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Shifter Base Shims? 1966 Corsa
Posted by: Tom Rahochik ()
Date: December 18, 2017 11:33AM

Installed my shifter base to the body with the standard white upper seal and lower
black seal. Slight lubrication on both per assembly manual page 7 B7. Unable
to understand how to get the correct thickness measurement per page 7 B5. Currently, without the shims and the four lock nuts fully tight, the complete
assembly moves back and forth in a smooth sliding motion. Jeff at the Corvair
Ranch has seen a very small amount of late model Corvairs that had these shims.
How important are these shims? If important, please explain how to get the
correct thickness. And, how much shifter base back and forth movement is
permissible? All opinions and suggestions are greatly appreciated......

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Re: Shifter Base Shims? 1966 Corsa
Posted by: jjohnsonjo ()
Date: December 18, 2017 11:41AM

Mine has the shims, the idea is that it slides back and forth easily, but the base does NOT rock from side to side or fore and aft. I'm not sure that I used a measurement, just trial and error. Add shims until the thinnest one locks it down, then remove the last one.


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Re: Shifter Base Shims? 1966 Corsa
Posted by: Seth Emerson ()
Date: December 18, 2017 02:57PM

The shims go over the 4 oval extensions of the upper seal, that stick down through the floor. Like the steel hole in the floor, they live between the White upper plate, and the black lower plate. You are really thickening the black lower plate to limit the amount of up/down play. Add shims until you clamp the floor tight, then go slightly thinner to "Just" allow the shifter to move fore/aft, just like J.O. says.

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Re: Shifter Base Shims? 1966 Corsa
Posted by: 66vairman ()
Date: December 18, 2017 07:52PM

What other's said --- you want to minimize side to side rocking of the base, but still allow the shifter base/tube assembly to slide forward and back with slight resistance (you have to support the shifter tube so it's level).

Forget the manual - confusing process, and the floors vary due to corrosion/damage, etc.

If all else fails - use nyloc nuts on the shifter base since you can adjust them and they won't come loose.

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