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Re: Dainer's Rampy Project
Posted by: corventure Dave ()
Date: May 11, 2022 07:27AM

I recently posted a topic in the general pots on this clicking sound I was suddenly getting with Dainer's Rampside. But I may as well add it here, as the saga continues.
Driving home from a Cars & Coffee gathering, I could hear a clicking sound coming from the Left side of the truck. This sounded much like the sound that the Early style wire wheel covers can make, but it was a bit louder than I remember. This sound only came when braking. Not when accelerating or driving steady.
I stopped for gas and checked the wheel covers. All were fine so I drove on home.

The Rampside went up on the EZ Car Lift for a closer inspection. The Right side, everything looked good. However on the Left side I found just a slight looseness in two of the u-joint cups in the axle yoke.With such low miles, I was surprised at this failure!
The repair was simple because I keep a spare pair of yokes with new u-joints on hand, just for this purpose.
While the Rampside was up and I was into the yokes anyway, I repacked the rear wheel bearings, just for chuckles and grin's! May as well do an oil change also!

I was looking at my record book. Logged in this work and checked back dated projects. It amazed me that Dainers Rampside came from the paint shop in 2015! eye popping smiley
Where has the time gone? The truck has sure been a pleasure over these years.

And just for the record. Dainers Rampy is not an every day driver. I display it at events, shows, parades and gatherings. I have the 64 Greenbrier for heavy lifting, camping, shopping and hauling. SO the Rampy has only clocked about 700 miles a year. And that's OK. That's what I intended it for.

The saga continues! grinning smiley

Corventure Dave

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