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Early windshield needed in LA area
Posted by: v8vair ()
Date: May 16, 2022 06:28AM

I need a Lakewood windshield, preferably one in Los Angeles area

1964 Bill Thomas Monza Replica Racer
1964 Spyder Street Car
1998 Honda Prelude Dirt track car
1967 Crown V8 under construction
Mike Levine
Cumming Georgia
North of Atlanta

Re: Early windshield needed in LA area
Posted by: Phil Dally ()
Date: May 16, 2022 06:36AM

Call Jeff at CA Corvair in Chino.


Re: Early windshield needed in LA area
Posted by: junkman ()
Date: May 16, 2022 07:11AM

Lakewood wagon windshields have been in short supply for decades. I don't believe that they were ever reproduced, so the only chance of getting one will be a used one. They are taller in size than the sedan, coupe, or convertible windshield.

Woodstock CT... Located on the Connecticut / Massachusetts border, approximately 6 miles from the center of Southbridge MA. About 45 minutes from Hartford CT. 1 1/2 hours West of Boston MA. Woodstock CT to Los Angeles CA 2,937.1 miles. 1 Mile as the crow flies to Big Bird's nest.

Re: Early windshield needed in LA area
Posted by: wittsend ()
Date: May 16, 2022 09:49AM

I wish you the best in finding one. I frequented two Pick Your Parts monthly and Pick N' Pull's on vacation and in 25 years only ever found ONE wagon windshield. And that was over 25 years ago. Even 80's cars are getting hard to find now much less a rare 60's car.

One thing I have considered was IF there is no variation other than the stated 2 inches taller that perhaps a regular (non-wagon) windshield could be used and either a filler plate (aluminum/plastic) with "H" channel rubber or reworking the upper area with steel (for those skilled to do so) was an option. It might take on an "Ambulance" look from the front but it would put the car back on the road.

As to the wagon windshield I found 25 years ago, It was in Fresno. I was on vacation with two very small children in the back seat of an Audi 5000. I paid $22 for the windshield. It BARELY fit on the floor in the back of the car but the kids dangling legs kept hitting it. When I arrived at my brothers in Sacramento I made a wood frame and told him I'd figure out how to get it back home (400 miles) "someday." Turns out my nephew was sent to Oregon to pick up furniture by his boss. He stopped by to see my brother and 10 days later when I arrived home from vacation there was my wagon windshield sitting on my living room floor when I walked in the door!

Re: Early windshield needed in LA area
Posted by: solo2r ()
Date: May 16, 2022 08:54PM

I had a new one installed in this '62 at Cosmo glass in Canoga Park 818-578-4061 In fact, I had them make all new side glass too! He actually found the rear hatch glass as well!

Re: Early windshield needed in LA area
Posted by: wittsend ()
Date: May 17, 2022 10:26AM

A while back there was a wagon windshield on Ebay for the longest time (no longer available). Maybe that is the one Cosmos got? Most glass shops only want to deal with what they can readily get. If there are other wagon windshields out there it will probably be an old school shop that is willing to take the time and likely knows possible sources to acquire it.

A lot of the windshields for older cars just don't make sense to reproduce. Who would manufacture something with the small probability of need and the lengthy investment of storage for someday - maybe. While computer controlled plotters can easily cut the shape it seems the bending frame would also be a rare item to invest in or even store if previously the manufacture had one.

Wheeler Dealer had a Saab that needed a new windshield. They actually cut that out of a modern Chevy Impala windshield but given the shape of the Corvair windshield that will never be a 'cut-out'. I assume the standard Corvair has enough of a demand to have short runs made - as needed. Not sure what it would take to add the wagons extra 2" but even if feasible one would have to wait from another run to be made. That is why in an earlier post I considered a fill piece on the wagon.

It sure would be nice if there was an acceptable plastic substitute. They could just take the old, cracked windshield, drape the plastic over it, heat it until it sagged to shape and trim the ends. I saw an old Citroen at a car show once with a plastic windshield. Today I wonder how many cops even know plastic is not acceptable???

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