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FAQ's! "frequent and seldom" asked questions answered!
Posted by: RAV_AIR ()
Date: December 06, 2009 08:29PM

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Google CORSA Chapter Map with links to chapter sites provided by Gary Moore
Corvair Owner's Locator Map provided by Todd Stermer, Dubai
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"Corvair Society of America GROUP"
CORSA's Official Facebook pages
Forum Automotive Lingo
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Possible Cheaper Shipping?
General specifications
Where can I buy CORSA's Technical Guides & Corvair Basics?
CAR PRE-BUYING CHECKLIST!!! pdf.. print out and take it with you!
How to ship wheels and Tires
Where where the Corvairs built?
Corvair Year and Model Appearance Guide
BODY LINE DRAWINGS to print out and take with you during inspection! by Al Lane
FC BODY LINE DRAWINGS to print out and take with you during inspection! by Al Lane
Website with listings for proper Automobile Terms and Definitions

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Books / Websites / Diagrams you may need:

Bob Helt - Corvair Secrets, the Classic Corvair, Rochester M Carbs and others
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ALL TSB's on our Forum!
Short list of Books
Link to the NEW GM Parts Wiki
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MATT NALL'S Technical articles in PLAIN English!
"How To" forum!
Polymer's 50 Do it yourself tasks explained
Lots of old Car Brochures
1961-4 Corvair & FC manuals in PDF Corvanatics site
online Manuals galore
Many Corvair Manuals - PDF Format
Homemade Corvair Specialty Tools
Free GM Corvair spec sheets - All Years - PDF Format
Differences between 65 and 66 corvairs
Clark's Technical Tips
Coefficient of Drag for EM and LM cars
F/C primer
How to Stop Oil Leaks
KNOWN FACTORY MANUAL ERRORS with corrected info /values
Details on Protect-O-Plates
Gasoline Heater installation Instructions
idler /fan /alt./Wheel & Axle Bearing diagnostics
Dozens of Automotive related Calculators!
Wiring Diagrams!
1964 & 1966 Corvair Option Pricelists
Swapping from Auto to manual and vice-versa in EM / LM / FC's
Moving LMs / EM's with no diff
Tedd Brown's "CorvairNut site" lots of "Do it yourself" items!
BigWave Dave's collection of INTERNET TECH TIPS garnered from various Forums and CORVAIR GOLD e-book
FC Engine shroud requirements when using different engines
Kent Moore Tools and pictures for Corvairs
Four Door Registry!
GM Part Specs
DaveMotoHead's Tech Videos!
12-2019 Oils that meet our needs
Removing broken bolts easily!
Driving your Corvair when the Clutch Cable is Broken?
VIN Decoder ALL GM's
Engine Initial Timing and Distributor Data {advance-rpm-VA specs} for all years
Corvanatics FC / 95 Codes Compendium
1965 Body Assembly Manual

Part interchange lists:

General Info list
PARTS FAQ -Vendor's # and MFG. #!
Parts that "IMPROVE" the Corvair from OTHER CARS
Reproduction dash knobs for 65-66 cars
Find a muffler that fits with your dimensions!
What other GM cars have the same shocks as our Cars and FC's?
Sparkplug cross reference

Fuse Block Clips
Changing from Generator To Alternator by Geoff Johnson
Old Car Manuals . com Wiring diagrams Galore!
Heater Blowers - adding a relay!
Wiring Color Codes '60-65
1968 Body And Chassis Electrical [ pdf]
EM Generator Voltage regulators info!
Converting EM to LM Alternator - Wiring Diagram
Checking Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge
How to wire a Pertronix Ignition
4 Way flasher information with diagrams
Pertronix testing instructions
Turn signal wiring for LM Vairs
Brake Light Troubles?
GM 4-way flasher instruction sheet
Fuel Gauge Bench Test Procedure
63amp Internally Regulated Alternater Conversion- Step by step Instructions
No Spark / Testing coil - Points systems /Points to Coil wire PN's
TWO-Speed Wiper / Washer diagram
Testing Gas Tank Sender and Gauge!
How to CRANK the engine from the engine compartment
LM-Park lamps on with the Head lamps
Our Electrical Connectors-Packard 56
Twinlock terminals for main harness connectors
dash lights (instrument panel lamps, bulbs)
Windshield Wiper motor GM Part Numbers all years
Windshield Wiper Switch removal / repair
Simple wiring diagrams for fuelpumps and starters
Motoring a Generator for TEST
Repair or Modify for 8 cylinders, your Tachometer
Connectors for easy internal regulator conversion
Factory Alternator bearing numbers
Corrected 1967 Fuse Panel diaram
How to "Polarize" a Generator!
Troubleshooting Spyder / Corsa Temp buzzer
Replace that Boyne Turn Signal in your '67 with a better unit and cheaper!
Early Model Generators Explained
Twinloc - pin connectors for main harness plugs
Wiper Switch Explained and Repair Pictures
How to rebuild your 2 speed Wiper Motor and Gearbox
Modern System controllers for our cars/Modern Conveniences
LM '67-9 Turn Switch Connector Layout
Easy Headlight Switch Removal!
Wiring Harness Repairs- Tools & Supplies
Trunk light wiring diagram / GM
Clock Repair Diode install
Headlight SwitchCircuits explained!
EM Factory Engine Light Installation Instructions
Bench Testing Gauges

