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LM factory Ac fittings sizes Question?
Posted by: blkcorvair ()
Date: January 20, 2023 07:17PM

Working on replacing lines and fittings on my factory 1965 AC. Am I crazy or are these all “step up” fittings? Look like drier is #6 with #8 hoses. And compressor hoses are #8 & # 10 with #10 and #12 hoses? I need to rearrange a few hoses with the new 140 engine install in place and looking to order the correct fittings/ hoses

Re: LM factory Ac fittings sizes Question?
Posted by: Timothy Shortle ()
Date: January 20, 2023 07:27PM

You might be crazy and they are all "barb" (step up?) fittings. No 65 140 Corvair ever had air conditioning.

Re: LM factory Ac fittings sizes Question?
Posted by: blkcorvair ()
Date: January 20, 2023 07:38PM

The car was a 110 PG with factory air. I am in the middle of swapping in a 140 4spd. I had previously changed the 65 Condenser To a 66 + style. But the lines were already there so I had them shortened and it was a quick swap. Now I need to re route lines and relocate the 65 drier to the trunk so I just want to change all the lines and fittings. It looks like the factory barbed drier fittings are #6 in thread size (5/8) but they are connected to #8. 13/32 hose. Also Clark’s mentions That the sanden fittings are “step Up fittings” wondering if the rest are. I haven’t taken apart yet but was going to try and order the lines and fittings.

Re: LM factory Ac fittings sizes Question?
Posted by: junkman ()
Date: January 21, 2023 02:04AM

The original rubber hose that GM used in 1966 has been discontinued by most of the hose manufacturers. It was then replaced by a hose that has a smaller OD, but the ID remains the same. I believe that today even that hose is now obsolete and they are now selling the hose with an even smaller OD. You might still be able to find the original heavy rubber coating hose on eBay if you search through all the listings. When it was originally being discontinued, I bought a 25' roll of each of the 3 sizes that my 1962 Chevrolet BelAir used, knowing that as the years go by original-looking products are going to be more difficult to find. The hose that I purchased was a Goodyear Galaxy hose for R12 & R134A. I did find some on eBay however, it is difficult to tell the OD of the hose that they are selling. About 5 years ago it was all over eBay for about $1 per foot with inexpensive shipping. A hint is that the more types of refrigerant listed for the hose, the less likely that it will look correct for your car. Most hose today is for use with mechanical compression metal hose end fittings which will be difficult to get a good connection with the barbed fittings. eBay item number:332640550121

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Re: LM factory Ac fittings sizes Question?
Posted by: blkcorvair ()
Date: January 23, 2023 12:44PM

I was able to call and speak to Tech support at Clarks today. To answer my original question, they are inded "Step up Fittings" On the condensor and the Sanden compressor converion. I will verify the Drier but I do belive they are "Step Up" fittings as well.

The 66+ Clarks Condensor uses one #6 FOR to #8 Hose fitting & one #8 FOR to #10 Hose Fitting. The Sanden compressor uses one #8 FOR to #10 Hose fitting and one #10 FOR to #12 Hose Fitting.

I suspect the Drier Fittings are both #6 MOR to #8 hose as well, but I will verify. Figured I ould post the findings for the next person.

FOR = Female Oring
MOR + Male Oring

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