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From the thread: Corvairs still turn heads
Posted by: 67 airvair ()
Date: February 23, 2021 03:04AM

You who are so lucky as to live where they don't use that other four-letter-word, I am jealous. Where I live they don't just spread salt, they pave the roads with it! New blacktop literally becomes indistingousable from white-colored concrete.
As to the question, Hell yes, they're a blast to drive in snow. I love to toss a Corvair into a snow covered corner. Such fun no other car will give you, and I've had everything imageable. I once even had a VW 412 with snow tires. Got it stuck in a snow drift once. Got my Corvair out, drove through the snow drift,and pulled the VW out of the drift, with only regular tires on it. So much for VW's famed go through anything reputation.


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