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How to Make a Late Carrier Fit Into an Early Case
Posted by: vairmech ()
Date: February 20, 2018 05:36AM

A late carrier will not just fit into an early case it will physically not fit without modification. The biggest thing that needs to be done is shorten the late carrier. How do you do that? You cut the ends off that extend out beyond the bearing. There is just a little more to it than just hacking off the end!

Keep in mind that the axle yokes have a bearing surface inside the carrier and when you shorten the late carrier you remove 90% of that bearing surface as shown in the below picture.

Could you just run it that way? Yeeess, but it would wear out in short order and you would have more issues than you really want to deal with. So what do you do? You bore out the bearing surface area and put a longer sleeve in it! Look closely and you will see the sliver of bearing surface that is left.

So how do you make the sleeve? On a South Bend Lathe that most of you watched me move on rollers! BTW, I still use my Atlas lathe.
Since the ID is where the axle yokes ride that has to be made to size as well as the OD for the hole you made in the carrier.

Below you can now see that there is a large bearing surface for the yokes to ride on.

OH, did I mention this is a late posi going into an early case? That makes the yoke bearing surface a little more tricky as you have to leave clearance for the posi side gear.

As you can see you can get just a little over an inch of bearing surface to copy what the factory did, even on a posi side carrier.
That is not the only consideration, you have to make sure the end does not go past the bearing. In the foreground you can see what I did and in the background you can see what the factory did.

Yes, I left just a little above the bearing but you need maximum bearing surface on the short yoke side. If you look below you will see there is still clearance to the axle seal BUT the axle seal is flush to the INSIDE not tapped all the way in. Below is the side adjuster sitting on the bearing, you can see the clearance between the seal and the carrier even though I left it just a little long.

Below you can see the other half of the carrier and what I did and what the factory did.

Sorry, no pics of the assembled unit but I have posted those kind of pictures before. I can't go take any pictures because it is already on it's way home!

Ken Hand
Handy Car Care
248 613 8586

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Re: How to Make a Late Carrier Fit Into an Early Case
Posted by: toms73novass ()
Date: February 20, 2018 06:37AM

As usual, nice work and thanks for sharing. smileys with beer


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Grand Island, NY

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Re: How to Make a Late Carrier Fit Into an Early Case
Posted by: Nickshu ()
Date: February 20, 2018 08:56AM

I have one of these 9-bolt LM carriers that Ken modified to fit in my original EM case. Mine is a Posi and 3.55. Working great thanks Ken!! There are photos of it in my restoration thread, page 4.

1964 Monza Spyder Convertible #435 - Rotisserie restored - Check out my restoration thread here: []
Recreational Mechanic/CORSA Member/COG Supporting Member/US Navy Veteran
Other fun car: Porsche 911 GT3
Boring daily drivers
Northern Colorado, USA

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Re: How to Make a Late Carrier Fit Into an Early Case
Posted by: vairchet ()
Date: February 20, 2018 01:47PM

Yup, done a few of those primarily for aftermarket 4-spider carrier units (think FCs and dune buggies).

Chet in Ramona

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Re: How to Make a Late Carrier Fit Into an Early Case
Posted by: corventure Dave ()
Date: February 20, 2018 01:55PM

I love this stuff!thumbs up

Corventure Dave

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