class 5 Corvair powered Baja
61 Vintage Rampy
Corvair powered Buggy x 3
Enough hidden parts to build a space ship

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Re: What's the most memorable Corvair you've seen?
Posted by: Spectre ()
Date: May 12, 2018 11:20AM

My first car, circa 1983. I think this pic was taken Nov-Dec 1983.

David Clamp

1965 Corsa convertible - 140 4spd/3.55/AM-FM

2013 Mustang GT convertible - 5.0, 6spd auto, Procharger i-1

2003 Miata SE - 6spd manual (wife's toy)

"Victory is mine!" - SG

Norman, OK

Click for Norman, Oklahoma Forecast

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Re: What's the most memorable Corvair you've seen?
Posted by: ral1963 ()
Date: May 12, 2018 01:58PM

I'll add to this thread...back in 1989 I had just got my first Corvair a 1963 Monza Convertible, Silver blue,102hp, 4 speed.

I had a chance to drive up to Milwaukee and attend a "mini" convention and while looking through the cars at the car show I saw a car that completely enthralled me.

It was the 64 Sprint Spyder of the late Tom Seversion. A beautiful Silver convertible with white Fitch Sprint stripes.

I had to learn about what the Fitch Sprint was and became obsessed with finding and building one of my own. It also fueled my passion for aftermarket goodies as Tom's car was loaded with aftermarket dress up items.

Rick Loving
Corvair historian & chronicler of useless facts
Performance Corvair Group
Chicagoland Corvair Enthusiasts

Just south of Chicago IL

Current Ride
63 Sprint Vert 140/4sp

Past Rides
66 Turbo Coupe 180/4sp
60 700 Sedan 80hp PG
63 Monza Vert 102hp 4 spd
63 Monza Coupe 140hp 4 spd
63 700 Sedan 80hp 3 spd
64 Monza Vert 110hp 4 spd
64 Monza Coupe 95hp 3 spd
64 Monza Sedan 110hp PG
65 500 Coupe 95hp 4 spd
65 Monza Coupe 110hp PG
65 Corsa Coupe 140hp 4 spd
68 Monza Vert 140hp 3 spd


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Re: What's the most memorable Corvair you've seen?
Posted by: vairsUPnorth ()
Date: May 12, 2018 08:04PM

My most memorable has to be this [sole] survivor of about a half dozen all aluminum experimental mobile howitzers that were constructed in the mid-1960's. This piece turned up for sale about 50 miles from me about 5 years ago.

The story as far as I can piece together;

1) Several prototypes were built by a major defense contractor as a lightweight mobile artillery platform that could be parachuted from a C-130. It used a Corvair Mil-spec engine mated to a torque transfer steering differential that was integrated and shared fluid with an FC style Corvair Powerglide transmission. The gun was mounted to a reinforced bulkhead at the rear of the vehicle. A dozer blade was also fitted at the rear at provide for "digging in" and bracing against recoil from the gun.

2) The prototypes were submitted several testing facilities for evaluation in different terrain and climate conditions. This unit was evaluated for cold weather and snow performance at the Keweenaw Research Center, part of Michigan Tech University.

3) After testing, the Army [Marines?] declined to award a contract for procurement. As so often happens, the prototypes got pushed to some storage area [the back '40] awaiting disposal. After demilitarization, this unit sat in the back lot for about 10 years until it was auctioned off as scrap in the mid-70's.

4) A local mining era tourist operator bought the hulk and got it operational again. After sitting out in the weather the original Corvair Mil-spec engine was seized so a junkyard engine was fitted in its place. The original control stand had been demolished so makeshift cable operated controls to the steering differential were cobbled together along with a tractor seat and throttle stand. The upper body was cut down and benches were fitted to transport approximately 6-8 tourists at a time from the parking lot over rough terrain to the mine opening. (The tour operator now has a fleet of Pinzgauer 4X4 and 6X6 trucks for this duty)

5) The tourist operator decided to sell this piece, consigning it to a local used car/truck/heavy equipment dealer. I had a chance to take it out for a spin around the parking lot--it was amazingly agile. The dealer listed it on eBay and it sold for >$5000 (way beyond my bid) to a fellow in PA who was going to make a WW II replica of a German light tank.


Dale Dewald
Hancock, MI

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Re: What's the most memorable Corvair you've seen?
Posted by: ihscomputers ()
Date: May 13, 2018 06:37AM

Mine is the 63 V8 Rampside for which I am the current caretaker
(none of us really "own" these vehicles as much as we are temporary caretakers)

5-6 years ago, I met Ken Arnold at Springfest in Helen, Georgia.

