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Dash and Harness troubles
Posted by: F4UCorsair45 ()
Date: February 19, 2020 06:43AM

I have a 1965 monza with a 4 speed and for some reason it has a Corsa dash in it. My question is this, if I were to put a new harness in my car would I use a monza dash harness or a Corsa. (Clark’s sells them differently) id like for the clock and temp gauge to work but if they don’t that’s fine. I like the look of the Corsa clusters so I’m fine keeping it the way it is.

The fuse box is basically dead so when I got in the car last night the dome light and dash lights came on for the first time in the past 40 years. So I’m gonna need to replace that when I get a little more money.

I’m also a terrible electrician so if you could dumb some of this stuff down for me that would be appreciated.

Re: Dash and Harness troubles
Posted by: Spectre ()
Date: February 19, 2020 07:52AM

You have 4 major harnesses that I know of: Trunk, Engine compartment, Dash (with the fuse block), and Main Body. I imagine the trunk harness would be the same whether Monza or Corsa. A lot of people just run a wire for the tach and temp gauge and keep the Monza harnesses. Or you could go all out and replace the dash, main, and engine harnesses with Corsa units.

David Clamp

1965 Corsa convertible - 140 4spd/3.55/AM-FM

2013 Mustang GT convertible - 5.0, 6spd auto, Procharger i-1

2003 Miata SE - 6spd manual (wife's toy)

"Victory is mine!" - SG

Norman, OK

Re: Dash and Harness troubles
Posted by: TerribleTed ()
Date: February 19, 2020 08:09AM

The engine bay, main body, and dash harnesses are different between the Monza and the Corsa as the Corsa ones incorporate the wire for the tach from the coil to the tach, and the wire from the thermistor to the temp gauge. The manifold pressure gauge is run by a plastic tube that is separate from the wiring harnesses. In order to make the tach, temp gauge, and clock work you will need to install a thermistor in the bottom of the left head and wire these items or you can as suggested above replace the engine, main body, and dash harnesses making these connections more plug and play eliminating running a couple wires from the back to the front. (Oh you will need the Corsa instrument cluster harness as well if it is not already in the likely was put there with the cluster. Making the clock work may or may not work out easily. IF the clock is functional then wiring it up will work, but most are not functional. If not functional, sometime cleaning the rewind points in the clock might fix it. Clark's sells a quarts movement to replace the clock works which might be an option as well.


Avid Corvair hobbiest since 1984.
I have personally performed ground up restoration on over 20 Corvairs.
I currently work full time at restoring and repairing Corvairs.
Located in the Atlanta Georgia area.

Re: Dash and Harness troubles
Posted by: Tom Z ()
Date: February 20, 2020 06:46AM

you should have a "chassis shop manual", pages 12-25 thru 12-27 would help (if you're good 'following lines' and use light colored markers to trace "same color wires" between 3 pages that often don't line up (I ran my book on a copier to help,,) just need to know if you have a 10-100/500 0r a 10-700 (Corsa model)good luck,your eyes will go ' buggy'..btw,there's "same color" wires in there, so watch out

Tom Z,,Rochester NY

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