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Recommendations for posting questions
Posted by: Larry Forman ()
Date: March 05, 2005 10:04PM

Hi all,
I have been thinking for some time of posting some concerns and suggestions or guidelines about posted questions. While we all have gained a ton of good information and sharing of Corvairs here, there is always room for improvement. I saw a software and driver forum that posted some guidelines and was thinking of adapting some of those and recommend them here. Maybe I'll do more later, but here are here are some of my initial thoughts:
1. Posting just because you are curious. While this might be educational for you, I have seen some posts with no real application intended or problem identified, just a curiosity. This tends to discourage those people who think that the poster really had some problem they were intending to fix when they find out the background.
2. Posting with subject lines like: "HELP!", or "a parts question", or "please help with this problem (or part)", and the like. It sure helps all of us to be as descriptive as possible when posting both a question as well as a reply. It helps to reduce the amount of "data smog". Same goes for changing the subject line as the subject morphs into other areas.
3. Posting here for EVERYTHING when there is SO MUCH MORE that can be found with a simple "" search. The advantages of google searches is that many of the common questions have answers already well established. And for those, after someone does a little researching, their questions can be much more specific and of considerably more value to everyone than one like "how do I synchronize and balance the carbs?"
4. Use the Search function here before posting a question. This is because most of the common newbie questions have been answered many times before. Just search for a couple of key words related to the question you are thinking of posting. As above, this research and information will help either answer the question for you immediately, or it will help you refine and define the specifics of your question.
5. This leads to a pet peeve of mine: not checking (or even having) the required references for your car. Specifically, the shop manual. If you are going to own a Corvair, please consider the appropriate shop manual and supplement a prerequisite to wrenching on your car. Then USE it!
6. As everyone here knows, I strongly recommend people have more than the basic shop manual and that would include the CORSA Tech Guide with supplement and one or more of the highly recommended Corvair books, like CORSA's Corvair Basics book (complete with CD-ROM) or Bob Helt's "Classic Corvair", or others. I seem to see that about 90% of the questions newbies ask are very well explained in one or more of those. Besides, people get tired of hearing me say "It's in the ..."

Please consider these suggestions to help improve an already great Corvair technical resource.

-- Larry

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Larry's New Forum
Posted by: Chet Reed ()
Date: March 05, 2005 10:51PM

I don't know about you, but I really do not mind answering questions.... even if the questions have been posted before. As for the Guide Book, most newbies have no idea the book exsists and I am quite certain they've used some method of searching the web to locate this Forum. Archives are useful if you know what you're looking for and most new Corvair owners would rather have an immediate answer.
What you're proposing is guidelines and rules that seem to suit your taste.... this isn't Virtual Vairs nor the Communique. This Forum would eventially lack new 'voices' if strict guidelines were adhered to. Besides, I'm rather fond of the Forum just the way it is.
If there is room for improvement, allow Royce be the first to announce any changes.

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Re: Larry's New Forum
Posted by: ccvair ()
Date: March 06, 2005 02:13AM

Yep im Chet on this one.Alot of guys are new with corvairs and are not (old) hands with theses cars.Yes I also think V.V. is a bit full of its own self with some of the popmpus attitude in there. This is a free and open forum and some people just may be a bit new to search engines and computors in general. You have to remember we were new many times in our own lives,so I cut new posters alot of slack. Were not all experts but shooting down newbs even not directly isnt goin to help draw in new corvair owners. any young or older person new to this game needs all the free help they can get . And my opinion this is the best place to get it.Well im putting my soap box away, gooday??

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Re: Recommendations for posting questions
Posted by: Ronnie Tinkham ()
Date: March 06, 2005 04:32AM

I have to agree with the others.

Opinions and answers change too. The answer to a question last year, may have a new/better answer for it now. If we agree to the new guidlines, IMO, why have the forum open? I am very happy witht he way it is. This is why I come here. winking smiley

Thanks for the space, off my soapbox too.

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Re: Larry's New Forum
Posted by: mike burnash ()
Date: March 06, 2005 04:33AM

Hi everyone, I would just like say that not only am I a newbie, I could probly be considered a NEW born as we've only had the vair for about a month. The car needs extensive work and when we brought the car home we new absolutely zip! i have done extetensive "searching" on the net and have been to most all other corvair sights (corsa, V.V. yahoo groups, airheads, ect.) and i must honestly say I have found this site to be my main tool when I have a question. I have found the members here to be friendly, helpful, courteous, and MOST tolerant of Us who know little or nothing. We have the shop manual as well as corvair basics, how to keep corvair alive, and the corsa tech guide, and we have used the search option here as well, but sometimes even with all these references along with being new to all this the answer just wont seem to jump out even if it would seem to be obvious to those in the know. So please consider this a plea to continue this forum with the option for members to help us newborns and please except this thank you to all of you who have helped us in the past. thanks Mike

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Re: Recommendations for posting questions
Posted by: David Bugea ()
Date: March 06, 2005 08:20AM

I can see Larry's points, but part of what keeps this forum alive (and people like us coming back frequently) is that there is activity, which is something one can't say for all Corvair forums.