Delco Shock Cross Reference from the Corvantic's Group Newsletter
LM Car Alignment Specs
Front Wheel Bearing Part #'s - EM and LM
Do it Yourself LM 4 wheel alignment
How can I move my Vair after the engine AND Transaxle are removed?
Steering Box Rebuild
Telescopic steering explained
FC Steering Lash Adjustment
FC Idler arm differences and replacement?
GM Press in "LCR" / "Rear StrutRod" Bushings, available locally usually.
What other GM cars have the same shocks as our Cars and FC's?
How to determine correct tire pressures for YOUR vehicle / wheel / Tire combo!
Correct "Bolt in" FC springs for smoother ride!]
Adjustable LM Rear lower struts
Rebuild your FC Steering Relay Arm / Boomerang!
Boomerang rebuild
fc idler rebuild
Rear HUB service and Part Numbers!
How to Align EM or FC rear suspensions

SCAREBIRD Disc Brake Conversion Parts PN info-instruction
LM Kevlar brake shoes
EM & FC Brake Shoes
Total Brake Shoe Swept Area
Rear Brake spreader bar part #
When should I change my brake Fluid
How does a Dual Master Cylinder Work??
How to change EM E-brake Cable or Clutch Cable
Retro Fitting Self-Adjusting Brake Hardware
FC Disc brake conversion
Tech tip for future Disc brake installs
How to seal the Leaky Brake lines properly!
Adjusting EM / FC brakes
Dual Master Cylinder Conversion for '62-'66 cars with Drum brakes
"Hard / Harder Brake system Burst Test"
NEW Do it yourself Front Disc's for EM's!
Dual Master Cylinder in '60-61's
How to make sure your EM drum brakes will work great!
Correct Brake Specs for LM cars
Adjusting Eldorado REAR Calipers before use!

Manual Transaxle/Clutch/Diff.:

How to ID transmissions /Differentials!
65 and earlier Back-Up switch repair
Differential side yoke seals, ALL YEARS
Fixing that FC Mystery shifter!
Identify EM / FC transmissions!
Alternate /early 3 speed] back up light switch
Alternate 66-9 Backup switch!
'65 diff /trans lube share Hole
Swapping from Auto to manual and vice-versa in EM / LM / FCs
Universial 3 or 4 speed Backup light's switch
Shifter coupler replacement from 92-2000 Honda Civic steering coupler

Powerglide transmission article, good infomation
Powerglide troubleshooting
Powerglide Shift Cable lengths
PG Cable install- Ball placement
E-clip size?
PG shift cable adjustment w/o the tool
Converting normal PG Governor to 140 specs..step by step
Powerglide TV O-ring replacement instructions
Correct TQ Seal Part Numbers
IDing PG front cover and adding remote Cooler

Keys/Locks/codes/tumbler info
Paint Color Chart/ chips for all years
LM rear patch metal panel install
Not Enough leg room? Seat Extenders! Make your own in 20 minutes!
High Output Heater Blower Motor and Motor with plastic fan
LM CORSA Cove Paint Silver Paint codes?
Polishing Stainless and straightening trim
Polishing Aluminum and and straightening trim
All the Rubber / clips and seals you'll ever need.
61-69 Heater Information
EM Passenger side mirrior installation instructions
Pictorial of LM Convertible top installation
Fisher Body Tag Decoding
Refurbishing LM RNDL shift indicator
How to Paint cars
Installing Neon Seats in an LM-Step by Step with photos!
FAQ'S!!! /1965 & 66 Windshield Trim and Backlite trim PN's!
Refurbishing the TEXT on knobs
EM-LM-FC Hidden Vin Locations
1965-6 vs 1967-9 pedal assemblies
Installing Spyder Dash wiring temp sender vacuum tube
am fm radio to Stereo Multiplexer wiring and Antenna mountings, includes Electric rear!
Installing a SAFE electric remote opening trunk latch!
GB side doors' hidden power windows
Visual differences between the 65-66 clutch/brake pedal and the 67-69 clutch/brake pedal
Assembling a LM Door
Window Channel Felt (Moleskin) Installation Tips
Gasoline Heater Manuals (3)
FC/VAN Windshield Replacement Video
EM windshield install with pictures
LM coupe rear quarter window install
All year & model exterior paint color and interior trim combinations
Installing Bucket seat Back upholstery Video!
Installing Gas Heater in'62 and later cars - Dealer Install
65-9 Reveal trim clips #867
Rear View Mirror Installation Instructions
66-9 CP Shoulder Belt Anchor Points
1966-9 Fisher Body Manual [ rear quarter window]
Wiper Blade is Anco 31-15

