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Carburators (What goes on what?)
Posted by: John L ()
Date: February 17, 2005 10:23AM

I have a bunch of carburators that I am trying to match up and some of them have tags and for the most the rest of them have none. I know that there are some numbers on the carburators but this tells me nothing. I do know that some of them have choke pull offs and some don't. I guess what I am asking is how do I determine what carb is for what year and model horse power rating. I am thinking venturi circuits have something to do with this. Also how can I find a list with the proper carb to correct car designation. I do have a GM repair manual with numbers in the back of the book on them. Also has anyone have any experinces with the replacement of all metal fuel inlet flow check valves that Clarks sells which goes in the bowl area in the carburator. There design replaces the stock setup to help prevent flooding.

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Some info
Posted by: Russell ()
Date: February 17, 2005 10:31AM

This is a little info on tags, but guess what? The best source is the Tech Guide!!!!!!

Gotcha Larry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Carburators (What goes on what?)
Posted by: Marco ()
Date: February 17, 2005 11:08AM

My Limited Knoweldge on external id is as follows -

1960's - Have no choke sytstem builit in to them , no vacuum break, no power valve, no bowl vent - Rochester H Carb

1961's - Have manual chokes system, no vacuum break, no power valve, no bowl vent, but has choke flapper - H Carb

1962's 63- Have vacuum pull,offs are automactic choke carbs, no power valve, no bowl vent - HV Carbs

1964's have vacuum pull offs, are automati chocke, no power valve, but has bowl vent (Bimetal spring at base of carb with rubber flaper) HV Carbs

1965's Have vacuum pull offs, are automatic chick, power valve, and bowl vent (small aluminumplug on side of carb covers hole where factory drilled to port for power valve on inside of fuel bowl)

1966's - 69 are same as 65's, but smog carbs have factroy adusted air bleed. If you look down throught of carb yo uwill see samll screw on one side near the discharge cluster. Also base of carb has a nocth in it as opposed to a smooth "Triangular Oval"

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Russell is RIGHT!
Posted by: Larry Forman ()
Date: February 17, 2005 04:52PM

Hi Russell,
DARN! Beat me to it, again!

You are quite right. John, if you purchase a copy of the Tech Guide and you will have your next three questions answered too! LOL. It is available from CORSA or most Corvair vendors for about $40 plus tax and shipping. WELL worth the investment.

The thing the guys here keep getting tired of hearing is that you can actually SAVE yourself a lot of money and time by having just a little of the knowledge contained in the CORSA Tech Guide. Just one little mistake that is avoided by using that guide has saved me a lot of frustration and time wasted.

One of my favorite tips is not a time or money saver, but is how to convert one of the Late model radio knobs into a key holder/handle so the ignition key matches and balances the lighter knob. People laugh when I ask them to go ahead and just turn on the engine. They sit and stare at the dash in wonder, then laugh when I pull out the ignition key and show it to them. Tons of fun!

-- Larry

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Re: Russell is RIGHT!
Posted by: "UNSAFE" ()
Date: February 17, 2005 05:36PM

Larry wrote

>>The thing the guys here keep getting tired of hearing is that----- <<<

Larry, I never get tired of hearing you "Thumping" the Tech guide. gg

For what it's worth, I do actually own an old copy !

Kevin Willson 65 Monza

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Thank Guys for your help! smiling smiley
Posted by: John L ()
Date: February 18, 2005 04:33AM

Thank Guys for your help! smiling smiley

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Tech Guide Scriptures
Posted by: Chet Reed ()
Date: February 18, 2005 12:31PM

Tech Guide is much like the Bible to some guys.... spread the word!

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Re: Some info
Posted by: Tom A ()
Date: February 22, 2005 08:36PM

Are these part #'s the numbers in the little circle on the bottom of the carb, or is that something else?



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Carb tags
Posted by: Larry Forman ()
Date: February 23, 2005 05:05PM

Hi Tom,
While I have not checked, I suspect those numbers are the stamped numbers on the metal carb tags attached to one of the upper carb screws. YES ... the ones that are NOT on your carbs, either. Someone likely removed them in a prior carb rebuild session.
-- Larry

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