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Evaporust damage?
Posted by: joelsplace ()
Date: January 01, 2018 10:41AM

I've been told Evaporust can damage metals and I would like to avoid damaging any parts if possible.
Here's my experience so far:
Cast iron brake parts have come out like new and it seems to protect from further rust.
Usually doesn't bother paint. One time I had it soften paint kind of like brake fluid.
One time it turned a set of severely rusted yellow cad? plated tie down ratchets black.
It doesn't seem to be consistent about removing rust. Some steel parts are like new after a few hours and some still have a little rust after days.
Picture of brake parts cleaned a few months ago, rinsed with water and blown dry and another of an armature left in it 3.5 days.
I guess I should have used pictures of Corvair parts...


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Re: Evaporust damage?
Posted by: Chilly Willy ()
Date: January 01, 2018 08:37PM

the Armature might have a little different metallurgy. Looks like it uncovered the damage the rust did on the armature. I like the Evapo-rust, it does work well with a PH of 7. it does say it will remove cadmium plating.
For Some stuff I use Phosphoric acid to get the iron phosphate protection.

The Corvair, Keeping Nader Notorious winking smiley

Northern California

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Re: Evaporust damage?
Posted by: CoCoCo ()
Date: January 01, 2018 11:22PM

Yeah, I've never heard that it can damage metal. Don't see how in fact.
They (the evaporust people) say that the harder metals (like a blade) will turn black and I've found that to be the case. The harder the metal, the blacker it becomes.
I like that in fact, as some of my older cutters now look brand new but like they just got a coating of black phosphate on them.

The one thing to watch out for (which they also mention in their documentation) are non-paint coatings like phosphates. Takes 'em right off quicker n a wink!
I had a drill sharpener that I thought was painted black, but it turned out the black was one of the special coatings they warned about. Came out of the tank in beautiful shiny steel, where I had expected to see the black "paint" still there.

Other than that I personally have not run across any material that has been damaged by using their product yet.

I did notice that on heavily rusted heavy metal stuff, such as railroad spikes and bit maul heads, you hardly notice a reduction in the rust. The surfaces are so pitted that it's hard to tell anything was done. You do see some improvement, but not enough to call it a miracle by any stretch.

It does wear out a little quicker than I like though, but perhaps I'm putting more rust into the solution than I think.

But the real icing is that you just spray it over the garden when you're done. They say "lawn" specifically, but so far I have not killed any weeds or flowers with the stuff.


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