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Snow in Charleston
Posted by: ac1948 ()
Date: January 04, 2018 05:09AM

Sheds are close to pine trees so I felt they were safer in the open.

Jerry Murray
Charleston, SC

63 Rampside, PG,110

63 Greenbrier, PG, 110


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Re: Snow in Charleston
Posted by: gnrand ()
Date: January 04, 2018 05:26AM

Brings back memories of my time growing up in NY. The winter of '78 drove me out to Ca. (78F yesterday). Now Jerry Brown is driving me out of Ca.!
I was just informed that my office in Bristol Conn. is closed today.
By the way it looks like you have a nice collection of Corvairs.


1965 Corsa Hard Top
!965 Corsa Convertible
1968 Monza 140 Convertible 4 speed
1966 435 HP Crown
1986 Buick GN

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Re: Snow in Charleston
Posted by: moomba32 ()
Date: January 05, 2018 03:13AM

Jerry that coupe got so cold it froze it's bumpers off poor thing
Hope to see you Thursday, I'm now working 12 hour days at the plant, it's still not running, everything's froze up now with no real way to get the pipes thawed until the weather warms maybe next week.

Don Marlowe
66 Monza 2Dr 140/pg
64 Spyder convertible now, 110/pg
Eutawville SC

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Re: Snow in Charleston
Posted by: j3m ()
Date: January 05, 2018 10:56AM

Yankees typically move SOUTH when they retire because it is nice and warm and the Atlantic Ocean water temp is nearly 90 degrees between mid May and Sept 15th....cost of living is low, real estate and property taxes are relatively low compared to Philly-Jersey shore, or NY-Conn, or greater Boston areas. ......and you's guys know tear aye no shuvellun SNOW down below Charlotte.....
...........Well, I am blaming the folks from Philly and New Jersey that came down on Christmas day and stayed with with us for several days and then stayed at my Hilton Head beach house until Jan 4th for bringing the Frozen tundra Yankee winter weather with them! Crazy stuff that almost never happens, SNOW in Savannah GA, Hilton Head, SC, Charleston, SC, Myrtle Beach SC......4 inches in some areas............but only the southern coastal areas......nothing but 16 F to 19F low temps for ATLANTA MACON ATHENS AUGUSTA COLUMBIA SC, as the SNOW line began south near STATESBORO, close to SAVANNAH. If you've ever been in the DEEP SOUTH when it has had just a dusting of frozen precip, you know that they ain't equipped to deal with more than 3/4 of an inch of snowfall. SLEET is worse and probably more common in middle/north ALA/GA/SC and sleet/ice will cause entire towns to shut down for three days due largely due to tree limbs and widespread power outtages. SNOW usually just gives Southerners something to look at for about six or seven hours and then it warms and melts away, but the unusually LOW TEMPS (for the SOUTH) mean that it didn't melt within one day.
I prefer the typical 55F to 61F afternoon temps here in January so I can play tennis or golf, or fish from the dock. 39F daily high temperatures and 17F nightly low temperatures, with some days having this and winds from the north at 15 mph , this definitely isn't great even if the sun is shining. At least the Winter is usually over by ten days past the Superbowl. (Jan 18th to Feb 14th is traditionally on average the coldest period for the otherwise very mild Deep South WINTER)
Take advantage of the beautiful pictures of the recent SNOW, because that is all its good for in my opinion..........a Christmas card for 2018 and beyond.....but other than that I'm of the opinion that I've seen enough SNOW that I don't want to see any. Sunshine blue skies, thunderstorms, high humidity and 98F temperatures are much more preferable to days with low temps below 30F and daily highs below 55F. Let the Yankees and the rust belt have all the frozen fun! If I wanna experience the frozen tundra, I'll move back to Milwaukee or Buffalo, or perhaps Minneapolis/ST. Paul.

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