Seatbelt Mounting Diagrams for most Models
Newer seats that almost bolt in
Need Seat Belts??
Clock Repair Diode install
How to Re-upholster bench seat bottoms
Installation of LM coupe headliner
Installing FC seat belts / shoulder harnesses!
Videos of Cal Clark installing upholstery on LM seat
Installing Bucket Seat BACK Upholstery!
Child Seat Anchors for your rear seat
Dodge Neon seats in an LM vert- photos and the instructions
MP3 /iPod jack in your stock AM radio!
Adding an AUX input to LM Corvair AM/FM Radio
Replacement AC Fan Motors

Wheels & Tires:
Wheel / Tire simulator for TEST Fits!
Visual Tire/Wheel Size Calculator
Cleaning your Wire Wheel Covers Videos!
Longer Wheel Hub Studs for us
Tire sizes that fit our Cars

GM Engine Blueprints - JPG & DXF formats
How to Identify your Engine / head!! and how much do they weigh?
ID your GM / aftermarket Camshaft!
Distributor Specs and Vacuum Advance specs per PN
Adjust the Vacuum Advance
Engine Cradles for removal / install... incl. Factory unit
Good pictorial and explanation of Deflashing the heads
How to run the engine out of the car Videos!
Main Seal leaking? Speedi- Sleeve for Crank Seal surface
Quick and cheap Half Valve Cover for Hot Valve Adjustment!
Tuning your Corvair Engine GM Videos
Choosing the correct oil for your Corvair - By Bob Helt
Woodruff Corvair Cam Key/SBC Crankgear Key Compatibility
Harmonic Balancer/Torsional Damper Description - By Bob Helt
Pilot Bushing Information
Instructions with pictures for replacing fan bearing at home
Engine Oil Pathway
Engine oil pathway-pictorial
Identifying your Corvair's Bellhousing , and all combinations
Thermostat Bellows adjustment-Cooling system Duct Damper adjustment
How to change your Pushrod "O-rings" and Cold adjust your Valves
Water Washing Combustion Chambers
VIDEO LM Powerpack removal
How to change the Fan / Blower Bearing
Crankshaft Journal Sizes
Video of Hot / Running Valve adjust
Hot Running Valve adjust when all else fails
GM video of in car Head Removal and Valve Service
Make your own Homemade Fan Bearing greasers -Two versions!
12 plate Oil cooler side shields
Template for 8 plate oil cooler side shields
How to Stop Oil Leaks
LM corvair engine/drivetrain removal video
In car Cam Timing Inspection
"Stacking" oil coolers
Repairing Harrison thermostat bellows at Home!
Make your own "Knock Sensor"
Replace those pesky Rubber connector hoses on your Balance tube with METAL!
65-9 AC idle solenoids
Cooling Fan Bearing-- What do I have?
Best Fan Belts?
Installing FORGOTTEN Cylinder Baffles EASILY!
Starting an Engine after long storage
Make your own LM rear engine mount for $20!
Dale MFG's new website for Rebuilt Harmonic Balancers
How to use CHOKE COILS instead of BELLOWS T-Stat!
Pertronix FACTS!
Parts listing for our Distributors
Timsert Installation with Pics!
Installing In Car, Helicoils in CASE. pics and instructions
Single step O-ring and Valve adjustment Chart
ID'ing 140 pg Offset Crank gear
Relieving Early / 145 engine cases for a 64-9 Crankshaft
Distributor Parts ID Cams, weights, springs, specs, etc.
110 Corvair Engine Rebuild Components Hardware Lists (5)
Where is the best / coolest place to measure oil temps?
Oil Filter Cross Reference
Plastic Bushings for heater / T-stat doors

