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F/B Ad for Windshields in Los Angeles
Posted by: Phil Dally ()
Date: November 16, 2022 07:09AM

I know more than one member looking.

This seller also has a couple other ads.

They say he has lots of Corvair parts.


Re: F/B Ad for Windshields in Los Angeles
Posted by: PequotMonza64 ()
Date: November 16, 2022 11:18AM

When I was heavily in British Rover sedans, my house, attic, and crawlspace were full of Rover parts like that but worse. You couldn't throw the stuff away because it was unobtainable in the USA. When I moved, I had about six cylinder heads that I couldn't give away even though I was well networked with Rover people in the USA and Canada. I managed to find homes for most of it when I moved. I have a spare back window for my 64 Monza up in the rafters of my garage. It replaced the ancient pickup truck window that was there when I moved in.

Glen in Ohio
1964 Monza Sedan Powerglide 110 hp
Low mileage survivor, stock as delivered
Records back to 1967 in Pequot Lakes, Minnesota
Original dealer Mike Turk's in East Liverpool, Ohio
Located in Cleveland, Ohio area

Re: F/B Ad for Windshields in Los Angeles
Posted by: corventure Dave ()
Date: November 16, 2022 12:02PM

I no longer have facebook. It was just too darn annoying! However this location is just over the hill from me. I am not familiar with the sellers name. I may be wrong but I don't recall his name with local chapters either.
I hope he reaches out to our local chapters also.

Corventure Dave

Re: F/B Ad for Windshields in Los Angeles
Posted by: wittsend ()
Date: November 17, 2022 09:24AM

"However this location is just over the hill from me."

As he is from me as well. It looks like the doors are EM 4 door and an EM 4 door back glass. Thus it leads me to believe the windshields are similar?

Ironic that he stores them in his attic. I do as well (that is where my Lakewood replacement is "hidden"). It is the one place others won't be venturing and they are relatively safe from inadvertently being hit. A number of years back I started to become aware of windshields being hard to find (and $500+ when they were) and started to procure them at Pick Your Part half price sales for about $20 each. Never got one for each of my seven cars but I do have three stored.


***'61 Lakewood, a "Freebie" in hibernation for 27 years - In the process of applying CPR.***

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