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Re: My 63 Turbo, daily driver, various project pictures
Posted by: 63turbo ()
Date: October 09, 2017 07:17PM

Time for a minor update. I've been waiting for a couple of custom forged pistons to show up. These pistons have been made twice, and both times they
were screwed up! The first time, they made late pistons, even though the instructions were for the short stroke pin height, not the late. The next time
they got the pin height correct but then forgot to offset the wristpin. ARRGH!
Anyways, while I'm waiting for my pistons and cylinders to show up, I started
working on a pair of manifold adapters. The ultimate plan is to build a 2" ID
stainless steel cross over manifold, and for that to fit, I needed to make some adapters that would go from a 2" id, to a 1.5" i.d.
The first photo shows the adapter plate before outer edge contouring, the next
2 shows the final outer edge shape and shows how the plates are bolted to the
head via the socket head cap screws. The smaller holes adjacent to the socket head cap screws are pilot holes... these need to be drilled and tapped, and those are the holes that the S.S. manifold flanges will bolt to.


Kevin Nash
Friday Harbor Washington
63 Spyder, Daily driver, EFI read about my project here: []
first test start on EFI here:[]
first official EFI boost test here:[]
engine less 62 Spyder
Canadian 64 Monza Parts car


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Re: My 63 Turbo, daily driver, various project pictures
Posted by: igottajob2 ()
Date: October 10, 2017 05:54AM

smileys with beer


1965 500 Coupe

Built the 1st week of April of 65 at willow run.
500 coupe. The only factory accessory is a rear antenna.
White with a red interior.
Now black with black and red interior.

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