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Weatherstripping the doors in a Greenbrier
Posted by: Andrew B ()
Date: April 17, 2017 08:06PM

Today I tested the seals in a moonroof that a previous owner had installed.
The leak was pretty small in the moonroof between the glass and the frame but the doors were another story. I found that both front doors and the rear doors leaked alot!

Rear Doors
First off, the right rear door doesn't close 100% flush. I tried adjusting the hinges by loosening the bolts inside the van frame and it helped a little. I adjusted the latch on the left door to make it close a little more snug. It just stands out a little. I don't know if it is now within acceptable limits. I noticed that the weather stripping in the left door was installed different than the one on the right. (see pics)

Top corner of left rear door.

Top corner of right rear door

Neither doors weatherstrip hits the center. You can daylight in the middle.

I wonder if the right door weatherstrip was installed that way on purpose because it does not close as flush as the left door OR it is contributing to the door not being able to close flush.

Side Doors
I didn't see water here but I did notice two types of weatherstripping here.

Side door left- heavy felt type weather strip

Side door right

I was going to order new weatherstripping for both rear doors and some adhesive from Clark's.

Any suggestions, hints or tips?

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Re: Weatherstripping the doors in a Greenbrier
Posted by: corventure Dave ()
Date: April 18, 2017 02:15PM

Looks to me like the picture of the Right rear door has the front cab door gasket or seal glued in place.
The front passenger and drivers door seals have a lip that goes over the body lip of the door opening.
The side and rear door gaskets glue to the doors. These have a square side that fits the door and is where adhesive is applied. The rounded edge of the gasket contacts the door frame to seal the opening.

I would remove the old gaskets from your doors and again try to align the doors for fit. After the doors are fit properly, I would then install the gasket seals.
The new gasket seals will fit tight and may even make the doors hard to close... until they squeeze into place and take a set.
I have found that adjusting the doors to make the gaskets seal, will only require readjusting the doors later and after the gaskets take a set.
I like nice fitting doors first with my projects.
smileys with beer
Corventure Dave

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Re: Weatherstripping the doors in a Greenbrier
Posted by: Andrew B ()
Date: April 18, 2017 06:39PM

Thanks Dave. I made an order with Clark's. I will update this thread with my progress.


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