Fuel Systems:
How to use Choke Coils instead of Bellows for your T-stats!
All you ever needed to know about electric fuelpumps, regulator and Safety Switches
Generic Replacement Fuel level Sender Float
Make your own U- Tube Manometer to balance your carbs!
Best Airtex fuelpumps [ mechanical and Electric] as of APRIL 2018 and how to wire the electric with safeties!
Rochester Carburetor Rebuild and Setup instructions
Low cost O2 sensor installation
Aux Carb return spring from Clarks pg sup-24
1960 cavecar gas tank sender replacement for only 50$
F/C gas tank infomation
Rochester Carburetor Cutaway pictures
Accelerator PumpSquirt Holes
Homebrew octane boosters
Testing / Priming your Mechanical fuelpump on the Engine!
Adjusting Float Drop and Close-level
Lots of 140 hp Carb linkage info!
Sealing 1/4" Fuel line leaks at the fittings
Accelerator Pedal Assembly Drawings and adjustment proceedures
Stopping your mechanical Fuel Pump External Leak
How to install an accelerator pump cup
How to seal the Leaky Fuel lines properly!
Balancing carbs-Step by Step in plain English
1960 Air Filter Hoses Gates 21194
Fuel pump relay that uses tach signal for $20 / common part!
Best Tuneup video!
Quick and Easy fix for Crossshaft Slop!

Turbo and Carter YH Carbs:
Turbo repair needed?
Setting YH Choke
Replacement Turbo air filters
Rajay Service Manual
Tighten up that Sloppy Accelerator linkage!
The YH Explained! provided by Bob Helt
Turbo model Numbers by year
Is my Turbo Good?
Turbo Metering-Rod and Jet Sizes


This INDEX was built with the assistance of Jimmyo, Pacerace and That CorvairGuy. July 30,2012

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Posted by: sweet66monza ()
Date: December 06, 2009 08:51PM

mid 90s grand am seats fit well with little modification. all we had to do was redrill the mounting holes and use stock corvair slides.

my dad bought a pair of power/heated leather seats out of a 07 pontiac G6 we will soon be mounting.

Cody Hurley
North Idaho (Post Falls)
66 Monza convertible 140/PG, loaded with factory options
66 Corsa turbo coupe, 3rd owner fully documented [corvaircenter.com]
66 Canadian monza coupe 110/pg project car (no picture yet)
65 Monza coupe daily driver 110/4
Also 2 Ford f350 IDI diesels, three Jeep FC 170s, 1966 Jeep CJ5A, two 1954 International R-150 pickups, 5 Rokon Trailbreakers, Chrysler Snorunner, and thousands of parts

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Posted by: isucorvair ()
Date: December 06, 2009 10:05PM

90's Olds Acheiva Seats fit with no modifications

00's Saturn SL-1 seats fit with very little modification (drilling on seat rail only)

Eric P.
DeWitt, IA

[url=2nd pic...][img]1st pic...[/img][/url]

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Posted by: RAV_AIR ()
Date: December 09, 2009 03:06PM

Rear Crank Seal / HB end National # 7456N
Rear Brake Hoses (flex lines) - NAPA #36654
U-Joint - CarQuest #1-0153
Stoplight Switch (Brakelight Switch) - CarQuest #53-54487

Electrical / ignition

Niehoff generator brushs,DR98, will fit 1960-1964 Corvair
AC spark plugs #44F for the Corvair

GM dash headlight switch assemblycorrect for the following models:

* 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 Chevrolet 150 210 Bel Air Impala Biscayne Nomad SS etc all passenger car models
* 1958-1962 Chevrolet Corvette models
* 1960-1963 Chevrolet Series 10 through 30 (1/2 through 1 ton) truck models except for Double Duty
* 1961 1962 Chevrolet all 1/2 ton Double Duty truck models
* 1962 1963 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova and SS all models
* 1960-1963 Chevrolet Corvair and FC models
* 1959-1962 Buick ALL models EXCEPT for Special and Skylark
* 1963 Buick ALL models including Lesabre Wildcat Electra Riviera Special and Skylark

The part number is 1995099 superseded by 1995096 group number 2.485.

