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Re: Clark's Fuel Injection Kit
Posted by: ron L ()
Date: February 22, 2012 07:40AM

The shop next door has a roller dyno. I would certainly run a few before/after pulls with this system. It would also show the torque peak hence the required rev limit, for my car at least.

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Re: Clark's Fuel Injection Kit
Posted by: teddbrown ()
Date: February 22, 2012 09:05PM

Rev Limiter:

Matt is right... that is a user desire. I have set the rev limiters to 5800 RPMs (have to set them at something) and let it go. We can easily burn a chip at customer request for any RPM they want. They are easy to install and only takes about 1 min.

Thanks everyone for helping me focus my thoughts on this subject.


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Re: Clark's Fuel Injection Kit
Posted by: teddbrown ()
Date: July 22, 2013 08:31PM

ATTN: Clark's Fuel Injection Owners (TBI) and Brown Injection System owners.

We have updated the current running chip to version 3B and will ship your the new chip for $12.00 including shipping. You must provide your Serial Number and chip ID number. You can send your Memcal to us and we will replace the chip for you. To replace the chip, we prepared the poorly thought out and entertaining video on Youtube video
If you bought our kit within the last 6 months, the chip will be provided at no cost.

This chip has the following updates/added features:
Better Idle - Main feature
Constant 14.7 to 1 (BLMs will report properly)
WBO2 Intergration (report only in Tunerpro)
Quicker Closed Loop and not as rich at idle.
Can use Heated or non-heated O2 Sensor (Sensor location must be close to exhaust log)

Idle must be rich due to large throttle bodies and reversion present in Corvair design. This chip will also Idle a 270 cam in most instances.

Please email me or call me at 864-940-0653

Ted Brown
Anderson, SC
68 Convert 110/PG/EFI/DIS
61 Loadside 102/PG/EFI/Dist
61 Rampside 4 speed (Restoration starts Nov 2015)
130HP/PG/Honda Engine Project
67 Monza Cpe
61 Greenbrier
**UPDATED** Corvair Fuel Injection and DIS Page

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 07/22/2013 08:32PM by teddbrown.

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Re: Clark's Fuel Injection Kit
Posted by: UGLYTRUK ()
Date: July 22, 2013 10:45PM

Sounds interesting!

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Re: Clark's Fuel Injection Kit
Posted by: ihscomputers ()
Date: July 23, 2013 03:22AM

Woo Hoo! smiling bouncing smiley

I'll be sending you the s/n & chip number along with my payment this week.

Thanks Ted!! smileys with beer

Dean F. Gemberling
Columbus, Georgia

1963 Rampside w/305 V8 - Built by Ken Arnold in 1998

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Brown efi updated chip
Posted by: Ed in SC ()
Date: July 30, 2013 06:43PM

Installed Teds latest update yesterday on my 140. This guy never ceases to amaze me.The car was running well before,but it is even better now. Smoother idle,more mid range power,instant cranking in all temps.I can build carbs with the best of em,(done 6 for friends this month)but no corvair running carbs can come close to
The way this system works,and Ted is relentless in continually refining it.

Carbs are cool, but Brown efi is the bomb !

Ed Kelly
Piedmont s.c.
Corsa s.c.

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Re: Brown efi updated chip
Posted by: ihscomputers ()
Date: July 30, 2013 06:46PM

Yea baby!

Cannot wait to get the new chip!

Thanks for the initial feedback, Ed smileys with beer

Dean F. Gemberling
Columbus, Georgia

1963 Rampside w/305 V8 - Built by Ken Arnold in 1998

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Re: Clark's Fuel Injection Kit
Posted by: briand ()
Date: July 30, 2013 08:11PM

Johnniespeed Wrote:
> I agree with Ronnie, Corvair owners are cheap.
> That image is obvious at car shows, as several
> Corvairs will have poor bodywork and ripped seats.
> It is a tarnished image for those Corvair owners
> who have premium restorations.
> I dont know how to repair that image, but I hope
> that each Corvair owner could at least attempt to
> conceal that charactor defect,as it affects
> everyone, in a negative way.
> Back on point, Ted has done a wonderful job, I
> have not tried his product, but hope it will be an
> overwhelming success. $1500 is cheap, Ted will not
> recoup payment for his R&D time. Thanks Ted for
> all your work. Very few Corvair owners will work
> for hundreds of hours for free, to improve the
> Corvair community.

