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For no particular reason
Posted by: dhomuth ()
Date: August 01, 2022 07:38AM

The temperature broke yesterday, and on an impulse I put the top down on the Corsa convertible and went for a ride. No good reason -- just wanted to go for a ride. The country roads around here offer a variety of terrain. I'd almost forgotten how being in a convertible makes one more conscious of the air as you move through it. A dip in the road near a forested creek, and the temperature drops noticeably. The smell of the air at the bottom of the draw is redolent with moistness and vegetation. Driving past hayfields now being harvested is decidedly hotter, and the smell is somehow more astringent. Driving by a plant nursery with the irrigation system running is an interesting mixture of unidentifiable smells. In a conifer-covered area, the slight smell of turpentine and conifers comes and goes within just a few seconds. There was an audial pleasure as well -- unlike the rumbling sound of a V-8, that flat 6 boxster engine had a drone to it that seemed to be most noticeable at about 2500-3000 rpm emanating from behind. Didn't drive fast -- maybe 45-55 mph on roads without much traffic. The usual driving experience of being sealed inside an air conditioned car doesn't allow for that set of sensations. This overall sensual pleasure of the drive is unique to convertibles. I may do this again -- next time for this good reason. It is the very essence of a Pleasure Drive in the country

1966 Corvair Corsa convertible
Same car I bought in 1/68 the night before I went to Viet Nam he second time. Got it back in 8/15. Very near concours perfect.

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Re: For no particular reason
Posted by: bobvair ()
Date: August 01, 2022 07:55AM

Well put Don. Beautifully stated. Thanks.

Bob Slusher

Portland, Oregon
63 Rampside
65 Corsa Turbo Vert

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Re: For no particular reason
Posted by: jjohnsonjo ()
Date: August 01, 2022 08:30AM

I do it all the time, I live just south of the Pocono mountains in eastern Pa. Top comes down in spring and up in fall. Not big on car shows, I only attend occasionally. Only decision is the Vair or BMW bike which is quiet. Britany Spaniel always votes for the Vair. Nicely written Don.


65 Corsa Turbo Vert
79 Honda XL 500S
69 Honda CL 160 D
2010 BMW F 650 GS
2003 Bounder 36D
2013 KIA Optima SX turbo-AKA ZIPPY (wife,s car)
69 Newport Holiday Sailboat
Baja 150 dune buggy cart
Coleman HS 500 UTV
2016 KIA Sorento SXL Turbo


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Re: For no particular reason
Posted by: Colorsarge ()
Date: August 01, 2022 09:10AM

Lincoln, my yellow Lab, loves top down drives for the same reasons. The back seat is his. Would never own a show queen because then he couldn't come.

Frankford, De., eight miles north of Ocean City, Md.
1966 Corsa convt.

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Re: For no particular reason
Posted by: Monzaguy110 ()
Date: August 01, 2022 04:48PM

This is my first convertible and I got to agree. The open ride is really like nothing else on those country roads.

1965 Monza Convertible

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Re: For no particular reason
Posted by: DOUG WARD ()
Date: August 01, 2022 05:34PM

Thanks Don, Now, I remember the stuff I also enjoyed back in the days when I had a convertible. ( '30 Model "A", '49 Chevy, several Brit roadsters), and now I am about to embark in the restoration of my recently acquired '62 Monza convert. You always seem to have the right words of encouragement to get me off my butt & enjoy whatever Corvair I am involved with.

Doug Ward
Orange, Calif.
65 Corsa 180, 64 Monza convertible, 61 Lakewood, 61 Monza

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Re: For no particular reason
Posted by: scottymac ()
Date: August 01, 2022 10:04PM

A long ago, probably forgotten, kindness. Probably from a 1975 COMMUNIQUE; going through some old club lit, forgot to write down the date.

Danville, In.
'65 Corsa coupe basket case
'66 Monza coupe

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Re: For no particular reason
Posted by: gbullman ()
Date: August 02, 2022 04:58AM


You described the majority of rides I / we take in our 66 Corsa Convertible. Even though we live in the fairly dense suburbs of northern NJ, we are just minutes away from the highlands. Much like J.O. described within minutes well are in the surrounding hills, enjoying all sorts of terrain.

This is our 2nd convertible (1st was a 79 MGcool smiley and so much more comfortable and capable. I always kind of wanted a convertible and I’m so glad I finally have one that I can take anywhere.

1966 Corsa Convertible
Northern New Jersey

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Re: For no particular reason
Posted by: JimBrandberg ()
Date: August 02, 2022 05:15AM

My buddy Peter Schmit once commented that convertibles are best for summer evenings. Too much sun and too hot during the day.
I took the long way home from a canceled car show last Saturday evening with the top down after the summer rain. I found myself slowing down and enjoying the PG ride.
For no particular reason I stopped in to see my friend Jerry Berge and his son and grandson, all Corvair enthusiasts, Jerry since 1960.
It was like I smelled the roses. Very refreshing.

Jim Brandberg
Isanti, MN

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