> The late model fuel sender is 90 ohms. Full is 0 ohms (or there about)
> and empty is 90 (or is it the other way around?)
> Earlies are 45 ohms.
> Make SURE your tank sender ground and dash tab are grounded.

oil filters
Corvair PF-4 oil filters-4
1960-63 Corvair; 1962-63 Chevy II NOS front brake hose. Part Number 6256193. Delco


: WC20932

#20932 Wagner (Left Front)
#20933 Wagner (Right Front)
Chevrolet - 1955, 1956, 1957 - All - Fronts
Corvair - 1961 - R-1200 Forward Control -
Fronts 1962 - Forward Control - Fronts
Corvette - 1955, 1956, 1957 - All - Fronts
Chevrolet Truck - 1960, 1961 - 1/2 Ton, Models C14, C15
GMC Truck - 1960, 1961 - 1/2 Ton, 1000 Series

1961 CHEVROLET CORVAIR 95 2.4L 145cid H6 : Brake/Wheel Hub : Wheel Cylinder

RAYBESTOS Part # WC20932{Professional Grade}
Front; Left; Front Drum Brakes; Rear Drum Brakes

RAYBESTOS Part # WC20933 More Info Front; Right; Front Drum Brakes; Rear Drum Brakes

DORMAN Part # W20932 More Info
FRONT LEFT: Bore = 1-1/8"

DORMAN Part # W20933

FRONT RIGHT: Bore = 1-1/8"

HIS IS A NEW 1961-62 MASTER CYLINDER FOR THE CORVAIR TRUCK/VAN OR THE 1946-64 CHEVY CAR - EIS brand! It is Grp #4.650 & Prt #5456789.

#20932 Wagner (Left Front)
#20933 Wagner (Right Front)
Chevrolet - 1955, 1956, 1957 - All - Fronts
Corvair - 1961 - R-1200 Forward Control - Fronts
1962 - Forward Control - Fronts
Corvette - 1955, 1956, 1957 - All - Fronts
Chevrolet Truck - 1960, 1961 - 1/2 Ton, Models C14, C15
GMC Truck - 1960, 1961 - 1/2 Ton, 1000 Series

RAYBESTOS Part # WC20932 Front; Left; Front Drum Brakes; Rear Drum Brakes

RAYBESTOS Part # WC20933 More Info {Professional Grade}
Front; Right; Front Drum Brakes; Rear Drum Brakes

New Old Stock Master Cylinder Kit
Wagner # FC 46355

7/8 ” Cylinder bore Will Fit CHEVROLET
1962 – 1966 Bel Air, Impala, Caprice, Biscayne (All B-Body) –All with metallic lining option
1964 – 1966 Chevelle – All with metallic Lining Option
1962 – 1966 Chevy II - Nova – All with Metallic Lining Option
1962 – 1964 Corvair- Corsa, Monza, Spyder – All with Metallic Lining Option
1963 – 1965 Corvette – All with front drum brakes

1965 – 1966 Olds 88, 98, Delta, Dynamic – All with heavy duty police option
1964 – 1966 Jetstar 88 – All except Manual brakes and except Heavy Duty Police Opt
1966 Toronado - All
1962 - 1966 Bonneville, Catalina, Grand Prix, Safari, Starchief (All B- Body) – All Canadian with Metallic Lining Opt

1966 Bonneville, Catalina, Grand Prix, Safari, Starchief (All B- Body) – All U.S. with Power brakes

New Old Stock Master Cylinder Kit

Wagner # FC 46355 7/8 ” Cylinder bore

1962 – 1966 Bel Air, Impala, Caprice, Biscayne (All B-Body) –All with metallic lining option

1964 – 1966 Chevelle – All with metallic Lining Option
1962 – 1966 Chevy II - Nova – All with Metallic Lining Option

1962 – 1964 Corvair- Corsa, Monza, Spyder – All with Metallic Lining Option
1963 – 1965 Corvette – All with front drum brakes

1965 – 1966 Olds 88, 98, Delta, Dynamic – All with heavy duty police option

1964 – 1966 Jetstar 88 – All except Manual brakes and except Heavy Duty Police Opt

1966 Toronado - All

1962 - 1966 Bonneville, Catalina, Grand Prix, Safari, Starchief (All B- Body) – All Canadian with Metallic Lining Opt

1966 Bonneville, Catalina, Grand Prix, Safari, Starchief (All B- Body) – All U.S. with Power brakes

NOS Atlas Hydraulic Brake Hose 7039

I have an old Atlas parts list that shows it is for the following:

* Barracuda 1965 1966
* Corvair 1965 1966 1967
* Dart 1965 1966
* Dodge 1966
* Plymouth 1966
* Valiant 1965 1966


BALL JOINTS #S-2476 Western Auto
Chevrolet - 1955 thru 1970
Corvette - 1963,thru 1980
Corvair Truck - 1961,thru 1965 - R1200 Series, FC Models

