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Brand-New Greenbriers
Posted by: WhenIm64 ()
Date: March 20, 2017 01:18PM

The following two-part article appeared in the newsletter that I produce for my local club, NJACE. I know that these models have been discussed previously, but I thought the CCF audience might enjoy the side-by-side comparison. The photos appear after the text. –Bob

Brand-New Corvair Greenbriers,
Delivered to Your Door

Part 1, by Tim Schwartz

Recently I purchased the 1:43 scale model of the Chevrolet Greenbrier DeLuxe van from Brooklin Models, catalog number BRK213. £112.49 on their web site (around $140 at this writing).

The first thing that impresses is the weight of the model as you take it out of the box. 1:43 scale means it is about 4.125 inches (10.5cm) long 1.5 inches (4cm) tall and 1.625 inches (4.2cm) wide, yet it weighs nearly a full pound at 14 ounces (395g) The overall paint finish is better than most real Greenbriers likely had when they left the factory.

The attention to detail is very good, though not perfect. The Greenbrier emblems are in the correct place on the front and rear doors, but body colored, not chrome. The gas cap and taillights stick out too far from the body. The rear center bumper bolt is missing, as are all of the black rubber bumpers that prevent the doors from hitting the body when opened fully. The engine air intake grills are there, but almost impossible to see.

While the van thankfully wears black wall tires, the bowtie logos on the hubcaps are not painted red, and the shape of the bowties is a bit off. There is virtually no detail below the bumpers. The cooling air exit grill is not present, and the undercarriage is not detailed at all.

The interior is represented, but there are errors. The dash board is all chrome, the steering wheel is at the wrong angle and the seats are a solid red, though the lines for a correct 1962 DeLuxe pattern are present. The side panels are simply white textured plastic panels, and cover the rear cargo doors, something I wish Chevrolet had done, but did not.

Overall I'm very pleased with my purchase, in spite of its faults a serious effort was made to offer a quality product, and it is made in England!

Part 2, by Bob Marlow

In 2015 I sold the Greenbrier that had been in my family for 49 years, and since then I've wanted to get another one. So in December, I did.

I bought a Greenbrier very similar to the one Tim described above, except that it is apparently of Chinese manufacture and is being offered under the brand name NEO.

When compared side-by-side with Tim's, as he and I did recently, mine is fractionally smaller even though both are billed as 1:43-scale, and mine has nowhere near the heft of Tim's. For this latter fact, there is an easy explanation: Tim's is die-cast, while mine is resin-cast.

The detail on mine appears to be that of a 1965 deluxe Greenbrier, although the interior is beige which was never offered in a red van. The miniature license plates are the 1964 New York "World's Fair" style. The exterior mirrors replicate aftermarket, not GM, mirrors, but given that there are no outside mirrors at all on Tim's model I have no complaints.

In fact, I have no complaints at all. The NEO Greenbrier comes in a nifty little display case, has what I consider to be better overall detailing than the Brooklin model, and is priced lower. The only thing that would make it better in my eyes would be if it was turquoise rather than red. I dislike turquoise, but my family Greenbrier was turquoise.

There is, therefore, a touch of irony in the other model I purchased along with this Greenbrier: NEO's corresponding Rampside model. It's turquoise, like my former full-scale Greenbrier, while my life-size Rampside is red.

I ordered them from American Excellence, a US-based distributor who shipped them to me promptly from US stock.

I own a fair number of scale model cars, primarily because I am not Jay Leno. I have neither the means nor the garage space for the real thing. I buy only models of cars that I would like to own in the full-size version, which is why I have models of cars such as a Chrysler Airflow, a step-down Hudson, and two Indycars but no Mustangs or Corvettes. The NEO Greenbrier and Rampside are worthwhile additions to my collection.



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Re: Brand-New Greenbriers
Posted by: corventure Dave ()
Date: March 21, 2017 07:50AM

Great comparison. Thanks.
It's fun to have a fleet of vintage cars.... that all fit in a display case!

smileys with beer

Corventure Dave

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