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61 Greenbrier Headliner Rehab
Posted by: PineTone ()
Date: March 03, 2018 03:45PM

Hi folks,

Once the sun re-appears and it gets above 50 degrees here in Oregon, I'm going to finish what I started with my headliner project. Ever since I bought the Greenbrier in 2014, the headliner has been an issue - at first, I tried to keep as much of the jute-backed original stuff as possible, but once things started drooping, I eventually ripped the whole thing out and sanded down the panels. And then I got busy, leaving it all to get a bit gross and dust me with a chip or two every now and again.

Currently, I've got lots of rust splotches on every panel (photos below) due to the last few months of sitting outside in winter weather. (Oh but if I had a garage.) It doesn't look like anything too serious to me, but I'll defer to you guys on that. Anyhow, my current plan to make it look nice for spring/summer (and forever after that) is as follows:

1) Sand off all the rust
2) Use some sort of rust converter/protectant - I have Rust Mort, but I also have some aerosol rust converter that would be easier to apply.
3) Primer (3 coats?)
4) Spray undercoating over it all
5) Potentially insulate with something thin - recommendations? I've heard good things about denim insulation from some Westy folks I know, but as an Oregon van, this thing will need something that won't mold up when the rains come.
6) Cover with something (recommendations?)

Hopefully the above will improve the interior immensely, reducing the tin-can effect I'm currently experiencing and maybe riding a bit quieter on the road. It doesn't need to look stock, and in fact I'd prefer more modern materials being used as this GB comes out of its winter mode.

Any advice would be much appreciated!


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Re: 61 Greenbrier Headliner Rehab
Posted by: WalterElias ()
Date: March 03, 2018 05:35PM

Clark's has reproduction headliner and I personally don't think the original stuff was bad at all. Anything thicker than the original is going to reduce head room which is at a premium especially for the front seat.

Clark's Repo Headliner

Oh, and POR15 for rust is the bomb and would be perfect for this situation.

Dan Kling
1961 Greenbrier Deluxe, 110 HP, 4spd, 3.89 stump puller
1963 Spyder Coupe, restored, converted to 4spd Saginaw
1967 UltraVan #299, The migration has begun, we're on the road again......Save the Whales!

Photos of our Greenbrier, UltraVan and work-in-progress @


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Re: 61 Greenbrier Headliner Rehab
Posted by: American Mel ()
Date: March 03, 2018 06:45PM

Somebody was just posting about using > EZ Cool < in their car.

And someone on here also posted some cool pictures of a van interior roof lined with some nice brushed aluminum sheets! thumbs upthumbs up

Just a couple ideas for ya.

WA. state, 1 mile south of the Canadian border,
I am not at the end of the world, but you can see it from here.
'66 Monza Coupe - 4spd, 140 Daily driver beater
'67 Monza Vert. - PG, 140 Daily driver beater
'67 A/C Moredoor Monza - 140 4-spd. driver

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Re: 61 Greenbrier Headliner Rehab
Posted by: PineTone ()
Date: March 03, 2018 08:34PM

Thanks! I've never heard of EZ Cool before - great tip.

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Re: 61 Greenbrier Headliner Rehab
Posted by: DRCORVAIR ()
Date: March 05, 2018 04:18PM

Mine's similar- Been putting off going at it w/ the DA but I know I have to put on the big boy britches and just do it. Still picking grit out of my bellybutton from sandblasting the undercarriage last summer w/ no rotisserie. eye popping smiley Was looking at dynamat ($$) and EZcool. Will likely do a natural wood paneling. A place nearby has almost everything, maple, walnut, mahogany etc. Pricey but classy. I'm what used to be average height (5-8) so head clearance isn't a problem. Will mount the paneling to the cross rails and run my wiring for lights/ speakers etc beneath.

63 Greenbrier 4 spd from Tuscon under restoration
65 500 140 x 4 spd waiting on resto but driveable
95 Miata M Edition- Merlot w/ BBS (Hers)
00 Miata, Black- Rotrex Supercharger 240 WHP (His)
09 SAAB Aero Combi 2.8T, 300 HP, 6 Spd, AWD
06 RAV4 V6
11 Hyundai Elantra Wagon (Daughter's ride)
62 15' Serro Scotty Sportsman Silverside
63 13' Serro Scotty Sportsman Gaucho
68 15' Serro Scotty HiLander
OMG I'm Nucking Futz

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Re: 61 Greenbrier Headliner Rehab
Posted by: corventure Dave ()
Date: March 06, 2018 08:31AM

I have installed a couple Clarks headliner's in FC's.
Be sure to neutralize the rust and paint. If you spray undercoat you will not be able to adhere an original style headliner. I don't recommend undercoating.
The rust is likely from the inside being wet and the windows closed during storage or parked outside. No where for moisture to go. This should not be an issue any more.

The Clarks headliner material is adhered right to the metal roof. Upholstery adhesive will not hold. Even the best has a tendency to release in the hot sun.
You need to use Landau adhesive. That's the stuff used for Vinyl tops on cars back in the 1970's. You could tell back then when a shop used the wrong adhesive and a car had a big bubble under the roof at highway speed!
Landau adhesive is available from Clarks.

Each headliner panel has to be centered properly to fit the roof area. I aligned and marked the panel's with painters tape. You have to be right on, because the Landau adhesive is a one try application. There is no way to remove and reposition the panel. So take your time aligning the panel.
I also had a small roller to flatten the headliner panel in place after installation. Look out for wrinkles!
Wrinkles can usually be steamed out by taking a wet dish towel and a hot cloths iron... wet towel on vinyl and then the iron.

I can't stress how important alignment of the headliner is and also how quick the adhesive holds. It is a super strong contact cement. Align and mark the positioning with tape, then apply the adhesive to both surfaces, roof and headliner panel.

Once the new headliner is installed, for me, I don't think you can beat the OEM look.thumbs up

Corventure Dave

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Re: 61 Greenbrier Headliner Rehab
Posted by: PineTone ()
Date: March 06, 2018 08:24PM

Many thanks, Dave! Just to be sure I understand, if I go OEM, coats of primer are OK following rust conversion? Just no undercoating?

It looks like we'll be getting into the low 60s this weekend. I don't have the headliner yet, but I'm excited to start on this finally.

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Re: 61 Greenbrier Headliner Rehab
Posted by: corventure Dave ()
Date: March 07, 2018 07:51AM

Yes, painting is fine. Just be sure you have a hard smooth surface to adhere to.

smileys with beer

Corventure Dave

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Re: 61 Greenbrier Headliner Rehab
Posted by: redone76 ()
Date: March 15, 2018 12:28PM

How'd your headliner install go? I'm the one that used aluminum sheets for my van

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