BALL JOINTS #10203 Sturdy

Chevrolet - 1965,~1970 - Upper Corvette - 1965,~ 1970 - Upper
Corvair Truck - 1961, ~1965 - R1200 Series, FC Models - Upper
MOOG #K-6035 Replaces GM #3886422
Chevrolet - 1960,~ 1970 - All
Corvette - 1963,~, 1970 - All
Corvair Truck - 1961,~1965 - SR 1200, Front Wheel Cont.

ball joints

# CORVAIR TRUCK 1961-1965

2 Outer Tie Rod End CHEVROLET CORVAIR 65-69 CAMARO 1967
This is a set of 2 Outer Tie Rod End WES348 R for:
# CHEVROLET CORVAIR 1960-1964 ( rear suspention )
# CHEVROLET CORVAIR TRUCK 1961-1965 ( front and rear suspension )

Part No Description Quantity Location Technical Lookup Footnote
4K304 Lower Control Arm 1 FrontPart
4K304 Lower Control Arm 1 Rear Part 4K5196 Upper Control Arm 2 Front Part

Bearings/ bushings
Delco Hyatt roller bearings. box read: 1 # AD11154Z17 7451321 fc rear wheel bearings nos

EM & FC shock are all the same front and rear

GABRIEL 81096 Front Shock Absorber
Guardian Shock

2013- LM shocks from Autozone.
The fronts bolted right up, and all I had to do to the rears was press out the original mounting tube from the old shock and put it into the new one. It was easy and I did it with just a vise and a couple of sockets.

The part number for the front shocks is 82109... Gabriel Shock $19.99 each
The part number for the rear shocks is 69606... Gabriel Shock $27.99 each

Koni shock list that should work for a LM

For the FRONT, part number: 343161 Which is a KONI part number for the
R Ford Fairmont All 1978-81
R Ford Mustang All 1979-81
R Mercury Capri All 1979-81
R Mercury Zephyr All 1978-81

For the REAR, part number: 344098 Which is a KONI part number for the
F Daihatsu Truck Rocky All 1990-92
F Honda Truck Passport All 1994-96
F Isuzu Truck (4WD) All 1988-97
F Mazda Truck (2WD) All 1986-93
F Nissan Truck Pathfinder (Exc. Adj.Susp.)1987-95
F Opel GT All 1969-73

Exhaust packings Fel-pro PN MS-9991 for the heads to logs and Fel-Pro 9993 for the logs to U-tube donuts.

Tires: Tires should be around 24.5 - 25 inches for late models, can be a bit shorter for earlies and earlies need to keep closer to stock widths than late models do unless you have rims with custom Backspacing (amount of inches from mounting plate to inner rim bead)

Good radial tire pressure for starts should be around 23 front, 32 rear. The rough equation to figure out what the “load” pressure “should” be based on a specific tire’s load capacity per PSI is as follows (figured to a 2,700 pound load)


FRONT Equation:

Xlbs per PSI

: this number is “optimum” PSI for your specific tire based on the weight on that corner of the front of the car

REAR Equation

Xlbs per PSI

: this number is “optimum” PSI for your specific tire based on the weight on that corner of the rear of the car

185/80-13's are great for 65-69 (LM) but are almost impossible to find.
175/80-13 would be acceptable for an EM (60-64) or LM
185/70-13 would also work for both EM and LM

195/70-14 will work for LM but might be a bit tall for an EM.
185/70-14 would be more apt to work on an EM (and would probably work for an LM)

205/60-15 will work on an LM stock height with roughly 4 1/2" B.S.
215/55-15 should work with roughly the same backspacing and should be a bit shorter than a 205/60. I could see it working alright with a lowered LM.
215/50-15 would probably work on an EM with the right backspacing. would be technically too short for a LM.

Spark Plugs:
Gapped to .035 as a general rule.

Bosch 7502 (W8AC) Copper plugs for ANY stock Corvair
NGK B5HS for Stock Corvair, B6HS for one step cooler
Autolite 275's
AC 44F and 44FF and R44F(F)

Fan Belts

Clarks belts are good. The Gates Industrial 3V560, available through real auto parts stores, is a good belt too. Both are like the original GM belt i.e. fully wrapped and relatively narrow at 3/8".

Seats that have been successfully used in Corvairs:

Many people have put different things in, and in reality...anything could be used with enough iron and welding rod...

