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Corvair bicycle info?
Posted by: joelsplace ()
Date: November 27, 2017 06:08AM

I picked up my 62nd Corvair last night and it only has 2 wheels! Does anyone know anything about them? Most of what I can find are Huffy but mine says Thunderbird.

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Re: Corbair bicycle
Posted by: coleslaw31 ()
Date: November 27, 2017 06:11AM

I know a couple of people who have some here but havent looked into the script on them or anything.

South Carolina Upstate

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Re: Corbair bicycle
Posted by: eddieb ()
Date: November 27, 2017 07:19AM

Joel, there are some variations of these. Huffy made ones that said Thunderbird,Corvette,Camaro and Corvair. I found a very unusual one a while back but could not get the guy loose of it. It was not a Huffy and was a "convertible" bike meaning you removed the center bar to make it a girls bike if needed.Never have seen another. EddieB Dade City,Fl

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Re: Corbair bicycle
Posted by: red monza ()
Date: November 27, 2017 07:45AM

I have a Schwinn Jaguar IV downstairs buried under a bunch of boxes under teh stairwell...have not seen it in 8 years...

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Re: Corvair bicycle
Posted by: joelsplace ()
Date: November 27, 2017 07:58AM

Mine says Corvair on the "tank" and Thunderbird on the chain gaurd where all the Huffys I've seen say Huffy there.

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Re: Corvair bicycle info?
Posted by: EM-racer ()
Date: November 27, 2017 03:28PM

Yes mine has corvair on tank and Huffy on chain gaurd.
Gene Barr
Eustis Fl.

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Re: Corbair bicycle
Posted by: Aaron65 ()
Date: November 27, 2017 06:41PM

red monza Wrote:
> I have a Schwinn Jaguar IV downstairs buried under
> a bunch of boxes under teh stairwell...have not
> seen it in 8 years...

You might want to dig it out; those things are worth some coin. Plus, old bikes are fun to ride...I have almost 20, which pretty much makes me a packrat. smiling smiley

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Re: Corvair bicycle info?
Posted by: ral1963 ()
Date: November 28, 2017 06:09AM

In regards to the Corvair bikes with the Huffy Logo on the chainguard...

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Re: Corvair bicycle info?
Posted by: j3m ()
Date: November 30, 2017 04:21AM

Hey, if you're considering getting an old bicycle, you will want to obtain a copy of GLENN"S COMPLETE BICYCLE MANUAL (first published in 1973 by Crown Publishing).
Thousands of copies were printed and sold during the adult bicycle riding boom of the early seventies. Several editions were printed between 1973 and 1976.
It is the best "SHOP MANUAL" for overhauling any bicycle made between 1930 and 1975. You can find USED, ex Library books of GLENN'S COMPLETE BICYCLE MANUAL at all times on EBAY for about $4 to $6 with free shipping at all times.
It is a about the same size as two 1965 Corvair factory shop manuals stacked on top of each other. It is the best manual of its kind, and it is exactly like an automotive shop manual as I think Harold T. Glenn was an engineer who wrote many Automobile Shop manuals. It covers nearly every make from the 1930's to 1973. Many of the photos showing how to are Schwinns but when other makes are done differently, their photos are also shown. It covers all the different BENDIX rear wheel coaster brakes and the years from which they hail.
No other bicycle SHOP MANUAL is so complete and comprehensive and step by step.
You need to borrow, or obtain via ebay, or somewhere a copy of GLENN'S COMPLETE BICYCLE MANUAL by Clarence Coles and Harold T. Glenn , Crown Publishing (C)1973 with numerous printings in 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976.
Don't pay more than $6 for that book, because there is no need to as there are thousands of copies, libraries at one time carried this book. Single speed coaster brake bikes to every type of hand brake, and derailleur gear shifting , 5 speed, 10 speed, 3 speed, and any other multispeed configuration during that era.

