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Re: FC Fire Dept Truck Restoration
Posted by: SteveInMarietta ()
Date: July 14, 2017 08:20PM

Another milestone!

The last of the exterior paint has be removed and the entire exterior of the Firebrier is now primed.

After finishing the doors, I wrapped up stripping the rest of the cab. There were a few areas that needed body work - a couple days work - but nothing major. The final assessment is always done after the high build primer is applied. Hopefully sanding is adequate to remove defect, but if not, a little filler, resanding and then repriming will do the job. Considering how damaged were the corner pieces (describe previously), it was a relief that below the bumper the front body panel was in excellent condition, like new!

The inside of the cowl had lots of overspray, and I have gone ahead and replicated it now, masking the gas heater cover panel, which was (and is) black. This way when the exterior is painted at the shop, they can simply just mask of the cowl.

Answer to questions from previous post...

Mudwasp question: B-35, EXCEPT... - found another one, so count sits at 36.

Intractable door bolt problem: I used my beloved Smith Mini-Torch!

I used a tiny, but white-hot flame directed through the hole directly onto the bolt head. When it was red hot, I immediately squirted water to rapidly chill it - the temperature shock freed the threads, and it easily came out with a screwdriver.


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Re: FC Fire Dept Truck Restoration
Posted by: cad-kid ()
Date: July 16, 2017 05:09PM

Awesome job, thank you for sharing the journey with us.

Jeremy (cad-kid)
Kronenwetter, WI (Central Wisconsin)
CORSA Member#031129
SOLD-9-2016 65 Monza 4spd/140
My 65 Monza thread
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Re: FC Fire Dept Truck Restoration
Posted by: SteveInMarietta ()
Date: July 23, 2017 06:53PM

Progress and almost a major screw-up!

The side window lower sashes have been cleaned up:

Overall they were in pretty good condition, little rust, and the setting tape and rain guard weather strip were still pliable. After stripping the remnants of the original paint and wire wheeling off any rust, everything was masked. The sashes were primed (self-etching) and then painted gloss black. Done, but the windows will not be reinstalled until after the exterior is painted.

The windshield wiper linkage rods also are also refreshed. The pivots were originally galvanized (or tern coated?), and they're now painted with Rustoleum matte nickel, which I used for all similar metal parts. The linkage rods are painted gloss black.

If there's a trick to reinstalling these wiper assemblies please share it, because I find this really difficult, and inevitably involves dropping a screw or two into the black hole of the front cowl space!

All the doors have been temporarily reinstalled so that alignment and spacing can be established:

Alignment of most of the doors was still pretty good, but these left side intermediate doors needed a lot of work. As it arrived, the lower hinge of the forward door was damaged. Someone had drilled out the pin and replaced it with something resembling a large nail. The hinge was restored with NOS replacement hinge leaf, bushings and pin. That was essential, but a lot more work was needed - I took a tip from assembly plant lore and used my HF press to bend the hinges. This worked remarkably well, and only slight bending was needed to get good alignment and gaps. Oh, those are foam insulation boards I've cut to fit the windows to keep dust out.

I often have a knack for doing exactly what I don't intend, which happened last week. A few days ago I installed the instrument panel to test starting the engine with the ignition switch as well as the engine indicator lights. Low and behold, the generator light stayed on! This was a real bummer. I had confidence in the 35 Amp LCI generator, which Ken Hand had rebuilt and tested, but I had not previously tested the rare NOS regulator that I had acquired on ebay. Well, I soon realized that when I had reinstalled the regulator the previous week, I had reversed the wires going to the BAT and F connectors (what a dummy!). The long-shot solution of simply connecting the wires correctly didn't work, and I feared I had ruined the regulator. And I nearly had:

This junction between the Field connector and the current regulator had been fried. Figuring there was nothing to lose, I carefully rewelded together the ends of the metal plate, and it worked fine. The gen light goes out and a volt meter showed that the battery charges correctly.

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Re: FC Fire Dept Truck Restoration
Posted by: MattNall ()
Date: July 23, 2017 07:38PM

You got lucky!

Sea Mountain, between Charleston Harbor and Coos Bay! SW Oregon Coast
Click HERE for My Website...Click HERE for My TechPages!

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Re: FC Fire Dept Truck Restoration
Posted by: corventure Dave ()
Date: July 24, 2017 07:37AM

I have also had some momentary brain farts!!!

smileys with beer

Corventure Dave

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Re: FC Fire Dept Truck Restoration
Posted by: SteveInMarietta ()
Date: July 25, 2017 03:29PM

The Firebrier hits the road - well, the alley behind the house.