- Mazda 626 (early/mid '90's)
- Toyota Celica ('86-'87)
- Chrysler Sebring (around '97)

Universal Joints:

Stock mechanical type Fuel Pump:
M3988 (carter)

Late Model Shocks:
KYB 344098 front
KYB KG5476 rear

Brake hoses:
Rear hoses H66718
Front hoses H36528

Idler Bearing and EM Fan Bearing:
Koyo bearing # 885144
Napa number BRG 885154B

LM Fan Bearings

"So where do they put the engines in these things?"
"They put em where they belong....in the rear."
1964 500 coupe
Topeka, KS
Searching for a complete 95 to rebuild. (changed my mind)
If this is still in my sig, I'm still looking.

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Posted by: MattNall ()
Date: December 11, 2009 10:18AM

Clark's Corvair (www.Corvair.com) has them. Their part numbers are

C9067. fuse clip for wire connection
C9843. fuse clip for Stabon connection [ LM's use several ]

It is on page 99 in their online catalog.

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Searching on this Forum
Posted by: MattNall ()
Date: August 27, 2008 06:05PM

Since we do not all stay logged in here 7/24.... Many times it's faster to Search!

At the TOP BAR of EVERY window you see, will be SEARCH

1 search messages: Use a KEYword.. that is specific to what you are looking for. If using 2 or more words IE: "replace muffler", then Select EXACT PHRASE [ not all words ]

3 SEARCH AUTHORS ..IF you are looking for a persons posts.. and the USERNAME must be exact, no partials!

1 Make sure the BOTTOM line ( options: ) DATE is set for ALL DATES unless you are sure of the time frame.


You can also use Google... a better search engine

cnicol posted this:

Try using google instead.

For example enter this in a google search box:

valve adjust site:corvaircenter.com

Format: [your term or words] site:corvaircenter.com

This yields more answers because google is more flexible on search words.

To find your old posts to update, etc.:

you can Click on YOUR Blue Username / or anyone's for that matter, and see their last activity....email addy if they allow it and "SEE ALL POSTS"

This is how you find your old posts that you may want to up date...

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List of Books and Manuals you should get!
Posted by: MattNall ()
Date: September 27, 2008 01:43PM

Corvair Decade by Tony Fiore -- CORSA publication

Corvair Basics by CORSA Members incl. CD version, too.

Corvair Technical Manuals by CORSA members avail w/ CD

All available at: [corvair.org]

Compiled by Al Lane for NEW Members

Corvair Shop Manual
Corvair Shop Manual Supplement
Corvair Assembly Manual
Body by Fisher Manual

Bob Helt's Corvair Basics 
Bob Helt's The Classic Corvair
Bob Helt's Rochester carb manual

Corsa Technical Guide
Clarks Corvair Parts paper catalogs
Corvair Junkyard Primer
Keep Your Corvair Alive

Other good info and links. 

Corvair Center  

Corvair Center documents  

Corvanatics manuals  [www.corvair.org]

Clark’s Corvair manuals pg 243 A - 250  

California Corvairs (search for books & manuals) [californiacorvairparts.com]

Raffee Corvairs  

Corvair Ranch  [corvairranch.com]


Corvair Parts
Corvair Trader
Corvair Chat buy and sell
Corvair Marketplace
Corvair Community
Swap Corvair parts
Custom Corvair Owners
Corvair nuts of No. America
Corvair Racers
Corvair Pilot
65-69 Chevy Corvair
Corvair 500
Group Corvair
Chevy Corvair Rampside Pickups
Corvair Stuff
Corvair Trading
Corvair Center Phorum
Corvair Forum
Corvair Owners Group
Corvanatics (FC)
Stock Corvair Group
Corvair 1965 - 1969 Second Generation
Vintage Corvair Models
Corvair track classic
The 1969 Corvair Group
1960 Caveman Corvair
GM Heritage Center
Corvair Preservation Museum
Corvair Lakewood Monza wagon group

---THE CLASSIC CORVAIR. A technical maintenance and upgrade manual. 300+ pages.

---CORVAIR SECRETS. Little known design and operational facts. 165 pages.

-------Comprehensive carburetor information. 110 pages.

Available from Corvair Vendors and bobhelt@aol.com

CORVAIR AFFAIR by Mike Knepper (1982)

THE 1960-1969 CORVAIR AUTHENTICITY SERIES by Wayne Machan & Bill Bruggen (1991)

HOW TO KEEP YOUR CORVAIR ALIVE by Richard Finch (1977)


"Performance Corvair" by Bill Fisher and Seth Emerson! 2013!

