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Re: What's the advantage of recurving a corvair distributor .
Posted by: upnorth1 ()
Date: April 19, 2017 08:55PM

Perhaps slightly off topic but within the realm of electronic distributor:

I have a 140 PG ad want to put an electronic dizzy in. Honestly I didnt purchase it from Seth, thats why I cant ask him. But I did pay way bunch less on clearance, thats why I bought it, factory sealed new and unused.

I have learned that I need to use the lightest springs on it, but are there any other changes which would help it. which thickness sleeve should I use?

what mods are needed to use a regular dist.cap? I'm not going to race,but would like as good mildly hot runner.

Thanks for the help!

Chaplain Bob

Chaplain Bob
135 miles from Canada

1961 Loadside 95hp. 30 over bored and stroked. 145 block, 165 heads 4 speed
1966 Corsa clone 140 4 speed, 30 over.
1966 4 door 110 pg soon to return to factory 140 PG

DON'T mess with Old Men, we didn't get old by being, STUPID!!!

\/ this is a half mile from my house... \/

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