If you get the "green-light" okay to attempt riding a bike from your Doctor, then you might want to give it a try. If your Physician says it won't kill you because you are at least minimally in shape enough to withstand exercise via riding a bicycle, then have fun riding. Take it easy at first until you get familiar with riding again. Get a comfortable enough seat if the factory seat is too killer on your roids. Ride in no traffic neighborhoods and areas with very light traffic and 25mph to 30mph speed limits. Get a $5 rear-view mirror, see ebay type bicycle mirror and you'll find large aluminum Chinese produced mirrors that come in black&chrome, red&chrome, blue&chrome and gold&chrome. You can purchase the mirror direct from China sellers for $4.76 to $4.90 TOTAL INCLUDING FREE SHIPPING FROM CHINA. Its a two piece where the mirror arm threads into the separate handle bar piece. The mirror itself is 4 3/4" X 2 2/3" rectangular "flag shaped". Based on personal experience, you will need to use a dab of 5min epoxy on the threads of the mirror arm where it threads into the base portion that mounts to the handlebars. Why? because if you don't, the long arm with the flag shaped mirror head will act like a "wrench" and unscrew it self. Stick a mirror like the type that I have described somewhere on your Left handlebar where it doesn't mess up brake operation and your favorite hand placement. Old farts need to see what is approaching from behind their bike.
As fossils, we aren't as flexible and can't generally rotate the neck 170 degrees to look back and still ride on without crashing.
Just because you're 70 or 73 doesn't mean that you can't get some good exercise on an old Schwinn, old Huffy, old JC Higgins, old AMF, old Raleigh or whatever even if its a brand new $99 Wal-Mart special. If your DOCTOR gives the Okay, bicycle riding can be great exercise. I'm not talking about doing the funny bike shorts that the "serious" Lance Armstrong wanabees in the under 50 age group that ride $1000 + seventeen pound multispeed road bikes made from carbon fiber and the lightest metal alloy components. You need not ride 35 miles per day as some of those folks. Start slow and maybe ride a half mile or perhaps one mile until you get Capable of doing two or maybe two and a half miles without being puffed out and nearly dead. Just getting a tiny amount of exercise can do you a lot of good. You don't need to ride any distance, just ride and let your body build up to possibly more. You don't need any 16 pound carbon fiber, $6500 road bike with gears outta the waazoo. Anything will do. Weight (bike's weight) will be an asset to get your ass in gear so to speak. Gears will make life easier and make your journeys on the bike go faster but aren't necessary unless you want them. Make it a point to try to eat right in the new year and also get off your ass so you get back in better condition and loose the lard ass couch potato , ol fatty , outta shape, old before your time michelin man spare tire fatman jumbo dumbo dude... You aren't too old to just throw in the towel. Don't give up because you've got a lot of living to do. You don't need the Rascal scooter and oxygen tank just yet. Remember: Move It Or Lose It, and don't forget: Adventure Before Dementia, The Older You Get, The More Important It Is To NOT Act Your Age.
Even folks with Total Knee Replacement on Both Knees can ride if they are otherwise in halfway decent health. CHECK WITH YOUR PRIMARY PHYSICIAN BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANY EXERCISE PROGRAM. Don't overdo it. A little goes a long way if you stick to doing that little bit on a regular basis. Have fun.
The old Corvair bicycles are at least as cool of a ride as an early Corvair coupe, ....maybe not as cool as a late model Corvair convertible but at least on par with the early model Corvair cars!
The bicycle that was really unsafe at any speed was that crazy mid to late sixties,1970,1971,1972 banana seat, high-rise handlebar kids bike with the handlebars before the federal govt and consumer products commission put pressure on the makers by essentially "forcing" limits on size of the high-rise handlebars effective in 1972. The most famous of those "unsafe" bikes was the Schwinn Stingray which created this style of bike, that everyone else carboned copied.
Hundreds if not thousands of kids were seriously injured and impaled/speared with the high rise handle bar ends in the torso/abdomen, and groin areas. Essentially this type of injury was due to the spirited, extreme style of on the edge riding that the idiot 7 to 12 year old kids were doing with those bikes. Emergency room visits for serious injuries from bicycle accidents during that time were largely a result of kids riding the "stingray" style bikes. The two wheeled Corvair was not unsafe at any speed. A lower quality Huffy and not a reliable Chicago built SCHWINN, the Huffy Corvair was about as decent as most any non Schwinn, American built bike of that era.

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Re: Corvair bicycle info?
Posted by: joelsplace ()
Date: December 01, 2017 11:33AM

That's really confusing. Who's been talking about doctors and health?

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