CORVAIR TECHNICAL GUIDE. Edited by Larry Claypool and Clay Wispell (1986)

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Re: HOW TO PM and Change YOUR INFO!
Posted by: MattNall ()
Date: February 21, 2009 11:14AM

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Re:Links galore!
Posted by: MattNall ()
Date: March 16, 2009 05:36PM

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Resizing pictures/VIDEOS and Posting VIDEOS HERE
Posted by: MattNall ()
Date: May 18, 2009 09:54PM

Search results from this Forums Archives
Step by Step on how to post Videos.

Posting pictures that are too large:


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Generic Part Number list and where to buy
Posted by: MattNall ()
Date: May 27, 2009 11:32AM

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Re: HOW TO SEARCH HERE / List of Books Manuals/ Parts / How to Resize Photos!
Posted by: Ian Harding ()
Date: July 01, 2009 12:12PM

The best way to search here is to go to google and type


in addition to your search terms. It works several orders of magnitude better than the Phorum built-in search.

I would replace the search here with a google custom search if I was king.

- Ian

Ian Harding
Tacoma, Washington
1966 Monza Convertible

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How to get yourpicture/s in your Signature?
Posted by: MattNall ()
Date: July 01, 2009 09:25PM

1 Sig pics can be stored in you Control Center /Edit my Files

2 Signature pics mus be small! 160x120 is good!

3 Make your small pic and upload to your Files or a Web SERVER

4 Click on your pic on your Files or a Web SERVER

A try Right clicking and "copy image URL"

B keep clicking on your pic until it comes up by itself... [ white page background with ONLY your pics

Copy the URL in your browsers address/ URL at the top of your page.

PASTE it into your signature AND

Add [ img ] your pics URL [/img] NO SPACES! but YES use the brackets!

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Re: Acronims explained!
Posted by: MattNall ()
Date: July 12, 2009 12:33AM

Forum Lingo

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How to Identify your Engine / head!!
Posted by: MattNall ()
Date: September 21, 2009 09:52PM

Courtesy of Clarks Corvair

Chevrolet made available lots of completer engines and engine parts for
service. If you will take a glance at Group 0.000 in your favorite Corvair
Parts book, you will see listed some almost complete replacement engines
available back then from your Chevrolet dealer. Also if will look at some of the

preceeding pages you will motoce instructions for modifying and completing
these engines for Corvair applications. These are the engines that
received a code "like" XX and XXZ. Please see my book THE CLASSIC CORVAIR for
listing of these codes and applications (as best we know).

In addition, just glance at group 0.030. there you will see a listing for
JUST A BARE CRANKCASE. And also a couple of listings with Crankcase,
crankshaft, and a CAM. Note that the book tells you to change the cam for
certain apps. Now these partial engines could grow into any type engine so
these CRANKCASES RECEIVED NO CODES at all. Apparently, once in a while the
mech may have devised his own code often starting wirh "CE............"

Hope that this helps.

Bob Helt

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Hot to install your distributor and time it!
Posted by: MattNall ()
Date: September 23, 2009 06:53PM

This and several other How To's can be found at

Many Technical articles in PLAIN English!
Richard from Bolivia had some real good info on polishing aluminum and stainless trim:

STAINLESS: [corvaircenter.com]

ALUMINUM: [corvaircenter.com]

LM rear patch metal panel install

How to ID transmissions!

"How To" forum!

Jerry's World of Toys. Restoration information and more.
How to use Choke Coils instead of Bellows for your T-stats!

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Re:Choosing the right oil for your Corvair
Posted by: MattNall ()
Date: September 23, 2009 09:43PM

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Not Enough leg room? Seat Extenders!
Posted by: MattNall ()
Date: September 23, 2009 09:45PM

Make your own in 20 minutes! These are for EM's. LM driver's inner requires some trimming.

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Heater Blowers - adding a relay!
Posted by: MattNall ()
Date: November 25, 2009 10:41PM

NOTE: compliments of 66Vairman

New replacement heater blower motor is PM102 and DOES NOT come with a fan. You have to reuse the metal blower fan off the old motor. DO NOT BUY A NEW PLASTIC FAN as they will melt since the blower moves HOT air from the engine. The PM 102 motor shaft that the fan fits on may be about 1/32" longer vs. the original motor so a washer may be needed under the fan retaining nut.

New replacement A/C blower motor is a PM134 and it comes with a plastic cage fan attached - fine to use as it only blows ambient temperature air into evaporator. This unit is lighter than the original fan. The plastic fan is that same size, but has a thicker reinforcing edge so fitting is CRITICAL or it will rub.

Compliments of Steve Goodman

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Is it OK to PM people?
Posted by: MattNall ()
Date: December 22, 2009 10:32AM

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