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Posted by: JimBrandberg ()
Date: October 14, 2021 07:22PM

I put together my website with Go Daddy 10 years ago using their website builder.
A few years ago I was forced into a new website builder for more money. I had to rebuild the website even though I was happy with it the way it was.
This month they got rid of whatever they had for e-mail and replaced it with Microsoft Outlook 365. I hate it compared to the old one and now I'm being forced to pay $28 for it.
They auto-renewed me into another year of website builder for $180. When I called they moved me to a basic plan for $120.
Between the website builder and the e-mail upcharge I'm spending $150 a year for a website that I never feel the need to change.
Is there another alternative for me? I feel like I'm getting the screw job from Go Daddy and usually when I call I can't understand the person with English as a second language. I just don't have the time or enthusiasm for writing code and all that. I learned about it 10 years ago but have forgotten it all. I'm sort of a dinosaur and really don't want to learn more computer jazz.
Sorry for no Corvair content but this is a pretty smart bunch of people and about the only group I know.

Jim Brandberg
Isanti, MN

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Re: Websites
Posted by: MattNall ()
Date: October 14, 2021 07:54PM

Your local chapter of Corsa!! Surely they have a web savvy person who takes care of the website? They can host it on Corsa's server.

Then you only pay GoDaddy for a "redirect" and the domain name!

Sea Mountain, between Charleston Harbor and Coos Bay! SW Oregon Coast
Click HERE for My Website...Click HERE for My TechPages!

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Re: Websites
Posted by: Phil Dally ()
Date: October 14, 2021 08:23PM

Apparently I never noticed your web page in your signature...vairy classy Jim.

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Re: Websites
Posted by: gbullman ()
Date: October 15, 2021 04:29AM


I was webmaster for our church a few years back and what we did to save money is get a basic hosting account (which includes e-mail) and we used Drupal to set up the site. Once Drupal is installed you log into the site to create it and maintain it so one doesn’t have to be a web guru to keep the site up to date.

The hosting companies typically offer a really aggressive intro price (pay up front for multiple years) and then come up to $10 a month or so after the intro plan is done. Drupal runs on the LAMP stack of technology which is offered by pretty much all of the lower cost hosting companies.

Drupal is free and well supported and it is quite portable so not that big a deal to switch to another hosting company’s intro plan once the first one is used up.

Also, it is relatively easy to set Drupal up on your computer to build the site locally then make the cut to a new hosting company when you’re ready.

PM me if this sounds of interest and we can talk about whether this works for you or not.


1966 Corsa Convertible
Northern New Jersey

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Re: Websites
Posted by: playerpage ()
Date: October 15, 2021 05:08AM

I have my GoDaddy stripped down to straight hosting, and they charge $18.99 a year for that. I also have my email simply forwarding to another email and I can't remember how much that is but it's very minimal.

Go ahead and used to charge me those large prices until I called up and got everything paired down. Now my domain just forwards to, which doesn't cost me anything because I use their free tools.

Eric C. Player
Fargo, North Dakota
MEMBER: CORSA National, Central Coast CORSA, South Coast CORSA, Vintage CORSA, Sfba CORSA, and Great Plains Corvair Club.
THEN: 1965 Monza 110, Canary Yellow - 1965 Corsa 180 Turbo, Red - 1966 Monza 110, Purple - 1967 Monza 140, Red - 1966 500 110, Black; nicknamed "Shadow" - 1965 Monza 110, Camaro Yellow; nicknamed "Silver"
NOW: 1966 Corsa 180 Turbo, Blue; nicknamed "Bluvair"
"He cautioned me not to take notes. It would not have helped if I had, as he would start a paragraph with, 'It is therefore obvious. . .'
and go on from there to matters which may have been obvious to him and God but to no one else."
-- Robert A. Heinlein, character of Daniel B. Davis, 'The Door Into Summer.'

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Re: Websites
Posted by: ROD ()
Date: October 15, 2021 08:17AM

We have been with Bluehost since 2013. website with 2 domain names & email. So far they have been reliable if that helps

Rod Tetrault
El Cajon , CA
65 Corsa Yenko Clone / 65 Corsa EO Creampuff Vert
66 Corsa "JIMISH" Mid engine Turbo LS1 currently 2nd fastest Corvair in the USA
Corvair powered Buggy x 3
Enough hidden parts to build a space ship

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Re: Websites
Posted by: AlecCarlson ()
Date: October 15, 2021 08:21AM


Your website doesn't look that complicated. If you are a Windows user, I can't help you - I only use Apple equipment. However, if you are a Mac user, I recommend an application called EverWeb. You can Google it. I use it for building websites. I have 3 or 4 or them. It's a drag and drop interface and is pretty easy to use. I sent you a PM of a sample webpage I threw together this morning.

Dahlonega, GA
1965 Corsa Convertible Turbo 4-Speed
Restoration "In Progress"

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Re: Websites
Posted by: 66vairman ()
Date: October 15, 2021 08:38AM

MattNall Wrote:
> Your local chapter of Corsa!! Surely they have a web savvy person who takes care of the website? They can host it on Corsa's server.
> Then you only pay GoDaddy for a "redirect" and the domain name!

Years ago a fellow in our club created our site with CORSA. When he moved away he got me to temporarily take over, but my dealings with the "person" at CORSA was "unpleasant and unhelpful" to say the least. Eventually someone else in our club took over and just stripped everything down at CORSA to a redirect to accounts he keeps active on Facebook and Instagram.

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Re: Websites
Posted by: JimBrandberg ()
Date: October 16, 2021 07:03AM

I'm very appreciative of the thoughtful replies and PM help. It's good to know that I have other options.

For now I'm paid up with Go Daddy and will skate for a few months. I've got like 25 Corvair jobs waiting and can't spend the time just now, maybe this Winter.

It's been my experience that computer stuff that takes someone else 1/2 hour takes me all day. It will be good experience for me though.

Again thank you very much and I will look back at this to get started one day soon.

I seem to remember Corvair Minnesota website hosted by Hemmings but maybe that's changed. We have a new volunteer, the other guy was doing it since computers were invented and was weary of it for years now.

Jim Brandberg
Isanti, MN

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Re: Websites
Posted by: Wagon Master ()
Date: October 16, 2021 08:03AM

Jim, If you have 25 "Paying" Corvair jobs waiting....there's worse problems to have in today's market.

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Re: Websites
Posted by: Allan Lacki ()
Date: October 17, 2021 05:33AM

You can put your club's website up on the CORSA server for free, providing your club is a chapter of CORSA. But you'll need to write your own code and transfer the files to the server by yourself. That's what I do. To do the file transfers, I used FileZilla client. CORSA will give you the password, etc. so you can do the transfers.

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