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Two tone Interior Parts
Posted by: 67 airvair ()
Date: November 16, 2017 12:01PM

In an effort to document the interior colors, I am trying to get a handle on all the multiple shades used on the Corvair models through the years. There's two classes of data that I'm looking for.

The first class concerns (with one exception) only the factory two-tone interiors, specifically the '61 black and gray (code 830 & 870) and the white and gray (code 844 & 871), the '64 red and white (code 727), the '65 aqua and white (code 797) and black and white (code 798), and '66 black and white (code 795). What I need to know is what parts were which color. Note: the exception would be the headliner - would like to know what one-color interior had a different (usually white) headliner. Would like to know that kind of data as well.

To date, I have the '63 red interior (w/white headliner) nailed down and am reasonably sure about the '65 and 66 two-tone cars, but could stand verification.

The second class concerns the multiple shades of paint used on things such as the metal dash, steering column and wheel, metal door panels, etc. What I need to know is what parts were one color and what other parts were another shade of the same basic color. An example would be the '65 saddle interior had the steering wheel with two shades of brown and the column a third shade of brown.

Please email me at rather than clutter up the forum at this time. I'll post the results later on this forum.


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