Having said that, I will admit that it is amusing to see some of the posts that ask things such as, "How do I remove the headlight switch?" when most of us know that this is in the shop manual. The typical response to this is that the poster doesn't want to invest in the manual.

While I understand that people have priorities (such as milk for their kids) the shop manual is an absolutely essential part of Corvair ownership, much like gasoline, liability insurance or a set of working headlights. This is especially the case since we're driving cars that are totally foreign to most people who are familiar with front-engined water pumpers.

So let's keep this in perspective: We're Corvair owners, so giving friendly answers to even the common questions is part of our common bond!

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Re: Recommendations for posting questions
Posted by: "UNSAFE" ()
Date: March 06, 2005 01:02PM

Larry F. wrote >>>I have been thinking for some time of posting some concerns and suggestions or guidelines about posted questions<<<

Personally I like the forum the way it is and MOST of the people on this list are very considerate of others. I am opposed to imposing rules on this forum as long as it keeps working as smoothly as it has been.

Sure, some people ask questions that may seem silly to others , but if they are sincere I don't mind helping.

Books, I have them all and agree that they are very useful but sometimes a simple question on this forum can save a lot of time searching thru my library, especially when in the middle of a project with greasy hands!

If we all only used Google, the shop manual and the tech guide , I guess we wouldn't even need this forum.

A few definations of forum----A public meeting place for open discussion. ----
A medium of open discussion or voicing of ideas

The Fastvair Forum has so many rules now that I'm afraid to even post there and the moderator is giving out written protocol warnings on a monthly basis.!

I would like to see some people be a little more specific in their posts when asking ?s and not see so many one line posts, but, oh well.

Just my .02

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My posting recomendations
Posted by: Harry Moore ()
Date: March 06, 2005 02:04PM

I read EVERY post (a wierd anal thingy), and usualy don't give to much advice b/c I don't know very much about alot of things. BUT, I think it would be helpful if, when posting, the poster gives the needed information. Such as, year, make, model, engine size or engine year, what has the person tried, any mods.
These just help to determine the problem and it helps the poster to know/understand the car. Sadly, I have heard many people who own a corvair call there 140 a turbo, there early engine a late engine, ther monza a corsa or spyder ect.
As far as rules and guidlines, I like the one of updating a response subject line as the post grows. If you talk about a wheel cyclinder, then put that in the subject line.
For me, none of these suggestions will make a difference b/c I still read every post.
Harry Moore

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Re: Recommendations for posting questions
Posted by: Rick Loving ()
Date: March 06, 2005 05:11PM

I own almost every Corvair book I have ever stumbled upon. I own every Corsa Communique and Quarterly since 1st the Preliminary newletter. I have several thousand JPEG images for reference and have bookmarked almost every web site I have ever found with Corvair info.

My problem is I often suffer from C.R.S. (Can't remember S$$t) I sometimes find it easier to post a quick question that someone may know off the top of their head so I don't have to spend several hours digging and scanning thru tons of literature and articles.

I am on VV, FV, and check Corvair Central daily, but find Corvair Center the best of all of them.

Right now I say, if it ain't broke don't fix it....but everyone should do their part to post good honest questions with descriptive subject lines and not clutter up the site with random humor or non-relivant posts like what are so common on VV.

Rick Loving

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Re: Recommendations for posting questions
Posted by: Jeffrey Davis ()
Date: March 07, 2005 10:04AM

I am a relative newb, but I'll tend to agree with Larry. Not sure about rules, but it's not such a stretch to "suggest" these things from time to time. One of the first things I did even before purchasing a vair was join VV, get the Corvair Basics book and read. I got the shop manual and supplement almost immediately. Oddly, I've heard over and over about the "tech guide" but didn't know where to find it until it was posted in this forum. Those are great suggestions, and make much sense.

I also agree with thread titles. Keep em as specific as possible. But please don't remind me I said that when I create a "HELP!" thread *grin*

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Re: Recommendations for posting questions
Posted by: Tom C ()
Date: March 07, 2005 11:24AM


I'm a newbie to the Corvair scene (I've owned my Corvair less than a month), and yes, I'll admit that some of the questions probably could be answered by looking in the Shop Manuals, Tech guides etc.

