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Re: 2023 Wisconsin Dells CORSA convention
Posted by: 67 airvair ()
Date: May 18, 2023 08:11AM

Eido, as a veteran of all the conventions (Larry Claypool and I are the only ones*) may I say welcome! Just get hold of the convention schedule and try to attend as many of the events as possible. Note which ones interest you the most and then don't miss them.

But be sure to cruise through the vending areas several times during the convention, as things change almost on a daily if not hourly basis. If you are looking for specific part(s), shop early and keep tabs on the vending area, as some vendors are not always present all through the convention. Some will not always set out all they have at once, either. And if you are looking at a rare part and want/need it, GRAB IT! You may just score the only one of its kind. Also note that SOME vendors will bargain, some won't. Just be respectful of the individual.

Above all, make friends and contacts. It's the one thing you can't do over the internet nearly as well. I wouldn't have had as many opportunities to buy and own some awesome cars and rare/desirable parts, nor know as many good people and contacts if it weren't for the conventions. Thus, as Fred Bybee once said to me, the conventions have become more like a family reunion. Over the years, I've met some of the most fantastic people and had the good fortune to make so many friends, all of whom I love dearly, all because of the conventions.

Wear yourself out, blow insane amounts of money, but above all, enjoy the events and love making new friends!

-Mark Corbin

*P.S. Third member of the group, Ron F., is bowing out as of this convention, if I read him right in Georgia.

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