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San Diego Auto Swap/Car Show
Posted by: Vince Stroud ()
Date: March 06, 2005 08:56PM

All, there is a show/swap meet at Grossmont College in San Diego on March 20th. Anyone planning on going? I was thinking about taking my beast out and showing it off, it'd be cool to have some other support when the people start saying, "I don't want to park next to that thing, I might slip in the oil slick pouring from beneath of it!" or "Stand back, those cars spontaneously flip over with no warning!"

Seriously though, if the weather is nice, it'd be cool to get our cars out.. people keep saying that there's no interest in them from the "mainstream" car hobby, this is a perfect chance to knock the dust off of them and invade the normal muscle car/street rod contingent that normally populates these events. Registration is only $15 to show or sell.

Here's the website: []


Re: San Diego Auto Swap/Car Show
Posted by: Matt Nall ()
Date: March 06, 2005 09:41PM

Did you go to the Big 3 Swapmeet this year? at Qualcomm?

Re: San Diego Auto Swap/Car Show
Posted by: "UNSAFE" ()
Date: March 06, 2005 11:18PM

I recommend taking your Corvair to the show even if you don't have "other support.

I have had my my car in non-Corvair shows and it draws more attention than the big boys.

Everyone that was alive in the 60s will have a Corvair story to tell you, (first date,college,oil leak,etc) and most people really enjoyed their Corvairs.

There will of course be a few misinformed (or not) folks that will tell you about how the motors catch on fire or about how they roll over or the motors fall out,etc..

One thing for sure is that the fan belt will draw more attention than most everything else's whole car.

Go for it !!



Re: San Diego Auto Swap/Car Show
Posted by: Vince Stroud ()
Date: March 07, 2005 05:05AM


I didn't go, I wasn't even aware that there was such a thing untill last night. sad smiley Oh well.

Unsafe: I am going to go, but I figured I'd try and get some other people to go as well. What car show were those pictures taken at? I can't imagine them letting in an oil leaking Corvair into a nice clean building winking smiley


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