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Re: LM Front Mount Battery Install Advice needed
Posted by: azdave ()
Date: December 05, 2014 01:06PM

Fast Eddie Wrote:
> Dave
> Where did you find the copper compression
> terminal?

Start with eBay but I even saw a version like that at my local WalMart. Jegs too.


Dave W. / Gilbert Arizona
66 Corsa 140 4-speed w/factory A/C
66 Corsa 140 4-speed
65 Corsa 140 4-speed
66 Corsa 455 Toro V8
65 Monza 455 Toro V8
65 Monza 110 Convertible
65 Monza 4DR 140 PG w/factory A/C
65 Monza 4DR EJ20T w/5-speed

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Re: LM Front Mount Battery Install Advice needed
Posted by: Willt65 ()
Date: October 28, 2017 03:57PM

I am also planning on a front mounted battery. Did I understand correctly that a 1 gauge wire is the size of choice for the positive to the starter?

Will Teeter
Flintstone, MD
65 Corsa project

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Re: LM Front Mount Battery Install Advice needed
Posted by: SoloCP ()
Date: October 28, 2017 04:50PM

Why are you wanting to mount the battery in the right front corner ?? My Autocross/Track car has the battery mount in the bottom of the trunk. You want the 35/40 pound battery mounted down low. I can not remember for sure but a Corvair running CP in SCCA has a minimum weight of 2050, (I think) ben awhile. We actually got the car below that weight and scaled the car then added weight to equalize the corner weights as much as possible. With Auto-X you want as close to possible corner weights for the best handling, this also includes front to back bias. but that is a whole nother game. I always have run posi's in my Corvair Auto-X. Some people my tell you not to run a rear sway bar. I done both, think it really depends on your other suspension mods and you driving style. Good luck Corvairs can be a hoot Auto-Xing.

AKA (Polyvairist)
Kansas City
Broken Halo Corvair Garage.
61 Lakewood
62 Monza aka (Flicka)
62 Rampside
63 700 Sedan 3 Speed
64 Spyder Coupe (Bill Pierson Car)
64 Monza Convertible,140/4 Speed,Electric Heat,Kelsey Hayes Wheels
64 Spyder Blown, (Dave Bolduc Car)
65 Corsa 3.1 Liter Triple Weber (aka Unsafe)
66 Corvair V8 SuperVair (Created by Archibald Evans)
66 Avenger, Corvair Turbo, Fuel Injected, Air to Water intercool 140. (Michael Mann Car)

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Re: LM Front Mount Battery Install Advice needed
Posted by: RexJohnson ()
Date: October 28, 2017 06:26PM

When I put the battery in the front of one of my cars I ran a short cable between the RH head and one of the spare tire bracket holes in the frame. Up front I welded a bolt to the frame close to where the battery was mounted. Steel might not conduct as good as copper but with all of that steel held together with all of those spot welds you will not have a problem with the ground. I believe Harbor Freight sells battery post crimpers that you hit with a hammer that work pretty well and a propane torch has more than enough heat to melt solder into the connecter. I would not use the battery end to the left in Dave's picture as I have had to clean and repair way to many of those in the past.

RJ tools

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