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Thanks You, Everyone!
Posted by: PequotMonza64 ()
Date: August 07, 2022 02:10PM

I bought my Corvair a few months ago with old car experience but ZERO knowledge of Corvairs. I had never even ridden in a Corvair until the day I bought one. You guys who have owned Corvairs for a long time may now think a lot of the little things are just common sense, but in fact that's knowledge earned through the school of hard knocks.

I greatly appreciate those who have offered help and sometimes had to be very patient with me.

At this point, I've been really persistent with some issues with my car and some of the subtle things, the small things, are starting to kick in and really make sense. You can read all the posts in the world and read all of the procedures in the manuals, but sometimes it just takes a while for the light to suddenly dawn and for the big picture to come into focus.

Anyway, I'm making real progress, and I appreciate the knowledge base here. I bought this car from a guy who claimed to be a mechanic, and I am solving some issues with this car that he never solved. He might have been a mechanic, but he doesn't seem to have had access to you guys!

Special thanks to American Mel who has been especially helpful in the background.

Glen in Ohio
1964 Monza Sedan Powerglide 110 hp
Low mileage survivor, stock as delivered
Records back to 1967 in Pequot Lakes, Minnesota
Original dealer Mike Turk's in East Liverpool, Ohio
Located in Cleveland, Ohio area

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Re: Thanks You, Everyone!
Posted by: detroitdude ()
Date: August 07, 2022 06:17PM

I didn't contribute anything but
I just wanted to say that Corvair
people in general are some of nicest
guys and gals around.
And yes American Mel is very helpful
he was super nice when I was having
problems with my corvair, he even
gave me his phone number to help out.

Dan Dood
69 Monza Convertible
66 500 Coupe
61 Monza 4 door

Detroit, Michigan

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Re: Thanks You, Everyone!
Posted by: DOUG WARD ()
Date: August 07, 2022 06:45PM

Hello Glen, We all welcome your questions & thoughts here on CCF. My 1st Corvair was a brand new '61 Monza 4 speed coupe & I have had about 10 Corvairs since that Dec. 25th day of 1960.I believe you are fortunate to have the best of the early models with your '64 Monza. It looks to be a really nice surviver.
I have also learned a lot from this bunch of people, & have been able to contribute also. Stay in touch with us. It's gonna be a good ride.

Doug Ward
Orange, Calif.
65 Corsa 180, 64 Monza convertible, 61 Lakewood, 61 Monza

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Re: Thanks You, Everyone!
Posted by: jazzworkerbee ()
Date: August 08, 2022 12:40PM

You'll find a wealth of knowledge here. I for one can attest to the help that I've gotten on this forum and from my local club members when it came to getting things done efficiently and safely!

Daniel Atkinson
Tacoma, WA
65 Turbocharged Corsa

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Re: Thanks You, Everyone!
Posted by: JimBrandberg ()
Date: August 09, 2022 04:54AM

The final 10% of sorting can take a lot of time. Not time like 8 hours straight but time to change a little something, test drive it again and then mull over the next little something. Oftentimes a lot of little somethings get fine tuned that otherwise may have been deemed close enough before figuring out the big something, if you know what I mean.

Jim Brandberg
Isanti, MN

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