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Make your Corvair go Plaid!!
Posted by: Marco_a_p ()
Date: February 01, 2022 10:13AM


A 2nd Gen Monza Wagon, a 2nd Gen GB 8door, a 2nd Gen (61's were 1st Gen) R/s and a 62nd Gen Turbo coupe..

Hanging out with the scorpions, king snakes, road runners, coyotes and quails In the southern desert of the silver state
Mesquite NV 89024

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Re: Make your Corvair go Plaid!!
Posted by: isucorvair ()
Date: February 01, 2022 10:18AM

I'm ordering one....for my Monza Jr.

Eric P.
DeWitt, IA

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Re: Make your Corvair go Plaid!!
Posted by: 66vairman ()
Date: February 01, 2022 01:31PM

Oh Oh - Marco - you have all the anti-EV folks howling - LOL.

In spite of all the "opinions", it appears ICE engines will be around for many decades, but mostly for high end performance vehicles, and often in hy-brid configurations. What about fuel? "E-fuels" are under development. Many will be "direct replacement" fuels for gasoline and will be carbon neutral, so you can drive around with a clear conscious. They will be expensive fuels, but I doubt many folks with deep pockets for expensive ICE sports cars will mind.

EV's won't take over as soon as some would like, but make no mistake -- MOST folks don't care what kind of power train moves the vehicle. Reliability, low maintenance, comfort, and PRICE are the major concerns. The EV will excel in those areas in a few years as manufacturing costs have dropped faster than expected. If folks can save 10% on a car going EV vs. ICE, THEN THEY WILL!

With Corvair engine rebuilds around $5,000.00 and UP, it's only a matter of time before EV powertrains are installed to keep them moving.

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