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Air cooled Chevrolair to Corvair ?
Posted by: Richard ()
Date: June 04, 2011 10:29AM

When I was looking for an inverted engine to add to OOdude's post I also found this.

1931 Martin 333 (Chevrolair)

Air cooled Chevrolair sounds more like the source of the Corvair name than any other I have heard of.

"Glenn L. Martin Motors of Baltimore MD, acquired this design for Chevrolair Motors in Indianapolis Indiana in 1930. It was designed for racing by the famous auto racer, designer, Louis Chevrolet. The unusual twin-cam inverted 4 cyl. aircooled aero engine, with cast magnesium crankcase was 120hp and 265 lbs. This very rare example now at SMOF."

A third of the way down the page. Early aircraft engines.

Maybe you've heard of this before, but I had not.

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Re: Air cooled Chevrolair to Corvair ?
Posted by: Woodkeeth ()
Date: June 04, 2011 01:08PM

Chevrolet/GM did make an aircooled engine wayyyy back I don't know what year( look it up). It didn't work and they bought back all they could and reportedly scrapped and dumped them in one of the great lakes, except for one which is ironicly at the Henry Ford museum. I believe it was called the "copper cooled" or something like that. I believe Louis Chevrolet had parted with GM and had no hand in this car.


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Re: Air cooled Chevrolair to Corvair ?
Posted by: lowandslow ()
Date: June 04, 2011 02:27PM

I think it was in the early 20's that Chevrolet tried to make a car with an air cooled engine. it was basically a standard chevy but with a 4 cylinder upright inline engine with copper jacketed cylinders. They ran afoul of patents held by Franklin who threatened to sue, so they recalled all the cars they could find and the story I heard was that they were loaded onto barges and dumped in Oakland bay. Chevrolet has never admitted to even having built the cars, but as you say one or two escaped including the one at Ford and another in a private collection.

Patrick McGhee
1963 Spyder convertible
Weatherford, Texas

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Re: Air cooled Chevrolair to Corvair ?
Posted by: Richard ()
Date: June 04, 2011 03:26PM

I wasn't interested in the engine itself as much as I was in the name Chevrolair as a source for the Corvair name.

I think there are two 1923 Aircooled Chevy engines remaining. I took this picture of the 1923 Aircooled and the 1923 Water cooled Chevy engine at the Harrah's Museum in Reno.

The one in the Ford museum has a pulley, belt and generator on it. Neither have the front mounted fan and shroud that moved the air across the top and straight down over the cylinder fins.

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