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Posted by: eddieb ()
Date: October 14, 2020 07:53AM

A week or so ago I posted that a buddy of mine wanted an EM (conv or coupe). Got a lot of response which I passed onto him. He now has 4 choices he's sorting out. A couple are about 500 miles from him, he's in Fla.Now he needs info on a reliable shipper preferably someone located in the southeast. He has contacted several but nothing seems to stand out.He prefers a closed transport (these cars are to nice for open). Any and all suggestions will be passed onto him.Somewhere down the road I will get him into the Corvair world. EddieB Dade City,Fl

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Re: shippers
Posted by: Timothy Shortle ()
Date: October 14, 2020 09:17AM

If buying a car 500 miles away I would probably drive up, stay the night and then drive back home.

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Re: shippers
Posted by: wittsend ()
Date: October 14, 2020 10:35AM

I can't advise who to use but beware of places that offer low costs. I've read a host of sad stories. A lot of these "deals" have the car on/off the transport as the car "inches" toward its destination. Also claims of "the battery was dead" and the cost skyrocks because of the "manufactured" difficulty.

I'm with Timothy. If the car is close enough, just go get it. It might be before the cash exchanges hands the buyer might see reasons to NOT buy the car. It can be disappointing and frustrating to come home empty handed but in the long run wise.

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Re: shippers
Posted by: Caraholic4life ()
Date: October 14, 2020 02:04PM

I did a search on another site I frequent and came up with a couple possible choices that might work. The person who recommended it said (posted 03-14-2003)
"The Prowler made it to Jupiter, FL safe and sound. Intercity Lines transported the car and they did a remarkable job and they were affordable. I'd recommend them."
[] Back in 2003 it cost $950.00 from CT to FL.

Other companies members who own Prowlers have used and are happy with include:
[] They were the carrier Chrysler used to deliver Prowlers to the dealers.
[] (Based out of Miami Fl.)

Here is a link to a place that offers "Reviews" of Transport companies.
Keep in mind that anyone you choose needs to be well insured.

[] (Oops, I neglected to include the link for the review site.)confused smiley

1962 95 F.C. Van
1965 Monza Coupe
1965 Monza Convertible
Westminster, Maryland

MID ENG enthusiast &
prior Kelmark owner.

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Re: shippers
Posted by: 1963RedBrier ()
Date: October 14, 2020 06:28PM

We know it's going to Florida, but where does the new Corvair need to be moved from?

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Re: shippers
Posted by: grubin ()
Date: October 15, 2020 03:40AM

I used Reliable from Shades Corvair to upstate NY Took a bit longer was only a few bucks more but worth every penny

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Re: shippers
Posted by: joelsplace ()
Date: October 15, 2020 03:12PM

I used U-ship and they did the bait and switch. After stringing me along for several days they raised the price.

Northlake, TX
5 Ultravans, 113 Corvairs and counting...

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