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Posted by: 65CorsaTurbo ()
Date: November 06, 2005 10:55AM

Picked up the Corv-8 about a week ago. What an experience driving an unfamiliar hot-rod like that on the D.C. beltway to Pa. !
Runs pretty good......but, sounds real good with the engine cover off ! Lets you become one with your machine !
Developed a shifting problem ~ car won't shift into or out of gear when the engine is running, but with engine off will shift ???
Not alot of time to tinker with it right now, getting the house and yard ready for winter and getting shroud parts etc...painted for my Corsa.
I'll try to post some pictures soon.

Bill (B.Y.)
1965 Monza convertible, red/red, white top, 110, auto.
1965 Corsa 180 (under restoration)
1966 500, white/red/110/auto (sold)
1967 Crown V-8 (sold)
Pittsburgh, Pa.

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Clutch not releasing?
Posted by: Larry Forman ()
Date: November 06, 2005 11:17AM

Hi Bill,
It sure sounds like your clutch is not releasing. So when the engine is running you cannot shift, but without any rotation it will shift fine.

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Re: Clutch not releasing?
Posted by: Larry Forman ()
Date: November 06, 2005 11:25AM

I forgot to add that the 65's have a problem with the clutch cable ball up front. It gets bound up and is grabbed by the clutch lever fork and tends to rotate breaking the clutch cable strands. It that is happening, it can cause the cable to be longer and not release properly. I would recommend you check out the CORSA Tech Guide for some simple suggestions for an emergency repair kit for that clutch cable. You could also carry a spare cable under the rocker cover trim panels under the door.

Some times the clutch release lever arm by the tranny has failed welds and that can cause a non-release condition. See if you can get the clutch cable at the pull rod to pull the clutch pull rod about an inch or so.

Also do a search here for "clutch release" or something like that and see if more suggestions come up.

A 69 clutch cable would also solve that problem.

-- Larry

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Re: Clutch not releasing?
Posted by: steve goodman ()
Date: November 06, 2005 11:48AM

Hello Bill: There seems to be a typical problem with the V8 cars and the hydraulic clutch parts involved. Sometimes the bracket that the slave is mounted onto is too flimsy and moves when the clutch is depressed, I saw one that the bulkhead under the dash was moving when the pedal was pushing on the master cylinder.

Most of the time however the problem will be easy: bleed the clutch system

OR more difficult: finding the proper match of master cylinder and slave cylinder diameters to properly push the release bearing fork.

I hope yours only needs bleeding, same process as the brake system. Good luck and enjoy your toy!!!!!

Best, Steve

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Re: Corv-8
Posted by: VairKing ()
Date: November 06, 2005 03:37PM

Yep something funny in the clutch. Its probably home made and not adjustable...Like mine is...Not for long though, Jegs and Summit sell adjustable salve cylinders and master cylinder combos, not cheap, but you would never have to mess with it...Its what Im gonna change to...

Ryan Counterman (Moderator)
1965 Corsa Kelmark V8 400 HP ///1965 Monza Sedan 110/PG /// Ultimate Corvair Hauler/// Don Eichstaedt's 1965 Corsa Racecar
West Michigan Corvair Club /// 1966 Corsa GTP Convertible Mid Engine 3.8L Supercharged project stalled

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Re: Corv-8
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: November 06, 2005 03:41PM

Folks! he said it WAS shifting! drove it home!

Most likely if hydraulic...a slow leak..MC low on fluid....

Just take the MC and / or Slave apart..clean.......most likely will seal fine.....very low pressure compared to brakes...

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