It's really tight pulling out of my garage. Doesn't help that my neighbor planted a tree right across from the door. I was having trouble finding first gear, kept going into reverse; mainly because position of gears is very different than for my '61 GB with the early style shifter. Drove fine, a little noisy - no door weatherstrips.

To the best of my knowledge, this is first time the Firebrier has been on the road in 22 years.

btw: As best I can tell, with the beacon light installed, there will be about 1" clearance of the door opening.

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Re: FC Fire Dept Truck Restoration
Posted by: 63vert ()
Date: July 25, 2017 03:33PM

👍🏻 I'm living vicariously through your posts..

Lockport, NY


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Re: FC Fire Dept Truck Restoration
Posted by: TIBCO ()
Date: July 25, 2017 06:02PM

Way to go Doc. Yeah, it's a little noisy on the outside as well. smoking smiley

Cliff Tibbitts
Lexington, KY
66 Monza, 140/4sp

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Re: FC Fire Dept Truck Restoration
Posted by: The Stig ()
Date: July 25, 2017 06:32PM

Cool!! Great work!

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Re: FC Fire Dept Truck Restoration
Posted by: igottajob2 ()
Date: July 26, 2017 06:00AM

WELL DONE!!!!!!! smileys with beer


1965 500 Coupe

Built the 1st week of April of 65 at willow run.
500 coupe. The only factory accessory is a rear antenna.
White with a red interior.
Now black with black and red interior.

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Re: FC Fire Dept Truck Restoration
Posted by: corventure Dave ()
Date: July 26, 2017 01:15PM

Oh what fun!thumbs up
I did the same during my Rampside project. Drove around the block a few times... no glass, no trim, no weather strips, no lights....
Weeee!smiling bouncing smiley

smileys with beer

Corventure Dave

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Re: FC Fire Dept Truck Restoration
Posted by: SteveInMarietta ()
Date: August 10, 2017 04:42PM

OT side bar: Back from a week down the Jersey shore! A lovely time in Ocean Grove, even for someone who prefers to avoid the sun. (o us native Jersey-ites, (even one now in OH) one goes "down the shore" not "to the beach"; and only to native Jersey-ites does it matter if you're from north jersey vs south Jersey.

But back in the Ohio... headlight assemblies are ready for reinstallation when the time comes.

The original headlight buckets were rusted beyond repair, and Mike Deklotz was able to provide nice CA replacements. They were thoroughly stripped, primed and painted with gloss black enamel. Mike was kind enough to provide all new adjusters, and I replaced one spring.

Replacement headlight harnesses came from Clarks, as did the directional/parking light harnesses. But replacing the sockets was more work than expected. Here's the back end of the directional light socket restored with the proper boot...

... but I wish I had read Jack Bacon's thread about his headlight socket repair to completion. I too discovered the hard way that the C6172 replacement sockets that Clarks sells for the taillights don't work for the front directionals. But that was that was just one of the problems.

The FC directional/parking light harness that Clarks sells (C9752P) has a couple of issues, which was surprising since it's manufactured by M & H, from whom I've always gotten quality harnesses in the past. As you can see that boot looks nothing at all like the original. Since Clarks' FC tail light wiring replacement harness (C5733T) comes with the correct boot, I decided to use those boots instead. Then I ran into the second problem, the metal tangs of the C9257P socket simply snapped off when I tried to peen them over. (I've reported this to Clarks and they are looking into it, and they compensated for the problem.) So I decided to use Clarks replacement taillight sockets (C6172) instead, and it wasn't until I had everything done that I discovered (as did Jack) that the bulbs wouldn't seat. As best I can tell, the problem is not the length of the housing per se, rather, the thickness of the socket rim and the recessed hole into which it fits conspire to prevent the the bulb from seating. So everything was dissasembled, and I substituted AutoZone 1157 bulb replacement sockets; the tangs on these also peened over and the bulbs seated just fine.

Part of the hassle in redoing everything was the need to carefully solder the wires from the C5733T harness directly to the contacts in the bulb socket. I did not want to have splices in the wires. And this had to be undone to remove the sockets.

I can attest that the hassle factor is compounded exponentially by finally getting the wires soldered on and forgetting to first pass the wires through the boot as well as through a small brass sleeve and the spring that are parts of the contact assemble. UGH!

Thanks to Jim Brandberg for working out a trade for the T3 bulbs I needed.


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Re: FC Fire Dept Truck Restoration
Posted by: jack bacon ()
Date: August 11, 2017 09:37PM

Nice job on the light sockets Steve! I did the same thing and found my 1157 sockets at Advance Auto Parts and they worked great!


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