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Free Drive Train - Austin, TX
Posted by: Roger Gault ()
Date: November 10, 2017 05:31PM


I am re-building an old Corvair powered kit car, and will not be using the drivetrain. I was going to trash it, but I thought somebody nearby might want it.

Known Data:
Carlicense plate Cal. 1984 - assume not run since.
Engine appears to be an early high performance:
Block - T1110YN
Heads - 3813516 (on the one I could see easily.)
Have not checked for oil/water/rust
Number on case is 3855502 (I think)
U-Joint bolts are 1/4-20 so it's probably a '65
Engine turns freely, but has little evidence of compression - rings probably stuck.
Diff. output shafts turn freely - sounds dry in there - haven't split from engine to check pinion freedom and ratio.
Pitched carbs before I decide to offer to give engine away.
Distributer removed but still here.
Oil Filter / Alt bracket was butchered by PO and pitched.

I have a bunch of LM ('65) junk in my garage that you are welcome to pick through. Mostly free - some probably just cheap. MINIMUM PRICE - YOU TAKE KIT CAR ENGINE.
I don't really remember what's there - some tired carbs, some 140 heads in various shapes, stuff. I am willing to help drag it out and pick through it. No gold mine here. I don't need this stuff any more, My '65 convert. is healthy and this Fiberfab Avenger project I have hanging around my neck will probably outlast my remaining lifetime ;-).

I am 71 with a bad back. Bring your own heavy lifters.

Engine is in my way, blocking wife's car outside. If I don't hear something soon, I'll probably take it apart and set it out for Austin's Bulk Pickup.

(512) 258-6033 no-name callers are blocked.


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Re: Free Drive Train - Austin, TX
Posted by: Roger Gault ()
Date: November 12, 2017 07:15PM

Split the trans from the engine to make more garage space.
Trans is a 3.55:1 4-speed. Has gear lube in it, which looks fine.


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Re: Free Drive Train - Austin, TX
Posted by: redone76 ()
Date: November 13, 2017 07:01PM

Man I wish you were closer to me!

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