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For Curious Minds
Posted by: OttawaCorvairGuy ()
Date: November 21, 2017 08:29AM

This is for those who are curious and those who can't seem to answer simple question(s), i.e. where to buy XYZ or who offers ABC services, without knowing what someone is up to. GGG & LOL
(Yes I'm being funny - So don't take it so seriously.)

FYI - Ultravans like most vehicles have some issues. Things that were not designed well as they should have been.

Wiring on an Ultravan is a joke at best!!!
And very few owners are willing to do what it takes to correct all of it properly.
I will share just one problem, so NOT to bore you with all the other issues.

The Headlight Circuit.

Battery "power" is in the back. Not up front, close to the headlights, like most vehicles.
NO it is NOT like other cars and easy to run a large size battery cable up front in an Ultravan.
The structure is completely different! There is no frame no chassis! Thus it is very important to maintain the integrity of the structure!
Some Ultravan owners have gone to the trouble of fabricating a battery box to have a battery up front.
However, that is a lot of work and expense that most owners are NOT willing to do.

The JOKE or Poor Headlight Circuit Design:
They used a 14ga wire to run 28 plus feet up front to supply power to the headlight switch.
(It can be longer, depending on how they routed it. But not shorter than 28 feet.)

Out of the headlight switch it continues on to the dimmer switch another 3.5 feet or sub-total of 31.5 feet of 14ga.
From the dimmer switch it finally runs to the Headlights them self with more 14ga, wire.
But in some cases, I believe that 16ga has been noted from the dimmer switch to the headlights.

Total length can exceed 40 feet of 14ga wire to run the 2 headlights.
For myself and a couple other Ultravan owners: That is asking too much for 14ga to handle and we would prefer to improve that circuit among others.

With a lot of time and help from Jim Davis, Craig Nicol and Owen Strawn: I would like to think that I have come up with a basic kit to correct this issue.
A kit that allows one to correct this issue only. Saving them time and money.
Also allowing them to do other wiring improvements over time, as they have the time and funds to do so.

Thank you to all those who helped!

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