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Generator light
Posted by: alpinemetal ()
Date: October 11, 2017 06:02AM

I finally started working on my 65 convertible and when I installed the battery the instrument cluster generator light came on without even inserting the key.

Any thoughts on where to start troubleshooting?

Digging it in Alpine CA (San Diego)
65 110 Convertible purchased 6/17
Dreaming to own a Corvair since I was 14 (45 years ago)
71 496/M22/9" monster Camaro
70 350HP 350 4spd Corvette
Navy Submarine Veteran
4th Degree KofC
Proud Papa of twin boys and a US Marine Sgt.

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Re: Generator light
Posted by: cnicol ()
Date: October 11, 2017 06:11AM

First, check to make sure the key is in the vertical position. Many times the key is in the "left" (Accessory) position and that will cause illumination of the GEN light.

Next in line is the voltage regulator. Remove the cover and make sure all the relays can be moved freely. A stuck relay will light the GEN light.

Another possibility is a bad positive diode in the alternator. If one is shorted, a side effect is the illumination of the GEN light (and a dead battery after an overnight). Simply unplug the alternator and see if the light goes off.

Give these things a try and let us know what you find.

Craig N. Coeur d'Alene ID.
66 Black Monza 4dr, 4.2L V8 49k
61 Seamist Jade Rampside 140 PG
60 Monza coupe (sold, sniff sniff)
66 Sprint Corsa convt - First car! Re-purchased 43 years later
2+2 gnatsuM 5691

+17 Tons of parts

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Re: Generator light
Posted by: vairmech ()
Date: October 11, 2017 12:04PM

My bet is on the key position. All the way to the left is NOT off! As Craig mentioned. Make sure of the key position before you do anything.
The simple way to do that is to turn the key to the start position and feel the spring let it return then go one click towards the left or CCW, that is OFF. One more click to the left is the ACCY position and the GEN light will glow. Keep in mind that someone may have twisted the switch in the hole.

If all is well there then finish troubleshooting as Craig mentioned.

Ken Hand
Handy Car Care
248 613 8586

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