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Corvair into VW T2 camper
Posted by: genderen ()
Date: December 17, 2017 10:54AM


First a small introduction, I'm Patrick from the Netherlands. I'm aircooled enthusiast. I have 2 Aircooled VW's (1973 T2 Westfalia and a 1956 Oval Ragtop).
I also Have several Deutz tractors (aircooled diesel) which I have restored.
I have worked as a mechanic for over 15 years in the agriculture business. Now I work on classic cars...

Let start with my first topic here:

I bought a 145CU CORVAIR engine which I would like to install in my VW camper. I’m not looking for a high power unit, just a nice engine that suits the VW to cruise and has more low end torque then the standard Vw. My VW now has an 1700cc Original aircooled engine. I’ve converted it so that it runs on LPG with no problems. It runs actually on LPG much better than on petrol. But it is still a 1700cc. It has it hands full on the little VW camper, especially when we tow small caravan behind it.

Basically when i was searching for new ideas for an engine upgrade for the VW, I stumbled over the corvair engine, I totally love the concept of it. After some searching I have found a corvair engine disassembled with a bunch of new parts. Putting them together should be the base for my new engine. There is a long way tp go, but there is no rush.

The main idea is to overhaul, using VW piston/cilinders? I would like to install LPG injection on it (did this on my daily audi 5000 also). I would like to use a megasquirt motormanagement system to control the injectors and the ignition.

I would like to go for the reverse rotation option. I'm looking for these parts, I have not been able to find them at the standard specialists, But perhaps someone has some parts left he is willing to part with?

Any ideas and tips are welcome, I'm in the early stage with my ideas. I'm open for suggestions.



The Netherlands

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Re: Corvair into VW T2 camper
Posted by: MattNall ()
Date: December 17, 2017 11:07AM

Welcome to the CCF! You are not alone! Roelof is the most recent / active poster here... but there are others... PM him!

Hopefully someone will post with the parts.. you are right.. .they are out there!

It will be fun watching you do a Short stroke / 145 with Big bore... We had a guy several years ago doing it... but he disappeared!! gg

Also there are a few here right now doing the swap in various VW's

Sea Mountain, between Charleston Harbor and Coos Bay! SW Oregon Coast
Click HERE for My Website...Click HERE for My TechPages!

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