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How are Clarks rebuilt Carbs? What about Wolfs?
Posted by: Tom C ()
Date: February 28, 2005 07:08AM

I drove my vair to work for the first time today. I was just showing the car to a buddy of mine in the parking lot when I noticed some wetness around the passenger side carb on the engine tin. Yep, it is fuel. Now for the question?

I know it is less expensive to buy a carberator kit and redo it your self. I'm wondering about Clarks rebuilt carbs since they are $60 after exchange? Has anyone used one? Are they good rebuilds? Would you buy 2 so both are in rebuilt condition, or could you just buy one? Are Wolf's a better rebuild?


Tom C

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Re: How are Clarks rebuilt Carbs? What about Wolfs?
Posted by: Phil Fairman ()
Date: February 28, 2005 07:51AM


Yes, you can rebuild your own carbs, many have done so successfully. That being a given, I have a set of Grant Young's carbs on my '66, and can only reflect my experience and that of those who have also used carbs from Wolf Enterprises: In a word-Excellent! Grant's carbs are as close as you will get to a new carb, both in terms of performance and appearance. Grant also can offer upgrades and re-jetting (I went to 53's ) Give him a call and discuss options. He offers quick service and stands behind his products. Clark's offers good, workmanlike rebuilds, have had no experience with them, but they stand behind their stuff as well, however, as much as I like Clark's and have spent thousands of dollars with them, when it comes to carbs, I prefer Grant's work...thats all he does-carbs. Phone number is 352-588-0645 or 0967, and email is website:
He also offers premium rebuilds as well as a re-usable stainless steel replacement for the sintered inlet filters on your carbs. Visit his website, then give him a call.

Phil Fairman
'66 Monza 110/pg

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Re: How are Clarks rebuilt Carbs? What about Wolfs?
Posted by: Bill Elliott ()
Date: February 28, 2005 08:07AM

Ditto. Consider me another huge Grant fan.

Though Corvair carbs are among the easiest to rebuild (and I've always built my own), I sent my 4bbl carbs to Grant for a rebuild. I was so impressed with his workmanship that I decided to try a set of his Corvair carbs. I was not disappointed and will now let him build all of my carbs for me.

He also stands behind his work... important because when you deal with 40 year old (often abused) parts, you are going to have some level of defects no matter how skilled the build.

I do like the idea of matched pairs, however, so if you have original carbs on your car, I would have him rebuld those as a pait instead of taking two general rebuilds and sending him your carbs as cores.

To be fair, I have never used a set of Clarks rebuilds, so can offer no advice or comparison there.


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Re: How are Clarks rebuilt Carbs? What about Wolfs?
Posted by: David Clamp ()
Date: February 28, 2005 10:21AM

I haven't tried Clarks carbs, so I can't give you any input there. I have used Grant's carbs and they worked great. I had a set of really worn out carbs on my 140....throttle shafts so worn that I couldn't get a predictable idle. I placed a set of Grant's on there and it was like I had a new engine.

This weekend, I installed a centermount 4 bbl from Grant. It also seems to run great, but I've only put about 10 miles on it so far. His kit included the clear sight glass on the fuel bowls and the thermistor for the electric choke so that it functions with engine temp instead of time. While my stock carbs still ran good, this set-up seemed to improve top end performance. There is some hesitaion below 2000 rpm, but so far seems to work really well.

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Re: Wolf's accolade.....
Posted by: Robert Hawley ()
Date: February 28, 2005 10:44AM

I am another fan of Grant's rebuild service. I sent him the "original" YH carb from my low mileage Spyder - which wouldn't run well or accelerate. Through his expertise it was discovered that the carb had an internal casting flaw and threads that had been stripped - things I might have overlooked. He was willing to use the Clark's rebuild kit which I had previously purchased. After the repairs, rebuild and repaint the carb now looks and runs great - highly recommended.

I have had no experience with Clark's rebuild services, but do support them for parts.

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What about Wolfs? Devil's Advocate!
Posted by: "UNSAFE" ()
Date: February 28, 2005 12:25PM

I don't mean to rain on anyones parade here but,

I got a Holley carb from the carbmeister that was JUNK.

It had the wrong body gasket in it and the throttle plates could not even open or close. I did receive the right gasket and an apology a week or so later.

It leaked fuel at both bowls due to loose screws.

the floats were way out of adjustment.

The phony looking "factory finish" was just spray paint that comes off.

I ended up not using it and put my trusty old Edelbrock back on.

These are just my personal experiences and not meant to "slam" anyone.

The carb was for my Vette and I traded him a nice SU. carb and manifold set-up for a 140. Pictured

Maybe I just have bad luck.

Just my.02


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Re: What about Wolfs? Devil's Advocate!
Posted by: David Clamp ()
Date: February 28, 2005 12:31PM

It just goes to show that nobody is perfect. I have done business with Larry's Corvair Parts, Clarks, Corvair Underground, Grant, and American-Pi and had good luck with all of them. But, I am sure there are horror stories for all of them as well.

I think all of the Corvair vendors out there strive to provide us with quality parts and service, but will occasionally drop the ball.

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Re: How are Clarks rebuilt Carbs? What about Wolfs?
Posted by: DonE ()
Date: March 01, 2005 07:14PM

I can't vouch for any of the vendors carbs but I have seen many passenger side carbs that leak some gas because the fuel line to that carb loosens at the big fitting on the carb. Try tightening the 1" nut on the carb and then tighten the fitting on the fuel line while bearing down on the fuel line. This will preload the fitting and keeep it tight. This is only true for the passenger side carb. The drivers side carb doesn't have the same problem.

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