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Rampside Running Rough
Posted by: SkidRo ()
Date: June 23, 2022 09:08AM


Up until about 1 month ago or so I could start, idle and drive my Rampside without issue (still not on the road but drive it as in test drives, etc.).

This is a 110, I rebuilt the carbs a while back, and I synced, set the idle, set timing ... (not in that order but just clarifying what I did and how it ran).

The ONLY thing that I did since then is drop the transmission pan (it's a PG), drain the fluid, and then replaced the pan gasket, fill it and test how it worked, which was a lot better than before the fluid change.

Now it's hard to start requiring long crank times, lots of pumping the gas pedal, and constantly giving it gas to continue to run. It also idles rough, it seems to not be firing on the right bank until I give it gas, the left side carb will backfire when giving it gas, and it runs and drives rough. For the right side not working statement, that may just be a symptom of whatever is happening on the left side carb.

I did put fresh gas in it recently but this issue dated the 5 gallons of gas I added.

I am looking for ideas on where to begin. I am thinking fuel pump, clogged filters in the carbs, timing (but how would that change) and possibly clogged carbs.

Let me know where to begin. This is driving me nuts. I was about to get it tagged and start driving it.


66 Corsa
63 Rampside
Silver Spring, MD

Re: Rampside Running Rough
Posted by: Brizo ()
Date: June 23, 2022 09:31AM

First, check all the vacuum connections, then check the firing order, then if you still have points check the dwell/gap. Then while its idling, shoot a short burst of spray carb cleaner down each carb. If one shot makes it perk up and smooth out for few a few seconds, that carbs idle jet tube may be clogged, which often happens right after a rebuild. You could also choke the carbs slowly with your hand and accomplish the came thing.

Dan Brizendine, Circle City Corvairs
'64 8 door Greenbrier, +.060, stroked 1/4", 186 ci.140 PG. "In beautiful Wanamaker Indiana...with one stop light and 5 pizza shops"

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Re: Rampside Running Rough
Posted by: corventure Dave ()
Date: June 23, 2022 09:35AM

Could be many possible things.
What ignition system are you using? Pertronix, points, other?
Also check for vacuum leaks. I had a friend who had similar issues and it turned out that mice had chewed through a couple vacuum lines.
An electric fuel pump will prime the carburetors much faster than the stock mechanical pump.
I would also not rule out carburetor issues, even tho they had been gone through recently. Do the accelerator pumps have the new Viton cups "Blue" or the old Black cups that break down with modern gas?

Corventure Dave

Re: Rampside Running Rough
Posted by: SkidRo ()
Date: June 23, 2022 09:43AM

Thanks for the quick responses. I will check these things especially vacuum leaks, I have not replaced the decades old rubber lines yet.

It is points with the stock fuel pump.

I agree that it could be the carbs after the rebuild.

66 Corsa
63 Rampside
Silver Spring, MD

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