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Assorted spare parts for sale
Date: March 04, 2020 06:42PM


Hello all, I've accumulated a couple extra parts I have no use for and need to sell so I can buy more other parts grinning smiley. I'd have to do a lot of thinking to determine prices for all of these so just make me an offer for what you're interested in for what you think is fair, I'm also open to trades for FC parts.

2X Long plastic floor air ducts

2X Generators

2X Fisher door sill trim (These are unused but have suffered corrosion, do seem to clean up with polishing)

22X Monza hubcaps (There are assorted styles and years and will need some cleaning and polishing)

4X Chevy wire hubcaps

2x PG dash cluster

1X Dash trim plate

1X Monza 900 dash

1X Monza 900 glovebox door

1X Rearview mirror (The chrome is bad, and the mirror surface is going. Might still be useful to someone in some way?

3X Monza badges

2X Red vinyl sun visors (Vinyl is ok but seams are coming undone, also someone spray painted the chrome mounts for some reason, the paint scrapes off with a fingernail though and the chrome seems in decent shape)

7X Carburetor (All of these should be considered for parts or strong rebuild, I'll look to get specific numbers)

2X torque converter (One is rebuilt and looks to be unused, the other is used and in uncertain condition)

2X LM rear axles

5X distributers (Decent shape, at least one 60-61, I'll try to add numbers)

1X 65 up (I think) PG differential (GM number on the casting is 3879565, I'll have to check what it is exactly)

2X chrome valve covers (Still pretty good, one of them has slight rust in the middle top)

1X PG transmission pan (Good, light surface rust outside)

4X FC Tailight lens/housing

2X LM turnsignals/parking lights with housing (Good condition)

2X NOS Delco "Big-D" Shocks

?X Taillight lenses/ taillight buckets/ chrome rings(I have a fair few, unfortunately some were damaged when I got them but still have good chrome trims. Also two NOS lenses)

3X Untested AM radios, at least two with 60 style knobs, have some extra knobs as well

1X Pair of NOS asbestos exhaust packings

1X NOS EM 4-speed side cover gasket

20X NOS DR-17M contacts/points (These aren't actually for a corvair, and the number brings no results, but someone may recognize them)

1X License plate trim piece

1X Externally regulated alternator

?X Various air cleaner pieces

That's all I can remember for now, there's a couple more things though.


Louisville, KY, US

64 Greenbrier

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Re: Assorted spare parts for sale
Date: March 04, 2020 06:53PM

I know people may dislike to go to external sites but this was the easiest way to have pictures while also being able to see good detail.

Here's some pictures so far, I'll get more later



Louisville, KY, US

64 Greenbrier

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Re: Assorted spare parts for sale
Posted by: FLSteve ()
Date: March 04, 2020 07:04PM

PM sent for door sills.

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Re: Assorted spare parts for sale
Posted by: edconnolly ()
Date: March 04, 2020 08:42PM

What model year is the Monza 900 glove-box door?

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Re: Assorted spare parts for sale
Date: March 05, 2020 05:11PM

Just to clarify, in case some misunderstood, the numbers are just how many I have, you don't have to buy all of that type.

I got the distributer numbers:

1110319 (64-66 110)
1110311 (64-68 95)
2X 1110330 (65-67 140)
Also one 60-61 that I couldn't find numbers on

A couple carbs still had number tags but other's didn't, those that did are as follows:

7024023 (64 95 man.)
2X 7025024 (65 110 PG)
At least 2 LM carbs with power circuit

I've taken some pictures of more of the parts that didn't have pictures. These can be found below


Additional parts that I didn't have in the original listing:

1X Repro Clark's dome light

2X NOS 62 taillight lens

2X brake pedal rubber

3X horn button

1X pack of NOS GM pushrod tube O-rings

1X E-brake handle

6X Turnsignal Lens (A lot of these have small cracks or bigger cracks, one appears undamaged)

2X Rear license lens (One is NOS, one not, see GM part number in pictures)

1X Set of chrome trim I don't recognize (These look to be for a seat, still has corrosion protective coating)


Louisville, KY, US

64 Greenbrier

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