He showed me his unique truck but I never got to ride in it.

I remember seeing it early the next morning, sitting in the hotel parking lot with dew all over the truck including the black vinyl engine cover.

I really liked the V8 Rampside, but my mind was focused on finishing the 69 Monza convertible.

Fast foward to early 2016.

I was working on the orange & cream 62 Rampside, when I suddenly started thnking about Ken's truck: "I wonder if he would ever consider selling it?"

But Ken was still actively driving the V8 Rampside and posting about it here on CC. So, I figured that there was no way on Earth that he would part with it.

In September 2016, my friend and West Point classmate, Bill Merrill, and I entered our cars in the Senoia, Georgia show. Bill drove his beautiful 55 T-bird and I drove the 69 Monza vert.

While I was away getting some refreshments, Ken Arnold stopped by to visit.

Since Ken couldn't stay very long, he asked Bill if he would tell me to call him after the show because he wanted to talk with me about some Corvair stuff.

When I called Ken, he said that he was trying to downsize his massive inventory of Corvair parts and would I be interested in driving up to see what he had.

I agreed but with the stipulation that he had to give me a ride in the V8 Rampside.

I drove up to Ken's place, he gave me the "nickle tour", he started up the V8 drag race car, and we did some horse-trading on an engine and some parts.

Then Ken drove us to lunch in the V8 Rampside. What a blast! Pulling away from a stop light with all that power was intoxicating! And everyone was waving, giving a thumbs-up and admiring that truck!

It came time for me to go back home, when Ken said "I'm even thinking about selling the V8 Rampside,"

I said, "Stop right there! Will you give me 30 days to buy the truck?"

Ken replied "I sure will!"

Two weeks later, I was new caretaker of the 63 V8 Rampside!!

Yes, driving and showing that beautiful and unique truck is so much fun!

But the best part is that I have gotten to know and love Ken Arnold.

Dean F. Gemberling
Columbus, Georgia

1963 Rampside w/305 V8 - Built by Ken Arnold in 1998

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Re: What's the most memorable Corvair you've seen?
Posted by: mercman ()
Date: May 13, 2018 08:37AM

For me it was at the englishtown swap meet in the mid to late 80s, I was a very young teenager at the time. I saw a gold mid engined Vair driving in the swap meet. It blew me away

65 Monza 110 pg
65 Monza 110 pg convertible Danube Blue sold
67 500 sport sedan 110 pg
Crown kit waiting for the right car

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Re: What's the most memorable Corvair you've seen?
Posted by: sweet66monza ()
Date: May 16, 2018 12:52AM

Most memorable for me. I'm still scarred, and even still rate project cars on a scale from "rust free" to "limo" lol

Cody Hurley
North Idaho (Post Falls)
66 Monza convertible 140/PG, loaded with factory options
66 Corsa factory turbo coupe, 3rd owner fully documented []
65 Monza coupe daily driver 110/4
Also 2 Ford f350 IDI diesels, six Jeep FC 170s, 66 CJ5A, 03 neon, 4 Rokon Trailbreakers, 3 vintage Honda 50cc minibikes, 4 Honda xr350s, and thousands of parts

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Re: What's the most memorable Corvair you've seen?
Posted by: oldqmguy ()
Date: May 16, 2018 10:34AM

Vairy interesting posts so far.

I have tried to think of a "special Corvair" but can't remember any that were more memorable than that "FIRST CORVAIR" I saw in the fall of 1959! smileys with beer

I was 14 and we were doing our yearly "check out the new Chevrolet's at Johnson Chevy" trip (Johnson Chevrolet, located at the south east corner of 10th and Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN was where dad always bought his Chevy's) and there it was, the "First (1960 500) Corvair" on display. I was 'hooked' on the air cooled, rear engined, American made car!! eye popping smiley

Dad was 'interested' but wanted to wait until they had been on the road for a while. He bought a 1962 and I became an instant Corvair Nut! eye rolling smiley

To this day I have not seen a "bad" Corvair.

Dale cool smiley

Dale E. Smiley CPBE
Life Member The Society of Broadcast Engineers
RETIRED Broadcast Engineer
CORSA/Circle City Corvairs/Corvair Performance Group
Avon, Indiana
1967 4-Door Monza PG!

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Re: What's the most memorable Corvair you've seen?
Posted by: ken ()
Date: May 16, 2018 12:26PM

Easy for me . I was going to school in Pittsburgh in 1966 and there was a indoor car show in Mckeesport which had 2 NEW Yenkos there .

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