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LM Rocker Rust
Posted by: flat_six ()
Date: March 02, 2018 09:23AM

Many know this, but some don''s very important for the life of your Corvair, especially convertibles, to flush out the rockers. They get clogged with silt and leaves etc and retain water, causing the metal to rust from the inside out.

It's really easy. I bought some poly tubing and fittings to hook up to my garden hose. Pop the plugs out (front and rear wheel wells), then behold the staggering amount of JUNK that flows out. I was ultimately able to push the hose all the way through the rocker to the back - that way I knew the majority of junk had been flushed out.

For convertibles, be sure to poke around with the hose inside the rocker. There is a structural member that goes down the middle, so you will need to get the hose on both sides of that beam to fully flush the rocker out.

It's were looking for something to do this weekend, right? smiling bouncing smiley

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Re: LM Rocker Rust
Posted by: azdave ()
Date: March 02, 2018 11:29AM

You'll never get that water out!! -Facebook

grinning smiley grinning smiley grinning smiley

My rig is a more rigid piece of CPVC pipe with a cap and a half-slot to concentrate the spray of water. I rotate the tube as I push it through the rocker.

I usually jack up the front and then open up the exit hole in the rear to let all the big chunks get out more easily. I haven't done the new ragtop yet but when I did my 66 vert a few years back I was rewarded with enough muck to fill a large pail.

Dave W. / Gilbert Arizona
66 Corsa 140 4-speed w/factory A/C
66 Corsa 140 4-speed
65 Corsa 140 4-speed
66 Corsa 455 Toro V8
65 Monza 455 Toro V8
65 Monza 110 Convertible
65 Monza 4DR 140 PG w/factory A/C
65 Monza 4DR EJ20T w/5-speed

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Re: LM Rocker Rust
Posted by: Seth Emerson ()
Date: March 02, 2018 11:41AM

With every new late model I buy - It has been a while, but I am buying another one this week - I have a rocker clean out ritual. NOTE I live in sometimes wet, but never even slushy northern California. I park the car on the driveway and lift the front end with a jack, wheels off the ground. Then support it with two jack stands. Just in front of the rear wheels, I remove all the rubber plugs at the back of the rockers, including the little door on the back (inner) side of the rocker. Then, just behind the front wheels, I remove any plugs at the front of the rocker. The I get into the car, remove the kick panel grilles, then the vent doors, (They are spring loaded at one end, just slide off the pull cables) Then I reach in to see how much - if any(ha!) - debris, usually leaves, is sitting at the bottom of that area which feeds the rockers. Remove anything you find, careful of the rugs. Once it is relatively clean, I take a hose with a high pressure nozzle and shoot it STRAIGHT into/through the front rocker holes, aimed at the rear rocker holes. This will blast stuff loose in the rocker, you won't believe the crap that comes out the back. you can re-aim the nozzle a bit to dislodge any attached dirtYou will likely have to clear debris out of the hole to keep the water from filling the rocker. If it fills, it will flow over into the carpets, so pay attention. If you are brave, you can lift the nozzle and slide it into the kick panel vent and rinse them out as well. Once the water is coming out really clean, and there is nothing falling into the area from the kick panel vents, you will have a decision to make. Here in sunny (Usually, it is currently raining outside) California, I just leave all the plugs out, front and rear. This adds to Fisher Body's claim of "flow-through" ventilation. However, if I drove in mud a lot or, especially, snow/ice/slush, the plugs - New ones are advised - should go back in. This works for me!

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Re: LM Rocker Rust
Posted by: flat_six ()
Date: March 02, 2018 01:54PM

Lol on the Facebook comment.

And thanks Seth for the more detailed overview. Your procedure is very similar, and yes I did open up the kick panel vents first and vacuum out those chambers.

By the way, a smart phone can get in there and provide some great visibility to that area where most of our oversize heads won't fit. thumbs up

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