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Followup on "Here's the Go"
Posted by: GaryHoffman ()
Date: February 18, 2005 09:17PM


Thanks for the helpful hints on the oil filler tube caps; the guys at CarQuest found one that has a nipple on the side, so I can run a hose to a PCV in an aircleaner housing. The cap is even Chrome (Part no. 36005 if anyone needs the number; only cost $8.50).

The bad news is that it is listed as a Ford Part ...... shhhhhh.... don't tell anyone I have a Ford part on my Corvair!

Gary Hoffman

p.s. I had to start a new caption series, because I thought it would be inappropriate to use the work "nipple" in the same series where the word "Hooters" appeared.

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Re: Followup on "Here's the Go"
Posted by: Matt Nall ()
Date: February 19, 2005 06:11PM

Gary...there are 2 parts to a Positive Crankcase Ventilation system

The part you bought is the KV hose [ allows filtered air to enter engine ]

The PC valve / orifice needs to come from the Crankcase to the intake manifold [ constant full vacuum ]. But this requires the connection at the back of the block..and you MUSt have the oil separator inside to avoid sucking oil...or the Valve cover...sad smiley((

That's why Chet mentioned the PU can make your own...

weld a 3/8" NPT bung on the lower portion of the filler tube......with a "deflector" with holes coming from below the port...

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