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Re: Prices Increasing?
Posted by: WCcorsa ()
Date: December 19, 2017 01:35PM

I think Mel is correct.

I think many Corvairs were "saved" thinking one day they'd be collectible.
That's why today there are so many for sale now and the vast majority of them need "everything".

Owners or folks that get them one way or another (usually for next to nothing as a removal from someplace) realize it costs way more to repair them than they will ever be worth.

Us frugal Corvair don't help the market. We commonly whine whenever one sells for decent money, complain that parts cost too much and tolerate cheesy restorations or junky Corvairs as the norm.

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Re: Prices Increasing?
Posted by: Melb-Mike ()
Date: December 19, 2017 06:11PM

Cars are not investments. At best they're a hobby, and all hobbies cost money. Golf, hunting, fishing, etc are only a few examples. If you buy a car and think you'll sell it for more than you paid, you must have a Ferrari or an older Buggatti. I spend a good bit on my hobby but I always remember it's just that, a hobby.

Everybody loses on investments at one time or another. Diversification is the key. Don't invest in just one thing, spread it out even if it's small funds. I feel for those who lost so much in the various ups and downs but if you stick it out, values come back up.

64 Greenbrier
64 Spyder (needs restoration)
65 Corsa 140, restored
66 Corsa turbo, restoring now
66 Corsa 140 "RR" code coupe fully restored
67 Pontiac GTO restored
69 Corvette 427 convertible restored
2015 Porsche Panamera S
2015 Corvette Z06
1965 AC Cobra (Factory Five)

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