I'll even fess up to being the one who asked the question "How do I remove the headlight switch?"

David, I agree and most of us know that the information we need is in the shop manual. What I disagree with and take offense to is when you say

"The typical response to this is that the poster doesn't want to invest in the manual."

What you have to realize is that most of us don't buy these resources before we buy the cars. I've lost 3 ebay auctions for Shop Manuals so far (I'm cheap, I admit it), and I've mailed off for the Tech guide and supplement, but that is 4 to 6 weeks away once CORSA processes my order. I'll be the first to admit that I probably ask too many questions, but how else am I going to get the answers before my manuals arrive.

Tom C.

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Re: Recommendations for posting questions
Posted by: Ron T ()
Date: March 07, 2005 12:38PM

Ah Yes this topic again. I think this forum is great and Hats off to all the people who patiently answer the questions over and over again. The first thing I told the guys I was training into the heating field was THERE IS NO DUMB QUESTIONS!! only stupid answers. I have a library of books but sometimes I don't understand what they are saying. Thats when it's nice to ask someone to explain it to me. An old wise man once told me if ya don't wanna haircut, don't go to a barber. Think about that!!
Again Thanks!!!!
Ron T

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Re: Recommendations for posting questions
Posted by: DonE ()
Date: March 07, 2005 01:41PM

I am an infrequent poster to this forum but I read it every chance I get which is close to daily. I find this is the very best Corvair forum that I have ever used. Please do not change it.

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Tom, you're right!
Posted by: David Bugea ()
Date: March 07, 2005 02:27PM

You're correct, and I meant no offense. In your case, you have every intention of buying a manual, just as I did AFTER I bought my car.

But we have seen some guys on this board who expect us to explain in detail how to remove an engine. It's one thing to say that you're stuck and you can't get past a certain point in the process; it's quite another to expect someone to post copyrighted material step by step, from "disconnect the battery" to "lower the jack to drop the powerplant below the car."

Just my two cents...and I do post advice, most of which I learned from mistakes that are NOT covered in the dozens of manuals, tech guides and other books that many of us own!

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Re: Recommendations for posting questions
Posted by: Dan ()
Date: March 07, 2005 06:30PM

When I started looking for info on 'Vairs I did a search and first went to Corvair Central. It seemed allright, but I wanted to "shop around" to see if there was something better. I went back to the search and came here. Immediately I knew I had found home!
My two cents worth.

P.S. I have searched several times for something even remotely similar for my 62 Skylark 'vert and am disappointed in every one I've found.

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Best Forum on the WEB
Posted by: Paul A. DeVaughn ()
Date: March 08, 2005 11:43AM

This is not just the best Corvair Forum, its the best forum I've found for anything.

The only rule (not really a rule) I agree with, is to give your post a subject line that means something to potential readers.

I would consider a link to frequently asked questions (FAQs). A generic answer to common questions (possible cut & past from past posts), with the ability to search that FAQ topic with the search engine.

People can immediately find many answers, and still have the option to post their question, if their needs were not met or possible new improvements have evolved.

2 more cents in the change pile


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Re: Recommendations for posting questions
Posted by: Royce Hildreth ()
Date: March 08, 2005 07:59PM

First I want to thank you all for the kind words about this forum. I plan on printing then and reading them in the meeting on Thursday.

I agree with everyone that this forum is strong because of the content and the people that provide the content. I think everyone does a pretty good job of keeping the content Corvair related. Yes there are the occasional OT (off topic) however I do not see it causing any problems at this time. Larry I appreciate and value your input however, like the others, I feel this forum works best as an open Forum. If issues arise then I will deal with them individually. I, and I am sure I can speak for others, always appreciate all the help you provide here on CC and hope you continue to be as active as you always are.

Tom C. thanks for fussing up about the headlight switch, however please never feel discouraged to ask any type of question. Yes sometime you can find an answer in a tech guide or manual however I know from experience you will always get better and more thorough answers here. When Jim Stansburry (Pres. of SD Corvair Club) and I pitched, taking over CC to our members we sold it as being not just another place for Corvair enthusiasts to find answers but the BEST place with the most knowledgeable members providing the content.

I know I am going a little against the grain but please never discourage others to go find the answer in a manual or other resource. If you would rather not reply for the 4th time then move onto the next subject and let someone else assist with their knowledge.

Thanks again for all the nice things said and keep up the communication.


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Good comments
Posted by: Larry Forman ()
Date: March 08, 2005 10:19PM

Hi guys,
OK, good comments all around. As someone said, "If it's not broken, why fix it? HEY, this IS a CAR forum, Just WHO in their right mind, as a car guy, would ever say that?? LOL.

-- Larry

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