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The ultimate Corvair transaxle.
Posted by: wedgepower ()
Date: January 10, 2007 10:31PM

I am getting ready to start on my 68 Valkyrie,which is a mid engine GT-40 kit.It used to be a SBC car,but I bought it in pieces.I am trying to make a plan for the drivetrain before I get started.I am a Mopar man(don't kill me)on a budget.I have toyed with ideas for a big block Mopar and 2.5 turbo 4 banger.I am leaning heavily towards the 2.5.There would be more room and things would just be easier,which would be good as this is my first kit car and there are a lot of things to do.

The car came with two transaxles.One has the Fiberfab kit for mid-engine,the other is a spare.I would like to use it because I already have it and other transaxles are expensive.Not to mention I have everything to put the car on the ground with Corvair tranny and suspension.If I use a different trans(915,g50,ZF,ect.)I need to do something different for CV joints and half;more money

What I'm wondering,is what would YOU do to build the ultimate Corvair transaxle?I would assume big car sag. what else?I want to weigh the cost and effectiveness as opposed to using another box.

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Re: The ultimate Corvair transaxle.
Posted by: jjohnsonjo ()
Date: January 11, 2007 05:01AM

I helped my freind with one of these in the late 60's, he used a ZF. Lots of work, hopefully a lot is already finished. If you go with the Vair set up, most would agree that a 66 or newer is a stronger 4 speed, just doesn't shift as smooth, modify the diff with a 4 spyder gear housing, forget the posi. Some food for thought is Fiero. A lot of newer kit cars were set up for the Fiero drive train which wasn't available when these were made. The newer Buick V-6 will bolt right up to and older 5 speed can even supercharge it. Don't know if it will fit, but it might be worth alook. There are always Fieros in the local bone yard.


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Re: The ultimate Corvair transaxle.
Posted by: MattNall ()
Date: January 11, 2007 06:46AM

Just a 66 -9 box with a 4 spider diff...

This is a Sports car? not a drag racer!

Save your $$ and time for a different transaxle...

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Re: The ultimate Corvair transaxle.
Posted by: Richard ()
Date: January 11, 2007 09:28AM

If you are going to mix brands (Chevy - Mopar), a big block and a 2.5 are the last two engines I would be looking at. A mopar engine is a lot longer than a sbc and the seat would be closer to the steering wheel. There is also the fact that a good RB mopar is a torque monster and will rip the snot out of that little Corvair transaxle. The 2.5 is an OK engine and with a bunch of money will make good power, but why bother?
If you want Mopar and to solve any transaxle concerns, I'd look at the 3.5 OHC V6 with transaxle from a Chrysler 300M or LHS. 260 HP, easy to find in any wrecking yard. It's the engine used in the Prowler. I've always thought it was a sexy engine even though the early '90s versions had trans problems.
You would have to deal with the axles, but I think that is the best Mopar solution.
The best GM solution would be the Buick V6 (mentioned), Chevy V6 4.3 or back to the SBC.

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Re: The ultimate Corvair transaxle.
Posted by: wedgepower ()
Date: January 11, 2007 11:41AM

A big block would require a ZF trans.Which is a boat load of money.There wouldn't be a problem fitting it.The car already has a preformed passenger compartment and the BB would have room.

I think a 2.5 turboed would be cheap and have plenty of power.

I thought of the 3.5.The only thing I don't like is using an auto trans.It seems crazy to build a car like this with an auto tranny.

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Re: The ultimate Corvair transaxle.
Posted by: steve goodman ()
Date: January 11, 2007 08:27PM

I am not offering this as advice, just food for thought. You can spend loads of time re-engineering everything and probably put any kind of engine/gearbox into the car but if you use the pieces that the car was designed to use you can have the car together and enjoying it on the road instead of working on it every night.

It is a light weight car, use a lower torque SBC or maybe a 4.3L, my best suggestions. A big block just adds weight.

Best, Steve

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Re: The ultimate Corvair transaxle.
Posted by: ScottS ()
Date: January 11, 2007 08:56PM

Light is best. HP may overcome weight but you still have to slow it down.

Since you have the midengine transaxle already I would put money into the engine -

My First Choice - aluminum Buick 3.8 (maybe with turbo or supercharger. )

Second Coice- Iron version of the 3.8 (maybe with turbo or supercharger)

Third Choice- 4.3

Fourth= SBC.

All of these will mate with your existing transaxle based on what I know. Which isn't a whole lot .

An aluminum v6 with turbo would be awesome and light. The bocks are like $4k though. Maybe an iron one wouldn't be so bad.

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Re: The ultimate Corvair transaxle.
Posted by: ccvair ()
Date: January 11, 2007 10:42PM

Find a smashed pontiac bonneville ssei or a park avenue ultra and swipe the engine and ecm ect,and have fun!

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