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Tale of two Spyders
Posted by: livingthepast ()
Date: November 22, 2017 07:44AM

I wanted to put some thoughts down from a newbie in regards to differences in Spyders. As I have discussed, I inherited an old rebuild 63 Spyder (80's/early 90s), and this month, taking full advantage of my pending military retirement, purchased an all original condition 64 spyder. I'm the third owner for both.

63: Old rebuild. Was a barn find. Wiring schematics are more difficult to deal with. Replaced major harnesses. Horns don't really work (sound like a beep) Lots of rubber window seals failing. Top rubber seals failing. Spring bumpers are rock hard and breaking. Roof needs to be replaced. Drives very well with great gas mileage. Turbo very likely needs a rebuild. Will need new exhaust pipes to address proper vacuum seal. The shifting is a bit loose but comfortable and the clutch is fine. Doors need to be re-aligned (no idea how to fit a screw driver into the gap to loosen the door. Interior replaced and in good condition with some sun rot on panels. Lighter sparks if plugged in. Right door "catches" with a pop when opening. the doors (both) are a bit slanted inwards. No sag with doors open.

64. Factory original with exception of a top cover paint job to address sun damaged paint (spidering). Done about 15 years ago, purposely done lightly. Preserved dealer logo. Interior pristine and original. Have all owner documents, history of owner (math professor in Iowa) and everything is stock and original. Drives well, with a bit of a shimmy at 65-70 mph. Steering wheel could use alignment about .75 inches to the left. Shifting is tight, clutch is a bit looser than the 63, dash lights don't work, courtesy lights work. Fuse replaced. Fuse box has a missing clip in the "heater" slot. Not sure if factory or not. Radio works fine.

Between the two. The 63 seems to have better pickup with a looser front end while driving. The 64 is solid, doesn't start as quickly (really needs a carb rebuild), but is not as loose in the front. Wiring harness is exact and easy to follow. Doors are smooth as glass.

Anyway, I just wanted to add this to the collective knowing there is likely zero value in my observations. smiling smiley


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Re: Tale of two Spyders
Posted by: igottajob2 ()
Date: November 22, 2017 08:50AM

Sounds awesome!! smileys with beer


1965 500 Coupe

Built the 1st week of April of 65 at willow run.
500 coupe. The only factory accessory is a rear antenna.
White with a red interior.
Now black with black and red interior.

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Re: Tale of two Spyders
Posted by: DAVECS1 ()
Date: November 22, 2017 12:31PM

It is amazing how addicting these are to work on. The mechanical stuff is actually enjoyable for me as it is mostly accessible and easy to work on. I wish I had more experience with body work. That is where I fall short. I have a very mechanically sound corvair at the moment, that drives awesomely, but I am worry I am riding on hidden swiss cheese lol!

1964 Monza Convertible
110 4 speed
Peoria, IL

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