WELL!!!, I didn't think my little ratty 63 'vert convertible would offend some people or give it a bad name, but it just might. I also think the guy with the ratty 67 Camaro or 57 Bel Air or rat rod early Ford might offend some. I have been building cars for 30 years now (2 in magazines this last year alone, 3 total, the third has been in 3 magazines, once on the cover) for the public and everyone has a budget and I don't judge them for it. I go to shows and see a lot of "bet you can't tell I did this myself" but its no reason to knock someone. To me, it's all art and the fact that all of these classics (not just Vairs) are trying to be put on the road is a testimate that the love of classic vehicles will be here always. Not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouth (I'm a testimate to that) and everyone has a limit. Tell ya what, bring me that car of yours and I'll give you that 85-95K resto or restomod and then you can make all the ratty ones look a lot better so you can win a bunch of awards to sit and dust on the mantel and brag. I've judged concours' shows, local shows and I've mostly given the awards to the guys and gals that get dirty and do a lot of the build themselves. I salute all home builders and applaude the effort, blood, sweat and tears involved in building a car. If your in this hobby for an award, your here for the wrong reason! It's about the people and the love of the hobby and keeping the Gov's hands off our beautiful treasures, no matter how ratty they look, for future generations to enjoy...Sorry if I have offended some but this post just rubbed me how do I really feel?

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Re: Clark's Fuel Injection Kit
Posted by: Wcirco ()
Date: July 31, 2013 05:29AM

thumbs up +1

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Re: Clark's Fuel Injection Kit
Posted by: TIBCO ()
Date: July 31, 2013 07:30AM

HMMMMMMMMMMM?????????????confused smiley

I'm not sure what Johhniespeed's point was exactly. Sometimes things don't always read the way we intended them to. I don't exactly consider myself cheap although I am probably guilty as charged when it comes to cutting corners. My car is by no means concours quality. However it is a very presentable daily driver and I intend to keep it that way. I didn't build my car to "show and stow" it. I built it to drive it. It will never win any awards but it is a prince of car in my humble opinion and I don't mind showing it at the local cruises.

Just last night, I thought I would never get home because of a couple that was admiring the car as I was trying to leave the parking lot. Always enjoy the attention.

Now, so as to not completely hijack this thread, let's get back to Ted's product.

Remember one of his goals was to make this as simple as possible using off-the-shelf products in order to simplify repairs down the road. Buy an exotic "one-off" EFI system today and try to find parts two or three years from now and you could be out of luck. Ted's system should have a ready supply of parts for years to come.

The only down side hear is that unless you meet Ted in person, you are only getting half the package. Ted is an absolute blast to be around and his mind is constantly cranking out new ideas. If you ever get the chance to meet him in person, don't miss out.

Cliff Tibbitts
Lexington, KY
66 Monza, 140/4sp

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Re: Clark's/Ted's Fuel Injection Kit
Posted by: Seth Emerson ()
Date: July 31, 2013 08:08AM

Ted brought a system to the Performance Workshop back in 2012. It was installed on a pulled motor, sitting on an engine stand outside the display area. The system was just bolted onto this junkyard motor and started up. The open display allowed us to see all the components of the system and what was needed to do the install. It ran great. Ted did a mini-presentation on the system. He is, indeed a hoot. Ted has assured me that he intends to be at the Performance Workshop next year, 2014, depending on the folks who put it on. And he will have new "additions" to his basic system - Maybe other applications? Anyway, although there is no exact date set, as yet, pencil in the March 2014 date for the Performance Workshop in Indianapolis. - Seth Emerson

- Disclaimer - Silicone Wire Systems supplies the ignition wires for the kits. I am not a dis-interested party.

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