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starting my 180HP build
Posted by: jfreez ()
Date: June 02, 2022 02:25PM

Just tore down my engine. I want to build it as basically stock. I don't mind having a few internal upgrades, but durability is my primary objective here.

Problems I need to address:
1. looks like some water got into the case and caused some surface rust on the lifters - plan on replacing all of them.

2. one of the cylinders has a decent amount of rust in it. I don't know if I should try to find one standard cylinder to fix this, or pony up for a complete set. leaning towards buying a full set of cylinders with fitted pistons an rods.

3. looks like the cam is done for. I need to learn what cams are good in Turbo engines. Probably buy new with cam gear preinstalled.

4. Heads look very good, but since its a turbo, I am having them gone through to be on the safe side, I have an excellent machinist on the task.

5. crank looks good, but also having the machinist look it over and going to have it polished. Noticed its not a nitrated crank, but I think I can live with that.

6. lots of build up in the cylinders. The person I bought it off of said it smoked a lot. Looks like oil ring gap was huge. Build will include all new rings and bearings.

my next step is to clean the case up so that we can bolt it together and measure everything.

Any advice or warnings is very appreciated. My builder has built a few of these, but his specialty is Porsche and VW air-cooled engines

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Re: starting my 180HP build
Posted by: jjohnsonjo ()
Date: June 02, 2022 02:36PM

Are you certain its not nitrided, there is a good reason for this, might look for a good nitrided one.

GM 304 cam is a ggod choice for a turbo, Clarks has repo

I would just get Clarks over bored stock jugs

Do NOT reuse GM pistons


65 Corsa Turbo Vert
79 Honda XL 500S
69 Honda CL 160 D
2010 BMW F 650 GS
2003 Bounder 36D
2013 KIA Optima SX turbo-AKA ZIPPY (wife,s car)
69 Newport Holiday Sailboat
Baja 150 dune buggy cart
Coleman HS 500 UTV
2016 KIA Sorento SXL Turbo


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Re: starting my 180HP build
Posted by: jfreez ()
Date: June 02, 2022 02:41PM

I was not able to find the & on the end of the crank shaft.
I will look at that cam.

sounds like I have your vote to go with the fitted pistons/jugs/rods from clarks.

I think that's the best bet, I just have to budget it out a little longer,

Thank you.

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Re: starting my 180HP build
Posted by: Darrin ()
Date: June 03, 2022 07:19AM

304 cam is good for stock performance and I would upgrade to forged pistons. If you have a good machinist you can get oversized pistons and your shop can bore the old cylinders, probably a savings over the Clark's full sets. I would go .040 over.

Consider swapping out your stock turbo heads for 95HP heads. Better combustion chamber design = less likelihood of harmful predetonation. Same cost to rebuild them as your current heads and can be had for less than $200. Good upgrade.

Consider moving to an F/B turbo - better than stock performance but does not require elaborate boost control like a wastegate.

The list gets long quickly.

Be sure and have fun.

Darrin Hartzler
Bethesda, MD/Catlett, VA

Northern Virginia Corvairs & Group Corvair

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Re: starting my 180HP build
Posted by: alphasud ()
Date: June 03, 2022 08:15AM

Don’t forget to reassemble the engine case, torque and measure cam journals, fit cylinders and test torque the head studs.

David North Idaho
1965 Corsa Turbo converted to 140
1971 Super Beetle with 2.5L Subaru engine
1988 Citroen CX 25 GTI Turbo

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Re: starting my 180HP build
Posted by: ROD ()
Date: June 03, 2022 06:25PM

sealer on the corners when the case halves go together

have the lower cylinder tins ready as the heads go on

no washers on the lower bellhousing bolts

have fun smileys with beer

Rod Tetrault
El Cajon , CA
65 Corsa Yenko Clone / 65 Corsa EO Creampuff Vert
66 Corsa "JIMISH" Mid engine Turbo LS1 currently 2nd fastest Corvair in the USA
Corvair powered Buggy x 3
Enough hidden parts to build a space ship

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Re: starting my 180HP build
Posted by: solo2r ()
Date: June 03, 2022 08:04PM

Install a Safeguard when installing rebuilt engine

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