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Cool hub-centric wheel adapters
Posted by: Seth Emerson ()
Date: November 22, 2017 05:23PM


So, Bunky, you have been looking all over for something unique to use for wheels for your late model street Corvair. Those old Camaro wheels are everywhere. Centerline wheels closed up. Those “American” Racing torque-thrusts are either made in China or $300 each. Most of the other Custom wheels aren’t available in a 5 on 4.75” 5-bolt Chevy pattern any more. Everything else has gone Metric, and with goofy backspaces too! So, is that your trouble, Bunky? Well, maybe this is the solution. Special Corvair wheel adapters. Back in the 80s + 90s I had a series of Celebrity wagons as family cars. I liked the Celebrity Eurosport alloy wheels so much I bought a set to install them on my Corvair. The Problem? 5 on 100mm bolt pattern and front wheel drive backspace. Well, some handy-dandy lathe and mill work (from a local pro) for a set of four 1”(24mm)- thick spacer/adapters, along with taller 12mm wheel studs, and on they went. It was a nice hub-centric fit onto the wheel hubs, and a set of tall 12mm studs in a 5 on 100mm pattern to match the wheels and Eurosport lug nuts. Even the 1” thick adapter converted the FWD wheels to a Corvair Backspace! They worked great, but time passed and the wheels/tires came off the car and it departed to Southern California. Somebody really wanted the wheels, so those were sold for a guy to install on a Chevy Citation. So I have these adapters. You can use them to install any aftermarket wheel. 5 on 100mm is a common usage. (See a link below to a reference to all the OEM wheels that would work.) Everything from Fiero to Chrysler Neon, plus Accura and others, Oh My! You can stand out from the crowd!
The Cost? A reasonable $75 + shipping. Here are a couple of technical notes. If your existing Lug nuts stick out more than 1”, make sure your new wheels clear the tops of the studs. Most wheels have small pockets here anyway, but check for clearance. Yes, there are only 18 lug nuts there in the photo. Throw two away and buy a set of locks for your new wheels.

Lots of wheels, at various price points, pick your diameter. The Corvair likes about 20mm offset +/- 5mm.
5 on 100mm bolt pattern cars

Seth Emerson

Check my new Performance Corvair Web site []

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