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Pushrod Tube Job Abnormality
Posted by: JimBrandberg ()
Date: October 21, 2017 05:39AM

I had a new one today, pushrod tubes installed upside down on one side of the engine. I wonder how they got them in there, I use the same 5/8 socket I've got along for the rocker arm nuts to tap them in

One of the worst I ever had was several years ago. Someone had installed the rocker arm nuts as top head nuts upside down. With the locking top feature on the top of the nuts it must have been tough to get them started. The round tops of the nuts had dug into the aluminum of the head, this divoted the aluminum in and around the studs making the heads extremely difficult to remove. I had to remove the heads to the drill press to make a flat surface for the head nuts to tighten against with a thick washer added. I bought a $100 counterbore tool that I've never used again, I have a different one for Early flywheel bolting. I think he had the head nuts on the rocker arms.

Another bad one was last year. The right side went easy peasy. On the left side someone had overtorqued with resulting multiple stud pullout. I suppose someone was used to SBC with 50# torque on the head bolts.

No apparent harm done with upside down pushrod tubes, I just haven't seen it before.
It's a 62 with automatic chokes but it has the crankcase mounted oil pressure sender. I always thought of that as a 60-61 thing. When did it change?
Jim Brandberg
Isanti, MN

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Re: Pushrod Tube Job Abnormality
Posted by: gnvair ()
Date: October 21, 2017 06:12AM

I had an engine that someone not only installed the push rod tubes backwards but they also installed the guide plates backwards as well.
When they couldn't get the push rod tubes to seal they just added silicone!

Lee J


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Re: Pushrod Tube Job Abnormality
Posted by: TerribleTed ()
Date: October 21, 2017 11:43AM

And posters wonder why I suggest they get a GM Covair shop manual before doing work on their cars....hmmmm


Avid Corvair hobbiest since 1984.
I have personally performed ground up restoration on over 20 Corvairs.
I currently work full time at restoring and repairing Corvairs.
Located in the Atlanta Georgia area.

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Re: Pushrod Tube Job Abnormality
Posted by: gregb ()
Date: October 21, 2017 03:22PM

Our Lakewwod that I am working on has the sillycone on the push rod tubes just like the picture above. I have not pulled them yet so not sure if they are in wrong but the last guy that worked on this engine must have went through a couple tubes by the looks of things. And even with all of this sillycone the engine leaked like it had a hole it the oil pan.


Alberta Canada
61 Canadian Lakewood
62 Spyder Triple Black Convertible
65 Corsa Coupe

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Re: Pushrod Tube Job Abnormality
Posted by: tkalp ()
Date: October 21, 2017 05:03PM

A few years ago one of the local club members overhauled the engine on his Spyder. Came by the shop later complaining about a significant oil leak and wanted me to help him find it. Pretty quickly discovered that all the pushrod tubes were in upside down. He said he didn't realize the ends were different, but still managed to get every one in the same way, upside down.

Recently I resealed an engine for a friend. The PO had used sillycone to try to seal the push rod tubes. It was a real pain to get rid of all the old sillycone with out dropping any of it back into the engine.

T. Kalp
Wichita, KS

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